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    October 16, 2019

    I purchased a 2009 Infinite from these people about one year age. I have had issues with the car practically from day one. At times the car would crank... and at other random times, it would not crank. It has left me stranded, I have had to have it towed and the next day it would crank. Maybe a day after that, when I would start to crank the car, I would get a "no key found" message. I replaced the battery, same issue continued. I had a new key made ($200.00), same issue. replaced several other expensive parts, including starter and alternator. Same issue. Also, every time it rains, water leaks into the car on the passenger side and puddles on the floor. I have finally taken the car to the Infiniti dealership. Today I was told by the service department at the dealership that the car had been wrecked, and was not properly repaired. THIS WAS NOT DISCLOSED TO ME AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE. These people at AM Auto Mart placed a device on the car so that if a payment was missed, they could remotely disable the car. The Infinite service department found that this device was improperly installed, and this was what was causing the battery to drain. With the car not being repaired properly after it was wrecked, this allowed water to leak into the car, and on to a computer module under the hood. I was told that I now have to take the car to a body shop to have the proper repairs made to the car BEFORE the Infiniti service department can repair the electrical system. It would be useless to repair the electrical system until the body work is completed so that water will not leak on to the electrical system. I am looking at probably thousands of dollars for these repairs. This has been the absolute worst ordeal!! These people at AM Auto Mart are all about the money! Why would they even offer something for sale that they knew was a lemon?? Beware of these people. TOTALLY DISHONEST.

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