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About our dealership

This seller has been on since February 2011.
We at Twin Motors would like to welcome you to our family run business.

Founded in 1997 By Ken Weisbarth a 25 year new and used car veteran of the industry. We take pride in offering our customers clean inspected vehicles that we buy primarily as new car store trade ins. With many awards in achievement and excellence we welcome you to try us out! We aim to please!
Customer Satisfaction Is Job One!!!


(7 reviews)

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Buyer beward

Bought a car here in 2017 that broke down the day I took it off the lot (alternator). Within the first few months of owning it, I found out it needed all new brakes, several new engine valves, and had a problem with the steering mechanisms in the rear tires that would cost more than the car was worth to fix. Total rip off, which I'm still paying for even though the car was scrapped!


Fantastic! Great place to buy a clean car!

After looking all over the place this was for sure the place with the best cars for the money. My financing was a little bit of an issue and other places could not get me a loan...Mike was able to get me done and drove my new one away in just a couple hours...WoW! Other places jerked me around for days and still couldn't help. I could not believe how clean there cars are, but I guess they buy most of them from out of state. That helps! Good place to buy from. I would recommend them ....


Be Very Cautious Of These Guys

I bought a '05 Saab 9-5 from Twin Motors. The car looked to be okay and worth a test drive. It did start at first, and drove okay, but I noticed some vibration and could not determine the source.I took for test drive with the salesman, Mike, he said the car was fine but that it definitely needed tires and wheels balanced and he said, "and when tires are out of balance it can seem like everything is wrong". I also asked about the discrepancy between the AutoCheck document he emailed me, which had 96K reported miles and the "current" mileage, which was at 105K. He said Ken's son (Ken is the owner of Twin) had driven the car for a while, but now was driving something different.Now i went through the process of buying the car under the impression it only needed tires/wheels needed balanced. However, I did hesitate I had some nagging suspicions. Mike again consoles me regarding the simplicity of the problem, and also sells me extended warranty coverage that covers the power-train. Now, the conflict between myself and Twin Motors started once I got on the highway headed back home. By the time I left Twin Motors in Madison, it was 3:00 PM, Twin is scheduled to be open until 6:00 PM. I was only 20 miles from their lot when I noticed how bad the vibrations were at high rpm. I drove back to Twin Motors and the place was deserted. As upset as I was, I decided to leave the car at Twin Motors. I drove my old car home and wrote an email complaining about the way the car rode and wanted to return it.I was then put in touch with Ken, the owner, and we talked about problems with returning the vehicle and/or the vibration issues,and once again, I was assured (this time by the owner) that this was just about wheels needing to be balanced, and it needing new tires. He added that when "his mechanic had it up in the air they could see the tires needed to be balanced/replaced"...with those assurances, I went and picked up the car.The first time I tried starting the car, the next day, at my apt, it wouldn't turn over until like 3 tries. And realized it took 3-4 tries before it would start when it was cold, all the time. That issue aside, I took it to NTB to have wheels taken care of; NTB stated the tires weren't actually that bad, but were (10-15lbs) under-inflated and somewhat deformed, rotors were warped or scoured. What was really stupid? This "close-eye" inspection Twin Motors did to determine the wheels needed balanced, was with under-inflated /deformed tires. What NTB actually found was 3 bent rims; 1 could not be balanced and the other 2 could still be brought to within specs. Upon closer inspection it did look like the rims on the left side were scuffed up pretty bad and the right rear rim was bent...and perhaps, with the slight damage to the front bumper, maybe a small unrecorded accident? So, with new tires, one new rim, balancing and alignment, this did not take care of the vibration.I took it to Saab and they find leaky coolant pipe, disintegrated fuel check valve(cause of the no-starts), turbo unattached, frame bushings worn and gone and very expired tranny fluid, 2000$ later, still have this vibration. Now,the attitude from Twin is your kinda outta luck,"sorry" and oh now, "maybe its the CV joints", I suspect Ken bought this at auction on the cheap to give to his son as a first car, who did some number on it as kids do, and now Ken was left with to try and sell of his lot. The owner, Ken, just confessed the other day they do not have the equipment/expertise to diagnose wheels, so those claims about them needing balanced were false.I can propose that the tires might have been left deflated on purpose, to cover up other issues, While I go see what legal avenues I can pursue, there is a moral to this story. "Buyer Beware". I am a hard working, decent guy, with good credit, who was just fleeced by Twin Motors just trying to better his situation, trying to find a better car. Now they tell me "sorry". Be Cautious, don't let them get you


excellent and honest.

Quick and easy. No sleazy used car salesman talk. Good folks.


Bought once, twice and will buy there again

We bought a car from Twin Motors several years ago, and when the opportunity recently presented itself, we went back there a second time. We test drove about a dozen vehicles on the lot, until we found what we wanted. A financing glitch almost derailed the purchase, but TM worked with us to get us the car we wanted. They specialize in getting unique older cars as well as the "basic car", and they find ones with low mileage. We buy from them with confidence that the cars will last several more years. We will go back to Twin Motors for the next car when the time comes.


Great service Great staff

My experience with Twin Motors was awesome. Mike worked hard to get me financed for a vehicle I could afford. I love my new (used) car and couldn't be happier.


Used car purchased from Twin Motors.

Honest, knowledgeable, professional, dealership. Very happy with entire experience. Highly recommended !!

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