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CPO Lexus specials and new Lexus inventory we also have many used Lexus vehicles available. The Lexus parts and Lexus service department offers top of the line automotive care to our customers with the most current diagnostic and repair equipment available while our factory trained technicians deliver the efficient and quality vehicle service you've come to expect. Your experience at Escondido Lexus will be an unforgettable one.

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(42 reviews)

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TERRIBLE TERRIBLE Customer service!!!

Terrible terrible customer service. They’ve had my vehicle for over 2 weeks and never call me to update me on the status of my vehicle. I’ve called both the general manager as well as the service manager. Both are worthless and fail to return my call!


Liars and incompetent

I purchased my vehicle July 2020. I was given a 3 month paper tag. I called the DMV on 10/08/2020 because I still didn't receive my license plate. They had no record of my car on file...not with my vin...not with my paper tag number. They said the dealership did not send them the paperwork. I called Lexus Escondido right after and spoke to Karen, the person who sold me the car. She said she would contact the finance manager and have someone call me that day. I received no call. On 10/09/2020 in the morning I called Lexus Escondido and spoke to Priscilla and explained to her my situation. She said "Margie" was on a call at the moment but she would forward my information to her. I called Lexus Escondido AGAIN hours later and spoke to Priscilla and she told me the same thing she told me earlier. So I decided to drive there since this is an urgent matter...that I had no control over. When I get to the dealership I'm seated and wait a good 30-40 minutes before Colin Jones the finance manager decides to finally talk to me. And he says he doesn't know what happened to my paperwork and it must've been a computer glitch to cause my paperwork to not be sent to the DMV. He said they were about to close, and the "dmv lady" wasn't there. He said worst case, he would give me a loaner vehicle. I told him I live in Chula Vista, and I work as a health care provider all weekend, long hours, my husband is a healthcare provider as well and works all weekend too and we could not drive back to Escondido due to our work schedules before my tag expires. He assured me he would have someone bring to my home a loaner vehicle. I told him that whenever I called him, I was told "Margie is on a call". He told me Margie didn't even work that day. So I got lied to and was given the run around. He gave me his cell phone number and told me he would be reaching out to me, and to call him if I had any questions. So imagine my surprise while at work the next day I get a voicemail from a staff (Andrew) at Lexus Escondido saying they have a loaner vehicle ready for me to pick up. I called him back and told him I'm working and Colin told me he would have someone bring the loaner to my home, Andrew said he would call me back. He never called back. Sunday, the same thing happened again, this time Karen leaves a voicemail saying I can come pick up the Lexus loaner, and she would fill up my gas tank, and give me a gift card for their restaurant. I call her back and explain to her that I told Colin I am working all weekend and will not make it before they close to get a loaner car...she said she would call me back. She never did. I called Colin, considering he gave me his personal cellphone number, he never picked up or called me back. They are liars, and so inconsiderate of other people and their time considering they didn't do their jobs. So now what? I'm supposed to sit here CARLESS not to mention paying for a car I cannot drive. Or maybe they want me to risk getting pulled over by the police for an expired license plate? I have gotten the run around from Lexus Escondido from the very beginning!! This is ridiculous. I did nothing wrong! They were quick to take my money from me to get this car. But now when they made an error, they don't want to step up and help resolve my issue?? I CANT DRIVE MY CAR!!! They have horrible customer service.



Phoned dealership to find out the life of my warranty on my battery. Gave them my VIN#. I was told by service Dept that someone will get back to me. It’s been 48 hrs now and no return call. I called other dealership and got the answer in a seconds. But customer service!


xx Yoon dropped the ball

xx Yoon couldn’t even answer some basic maintenance questions regarding a car that I was going to purchase. Now that I’ve purchase a different car, the dealership has needed to drop the price to below my initial offering because of low demand. The epitome of a dysfunctional dealership with severely inadequate staff.


