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Warning stay away from dealership.

Avoid this dealership at all cost. My daughter bought a used vehicle from them it has been nothing but trouble. Went in to talk to them. Only resolution they had was to wholesale her vehicle and be lest 10,000 in the hole. Roll that debt over on another vehicle. And be 40,000 in debt for a vehicle that had over 106,000 miles on it. Got very angry when I kept bringing up the actual amount of loan. Didn’t want to discuss the actual amount of money it was going to cost her. Just kept pushing that monthly payment. Beware they can finance anything for any amount. But if you own it it’s worth nothing. Was told I didn’t force you to buy this vehicle. When you signed the loan it was yours. Good or bad I legally don’t have to do anything to help you.


Impressed beyond belief

We were just browsing around for a new economical vehicle as I drive alot of miles everyday to work. The wife stopped in first and was treated NOT as a unknowledgeable female, as many car dealers do, but rather as a knowledgeable person who was in search of a new vehicle (Thank you Mr. Robinson). Mr. Robinson asked her what she wanted and worked with her towards HER goal. Never once was he pushy or tried to sway her thoughts or opinions. Now our credit isn't great by any stretch, but he was able to secure a great interest rate, very low down payment and a monthly payment that was what you would expect with a superior credit score. All that was left now was for my hard headed (Alpha male) self to agree... Well we went back to the dealer and there was no B.S. involved. Mr. Robinson answered my questions with attentive respect, and our new 2019 Honda Fit is now in our driveway. Thank you Mr. Robinson and the rest of the players involved. You certainly have rewritten my thoughts about how a Superior Car dealership is operated. Customer first... We will never buy from any place else.


Avoid this dealership at all costs

Please avoid this dealership at all costs. A little background I currently own a 2006 Honda Ridgeline, 2005 Honda Accord, and a 2018 Honda Civic. To say I'm a fan of Honda is an understatement. I used to take the Ridgeline for all my services to this dealership. As I purchased this vehicle used with 70k miles on it and wanted to make sure the vehicle would last the way a Honda usually does. Over 200k miles and counting can't complain. I figured for my commute I needed a vehicle that was better for mpg, and the Accord is unavailable as it's being used by family. In the past I was always treated well at this dealership so I figured if I was going to drop over 20 thousand dollars I might as well give my business here. Boy what a terrible mistake I made, and can only hope this will save other consumers. Strike one: When I purchased the vehicle I was given a sales associate (who has never sold a vehicle before I know this because he told me) No problem I understand we all have to start somewhere. Strike one came when no one decided to come help the poor sales guy, and we had to keep stopping for other sales members to come over and explain the paperwork. Once again not a big deal I completely understand and chalked it up to poor training. What I don't understand is when a customer is willing to spend a fair amount of money no one from the dealership can help the salesman or his customer (me) out. Strike two: Regular maintenance time (just an oil change) for the Civic in October 2018 I noticed a loud rattle coming from the center air vent, a little concerning considering a brand new car, but it's under warranty so I'm not worried. I created the appointment online and tell them about the rattle and that I'm waiting for my vehicle at the dealership. Two hours later I get notified in the waiting room that my vehicle is ready. At which point my "service advisor" at the time takes me to payment reception with no mention of fixing the vent. I get in the vehicle and noticed they still didn't fix the vent and it still rattles. Now that it's two hours later I don't have the time to continue to wait. Plus it's getting colder and I don't use the center vents in the winter. I'll get it taken care of at a later date. Strike three: Time for second regular maintenance, and I figured I would go ahead and get the vent fixed. This time knowing the dealership is slower I decided to drop my vehicle off and to pick up at a later time in the evening. I fill out the paperwork properly and list that the vent rattles and needs to be repaired under factory warranty. I contacted the dealership 2 hours after my scheduled appointment, and was told my vehicle was ready by a random "service advisor". I asked about the vent and was told "yes they fixed the vent" I stated that it should be under warranty, and again was told "it's fixed". By the time I was able to get back to the dealer it was 7pm. Upon arrival to payment receptionist desk there's an male employee hanging across the desk talking under his breath to the lady receptionist, both employees look at me and continue talking without acknowledging my presence for approximately 2-4 minutes. Ok that's fine I understand, it's late. I get the bill and think that the total is high but obviously I've taken more important people's time so I pay and leave. Strike Four ?: Reviewing the bill I see that they charged me seventy dollars to fix the vent that was confirmed by Honda should have been fixed under warranty. I contact the dealership and I am told that I will be getting a refund (which still hasn't shown up, a week after the mistake was discovered and the dealership notified and promised to refund) So who knows if they will honor their agreement or we have to go to small claims. Strike Five??: Now less then two weeks after they supposedly fixed the vent issue it has returned and is steadily getting louder. So now I have to find another Honda dealership that is hopefully less horrible


