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Experience the Bill Leggett difference where you'll find wholesale prices on every car every day! We have been specializing in late model cars, SUVs and mini vans since 1998 - many of which are local trades! We look forward to helping you into your next vehicle.

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(14 reviews)

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The worst, test drive long enough for all codes to come on, they disconnect battery to clear codes then ignore you after sale. Made big mistake buying here. NOT BBB ACCREDITED



This company is a rip off. After filling out paperwork to see if we qualify for financing, this company is trying to keep the $500 after we did not accept the loan agreement. Also, I believe we and another group was discriminated against. I didn't realize it right away but they definitely did. Save your money and time.


Great experience at leggett auto

I bought a loaded Enclave 2010, 124000 miles. I took this to GM dealer first for complete inspection. I'm shocked by other reviewers not doing this then blame this dealer for their ignorance. I knew in advance what issues could come up, and believe me this dealer's price more than covered them. I absolutely would recommend this dealership to anyone. Don't be a lazy consumer. Do your research. This place has been open for 20 years. That says something to me.


They sale lemmons. Don't go there.

Don't go there. I brought a car from them 3 hours later it had problem. Transmission problem. Then went to try to trade it in and found out the engine is going to blow. Paid good cash. but my car is ash!! Paid good cash.


Very Bad Experience - DO NOT BUY A VEHICLE HERE

Purchased a minivan a couple weeks ago that allegedly had NO issues whatsoever. The salesman was very pleasant but it is obvious that the business is DISHONEST!!! Within less than 48 hrs, the vehicle was inoperable. A check engine light came on and the vehicle went into "limp mode" . We have had the vehicle evaluated at 2 independent dealerships both of whom are very clear about the fact that a completely new transmission is required. They knew before they sold us the vehicle that it had major problems but they did not disclose this. I have contacted the dealership but was told that the owner would not call me back for at least a couple days - they sure do not seem very interested in helping to make things right. I am awaiting a reply and will update my review accordingly if they are willing to "make it right". It appears that this business has a record of deceiving people into buying vehicles with known issues. Never do business with this place and warn all your friends to protect them also !!! I will sharing this review broadly.


Beware! Dishonest business.

Beware! Dishonest business. I bought a car from Bill Leggett about 5 years ago which still haunts me to this day. They sold me a car assuring me that it has no problems. About a week into having the car the engine light came on. When I went back to tell them what happened, they were extremely rude and did not let me talk to them because "I did not have an appointment." After trying several times to get an answer from them as to why they sold me a car with a dead engine, they said I bought the car "as is" and therefore they are not responsible. The owner was extremely rude and did not offer help with the repair until he heard that I was going to take legal action. A week after they finally agreed and "repaired" the issue, the light came back on and the mechanics told me it would cost me thousands to fix it. I basically lost thousands of $$ on a car that I could not drive for more than a month. Overall, this business is dishonest, can take advantage of you and you may end up dealing with a very aggressive owner if things go wrong.


Terrible, awful, no good, very bad dealer/people

Of the seven referrals received so far today, two have already been resolved. We have identified a couple minor changes to efficiency and tracking and will continue to work through the kinks of a new process, especially from a technology perspective. This form asks me if I would recommend this dealer to a friend.... I wouldn't recommend this dealer to Osama Bin Laden.


Very very bad place to buy a car. STAY AWAY!

Car wasn't what it seemed, and they were arrogant about it and wouldn't make it right. We had already started repairs, that ended up being we didn't return it.


Good dealer, would use again.

Purchased a 2007 Honda Civic. Worked with Lyndsey Burke. He is professional, fair and thorough, Everything went as promised. What was missing was the usual used car salesman pressure to buy now or buy something we didn't want. We have had this car now for over a month and love it. They answered my questions, made their policies clear and delivered as promised. I recommend this dealer


They must be busy!

I was very interested in a car they had listed, but no one returned my calls or e-mails. This is the kind of dealer you want to stay clear of.

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