Abused Cars, TERRIBLE staff

After 3 weeks of attempting to get clarification on some abuse I found from a previous owner on a car that I was interested, I gave up. I had to reach out to the GM - even he chose not to return a simple, respectful question regarding service history. Take your business elsewhere - This dealership has lowered the bar to the floor with quality of staff and vehicle.


Best dealer to purchase a car

After my car broke down i was left with a difficult decision, to invest in it or buy another car. I did online window shopping for a used vehicle. The Lexus website was very easy to navigate through and apply for credit. I was contacted the following day and informed about the vehicle i was interested in. A 2010 Toyota Camry. I went in the following day and spoke with Omid. Omid was great! Very helpful and informative. I felt like he had my best interest in mind and not at all like I was in a small dealership only looking to make a sale. Even after coming home with the car, Omid and i stayed in contact via email to make sure i was satisfied with my purchase. I have never been more satisfied with an auto purchase in my life! Lexus of Escondido has become my go to place for any of my future vehicles, and the dealership I'll be recommending to family and friends.



I'd compare it to buying a million dollar home that's infested with termites. Everything is beautiful on the surface, but you'd better be cautious & watch out for cracks because, if you don't, there's a good chance the roof might fall in on you.


Unfair Liars

NEVER BUY, LEASE, OR MAKE ANY DEALS WITH THIS DEALERSHIP, THEY ARE UNFAIR & LIARS! If zero stars where possible that's exactly what I would rate this dealership. I have been blatantly lied to and been treated unfairly at Lexus of Escondido. I contacted the dealership to see what their best deal was for them to roll over my excess miles onto the new lease. I sent them over a deal that Lexus of San Diego was offering me and wanted to see if they could beat that price. I worked the deal with Karen MacKichan and the entire 2 hours that we sat down and talked about the deal I constantly repeated over and over that the overages of miles were going to be included in the deal, and she agreed. I had a witness with me the day the deal was made and i drove off with a $460 monthly payment that was suppose to include the overages of miles. A month later I get a letter in the mail from Lexus Financial Services stating that I owe them $3,200!! I called Karen right away and made her aware that I had received this letter, she calmly told me that it might take them a month or so to notice that the miles where rolled over to the new lease. So, I called Lexus financial and made them aware that I had got into a new lease and the mile overages where rolled over to the new lease. Now in October I get a 3rd letter stating that I owe them for mile overages. I contacted Karen AGAIN and this time she said that her or her manager Matt Schaffer do not have ANYTHING on file stating that the deal made was to roll over the miles. Now they want me to pay $3,200 in mile overages and then they left me with a HUGE monthly payment of $460!! on a Lexus IS300 where I could have gotten a much better deal somewhere else like Lexus of San Diego where I had purchased my first Lexus. I would not recommend anyone not friends, family, or even people I do not like to this dealership as they are fraudulent business people along with liars. I will be seeking legal help in this matter and will not settle for this unfairness.



Thank you Lexus Escondido!!! I just leased a Lexus NX 300 F Sport from Lexus. My salesman were Attila Vecsernyes and Randy Knight. They took their time showing me how everything works and also did a test drive with me. Robert Averill came in and did a great job getting the numbers I needed on the lease. Marque Piekaar is a real sweet lady that wrote up the contract. Lexus Escondido took care of all the details and made it real easy to purchase the car. I will always be a customer and better yet tell anyone interested in a Lexus car to visit Lexus Escondido. Mark Jordan


Shopping for SUV’s

We had dinner reservation at Vintana restaurant. My husband and I came early to check their SUV’s. We were the only customers walking around the display lot but not a single sales representative approached us. “WHAT AN IMPRESSION” That was a Wednesday, 2 days after we went to the Mercedes-Benz dealership in Temecula. What a big difference!!!! We were immediately approached by a sales rep. We went home that day driving a brand new car. Your loss, their gain. DON’T JUDGE THE BOOK BY IT’S COVER.

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