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Luxury Auto Sales and Service in Memphis.
We are Memphis' independent alternative to the franchise dealerships offering luxury import sales and service at an affordable price. Brian Massey Imports is your source in Memphis for luxury pre-owned auto sales and import auto repairs and maintenance. Browse our selection of Certified Pre-Owned vehicles schedule a service appointment or learn more about our award-winning service team today! "We're Memphis' independent alternative to franchise dealerships."
Complete your vehicle journey with the BMI Memphis service department!
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(11 reviews)

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The people were really nice, and they let me test drive the car I liked without any of the car salesmen in the vehicle. Everything was spotless, new, and all the cars are certified, so I knew this place was good. They even let me take the car home to show my family, take test drives,etc. The next day we drive it back and bought the car. 10/10 for sure.


Buying a car was a pleasant experience.

We drove two hours to see a car on another lot, but just happened to stop at BMi of Memphis. Met Richard Johnson and Anthony Shelton, and ended up buying a BMi Certified Lexus. They had 5 or 6 cars in our price range that we would have been happy with. There were small scratches on the trunk that they said they would fix. When we picked the car up, the scratches were gone and everything was just like they said it would be. The entire process was easy---no pressure----and pleasant. We will not even look anywhere else for our next car !!


poor communication

I just called the dealer to get specific questions on warranties, his listed BMi certfication, and other details about the vehicle listed on the post and this man didn't like me asking to many questions. He rose his voice to. He told me to go to an acura dealer to get me one. Unhappy with this dealer. Be careful what you ask him.


Great price to buy good used car

I found here cars priced fair compared to other places. They wont push you their interest on you and deals are good for used cars. I bought 2012 Camry here and so far experience good.



This company was referred to me by my coworker's husband. At the time Brian Massey was there. I had several oil changes and a repaired light. I was pleased with the service until one day Brian was no longer there. My coworker urged me to go to another service center where Brian was owner. Since I was going to this service center and I trusted the workers there I decided to get oil changed in my neighborhood, but trusted this company using Brian Massey's name to put in a compressor. They installed it incorrectly and it stopped cooling in 2 months. They were so unskilled that they told me I needed a new compressor, but I didn't. They could have done permanent damage to my car. The service center is not the same and I will never trust them again. They can't stand behind their work and tried to minimize what they did wrong and take credit for another company's expertise.


Great place to buy a car

I could not find the car I was looking for locally on but did find it in Memphis at Brian Massey Imports. I called and spoke to Anthony Shelton who confirmed the car was equipped with all the options I was seeking. Anthony agreed to let me know if the car sold so I wouldn't make a wasted 400 mile trip. I drove to Memphis that weekend and found the car was everything I was told. We agreed on a fair price and I was given a fair price for my trade in. I drove the car home that afternoon. You can't go wrong with this dealership. I have driven the car for two weeks and there have been no hidden issues. It was not my desire to make the long trip to Memphis and back but it was worth it. It you are looking for a high quality car, at a competitive price, you should go to Brian Massey Imports.


Great Buying Experience

I bought a Lexus from Brian Massey Imports in January 2015. I found the car online, and the list price was fair. I worked out a deal with Anthony over the phone for a trade in and purchase. He was very straightforward and reasonable to work with, and the process was painless. I drove to Memphis to buy the car without having seen it in person. Everything was exactly as he said, except that I saw a scratch on the front that had apparently occurred after the staff had detailed the car (probably during a test drive). We completed the sale so that I could drive home in the new car, and, as he promised, Anthony followed up with me and paid for the minor repair to be handled at my location. Their promise to meet or exceed my expectations was exactly what I experienced. I would definitely do business with them again!


Very good!

They did a great job. I was looking NATION wide and thought I would be driving to Miami to find a Toyota Avalon. Was surpised when the guy said 'Germantown' and found out it was here in Memphis. He brought the car to the radio station I work at and I gave him $100 to hold the car. Got it the next problems. Car is nice for a 10 year old car. They have mentioned they will fix the car drifts to the left a little. Will follow up.



We were looking for a particular make and model used car and found about five or six advertised on in our price range. One of them was being sold by Brian Massey Imports. It was listed as a one owner vehicle, and was newer, cheaper, and had way fewer miles than all the others that were comparable. I figured there had to be a catch. I e-mailed Eric Shelton in the sales dept. several times to see if the vehicle was still available, and he always answered me promptly. When we were finally able to go see the vehicle (it is about an 80 mile drive one way) it was in excellent condition, almost like new. Eric answered all our questions and handed us the keys to take it for a test drive. He did not ride in the car and breathe down our necks the entire time we were there like some other dealers do. He gave us all the time we wanted to look the vehicle over and talk about it without bothering us.. He gave me the out the door price, I made him one offer, and he accepted it without haggling. As we were about to drive off, I remembered to ask him if there was a particular brand of trailer hitch that he recommended for this vehicle. He told us to drive around back, and before I knew it he had a frame hitch bolted to the vehicle that looked like new, and he refused to charge me anything for it. The next day I noticed a small 1/2 inch crack in the windshield that I had missed. I called Eric; he set an appointment for me to bring it back, and replaced the entire windshield for free. He said he should have spotted it even though I did not spot it myself, and even though I purchased the vehicle "as is?. He also adjusted the headlights for us, for free. What more can I say? I am almost looking forward to having to buy another used car because now I know exactly where to go and save thousands compared to the price of a brand new one. This place is amazing.


Worth the road trip

I just got back from a six-hour round trip drive to Memphis to buy a car from Brian Massey Imports. It was so worth the drive. I feel that I got a very nice car for a good value. The Sheltons were super-nice to deal with, and I never felt the high pressure sales pitch you often get at a big dealer. This was a good decision and a good experience. Recommended.

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