5th new Honda from Valley Honda - 2019 Pilot EX-L

Ken Seal once again did a fantastic job finding us the 2019 Pilot that we liked. Eventhough this was our 5th car purchased from Ken and Valley Honda he took care of us just like it was our first. He is very detail oriented and will go the extra mile to make the best deal possible. The team work at Valley Honda is amazing, from Sales to Finance to Service they can't be beat. If you are looking for a great car buying experience with the service to back it up then go to Valley Honda.


The "Easiest" Car Buying Experience!

Recently went in for routine service on my 2012 Honda CR-V and ended up trading that in on a 2016 Honda CR-V!!! Sales Rep - Dave Kuykendall was very easy to work with and gave us a great deal -- we couldn't have asked for a more easy-going buying experience. Even though I live an ~ hour away, I have always and will continue to bring my Honda to this dealership for service. I highly recommend Valley Honda in Staunton, VA for your next vehicle purchase.


excellent service

Had an excellent experience. The dealership was clean and had alot to offer. Ray Hatcher was our sales person and did a excellent job for us. We would recommend this dealership and Ray to anyone looking for good serivce and a fair price.


Wonderful car buying experience

Valley Honda is a wonderful place to buy your car. They are very friendly and knowledgeable and got us a great deal on our new Honda CRV with a great interest rate! A big shout out and Thank you to Jerry Robinson for making this an awesome car buying experience!! I highly recommend Valley Honda! Ask for Jerry you Won't be disappointed


2013 VW Beetle Convertible TDI - Great dealership!

I was searching for a TDI vehicle when I came across this TDI Beetle. I negotiated with Kim Cross via email. Kim is a very reasonable and easy guy to deal with. We agreed on a price. I then drove from Northern Virginia to Staunton, VA to see the car in person. It was perfect. We did the paper work and my deal was closed, and without any pressure that you typically get from the closer/finance guy. I can't say enough how easy this deal was. They took care of every little nuance that arose even after I had left the dealership. There was a second key that had to be made, touch-up paint, and the first owner still had the convertible top cover, as the car was traded just a few days earlier. They took care of all of these things. They even fixed the driver's side seatbelt that had been twisted when installed at the factory. All these little things made for a smooth sales process, which they made very enjoyable. You can rest easy knowing you got a good deal and will be taken care of at ValleyVW, or any of their other 3 dealerships for that matter! They have 4 dealerships within a stone's throw of one another. Thanks again Kim! Matt


Love my new Red GMC Sierra

Found a beautiful 2011 red GMC Sierra on line with very low miles and made an internet request for a saleman to contact me. I had been looking for this truck for several weeks on line. Issac Agulera, the internet salesman, promptly called and we started a discussion on this truck. I went to the dealership, which is top of the line, to drive and check it out. It was even better looking in person than the pictures would indicate. I was treated very professional and found the dealership team to be friendly and very helpful. They were willing to negotiate on the price and made the negotiations (which I love to particpate in) a calm and not so pressured experience. I would recommend Valley Honda to anyone that is looking for a pleasant, challenging experience in buying a new or used vehicle. Thanks you Issac for your professionalism.


Great Buying Experience

For a fatalist, this was one of those eant to bemoments. I had been looking for a used 2012 CR-V loaded up and at a reasonable price. I visited dealerships in Ohio and trolled auto-sale websites looking for that one car. On one of my numerous searches on I found this car which, according to the website, was at a dealership an easy 250 miles drive from my home. The car had just been posted and only one picture was available then. I started an online chat with the sales guy at Valley Honda (Chad Arnold). Chad is a professional; he was amazingly understanding and helpful, emailing me additional pictures of the car almost immediately. I started falling in love with the car. We quickly agreed on a price for the car without all the runaround you get at most dealerships. Then the surprise! When I went to map the drive, it turned out that had significantly underestimated the drive distance. The drive was beyond my comfortable to-and-from driving distance. I went back to Chad and he offered to cover half my airfare and pick me up from the airport. My wife thought it was a scam, that this was too good to be true. Chad picked me up at the airport, the car was better than even I expected and he even managed to get me a better interest rate than the one I had that I had and thought was really low. I would recommend Valley Honda and specifically Chad Arnold for a hassle-free online purchase. While at it, ask Chad for a stock tip ;-)

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