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This seller has been on since March 2011.
Our "No Haggle" cash price assures you of receiving the lowest price possible and best customer service. We want you to buy from us todayand come back to us in future to get the best deals for youyour familyand friends. Warranty available on most of our cars.


Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(86 reviews)

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Excellent dealership. I came here looking for a dually ram 3500 for my business and found exactly what I was looking for. They had a huge selection, chevys fords you name it, and the sales team was really easy going and friendly.


Don't say I didn't warn you!

They buy junk cars, spit polish them and hope nobody checks them very closely. Avoid this place like the plague, no need to get ripped off.


Bad Experience - No recommended

As I read through other reviews I realized I had the same issue with tires and other problems in the car. We purchased this car with what I was told had tires, brakes, lights and more systems inspected by a certify State Business. I was also told by the Manager that brake pads and rotors were change after I explicitly said that I will buy this car if they change the brakes. On the pick up date, he also assured me that the car was detailed and that I will have a XM service for 6 months plus insurance for engine and transmission. To my surprise, the car was not detailed or clean in addition, it started to shake uncontrollably after hitting 60 miles per hour. I call the manager the same day and left a message and no response. I took the car to a local dealer and they told me that the car had tires that are lower the legal limit and a misaligned front tires (full copies). They also performed a brake inspections and brakes were not change and rotors were old and rusted. Two days later, the WM service stopped. wow, what can I said, this is my worst experience ever. Do yourself a favor and run somewhere else.



At first we thought we had found the best car dealership with honest salesman. We purchased a vehicle days later. Took it back the next day because an error message coming across about the hood, then after driving 75-100 miles a check engine light comes on (enough for the computer to be reset) I called them and told me to take it to an autozone. I took it to a mechanic instead said it was mass airflow sensor, cardinal told me they wouldn’t fix it, the next day tons light came on all 4 tires were at half inflation of what they should have been, on the 4th day of owning the vehicle, we go to drive it one morning it it won’t get out of park. So we let it sit trying to figure out what it was, turns out something is wrong with the transmission and it sticks under 50 degrees. Then going into week two, we realize it’s leaking ALOT of antifreeze. At this point we’re fed up. Two days later on my way home from work the ENTIRE undercarriage plastic falls out while I’m driving down the road (I didn’t hit anything, just driving 50mph) had to pull over and duct tape my two week old car together. it only had 2 of the 4 bolts in and they rusted out. Then trying to change its place in the drive way, it kept stalling and grinding trying to move it throwing itself back in park! We tried to get in touch with cardinal and they wouldn’t answer or respond. We went up there in person and said the owner will call us, which he never did. They also hinted that there were three other cars having mechanical problems as well. So we call back and rob says the owner won’t call I have the last day and it’s "as is”. DONT EVER PURCHASE A VEHICLE FROM HERE. They called us back and said they can send a new anti freeze reservoir to our house, for us to put in ourself?!


No follow up service

I bought a car from them several months ago. The car is just fine, and the buying process was fine. The problem is I was promised a second key fob (for a key-less car) and one never came. I have called on 3 occasions and twice been told I would get a call back, and then told to call them again on Monday! Working in sales myself, I understand that handling the sale is one thing, but following through on customers needs after the sale is what keeps customers. I was planning on buying a second car, I won't do it there.


DIshonest Business Practices

I drove from Fort Bragg to Raleigh, to purchase a used car because I was warned of shady business practices in Fayetteville when it comes to used cars. I purchased a Volkswagen Jetta from this dealership last week. After leaving the lot I took the vehicle to Meineke in Fayetteville to have a comprehensive diagnostic done. Only a few things were noted on the diagnostic. First, I needed an oil change because the wrong oil was placed in a Euro-engine and I needed a four wheel alignment. I paid for my diagnostic and oil change, then called the dealership back concerning the alignment. If the car is serviced prior to selling, you would think an alignment would be performed on the front end. My salesmen (Matt) gave me the run around all week. “I’ll talk to the boss, I’ll call you back, I’ll take care of you”. Then to top it off the car ended up with electrical problems as well. We had to take it to a VW dealer to fix those issues. BTW the 90 day warranty is a joke. You can never get a hold of anyone and they don’t return calls. The warranty company is just as shady as this dealership. My advice to anyone looking for a car is to shop elsewhere. Look for a certified used car dealership. It may cost a little more upfront, but at least you’ll have peace of mind.


Recent customer

Wasn’t notified I had a ongoing warranty on my car. He then tried to sell me one that would’ve cost 2,000 over idk how many years. A/C never turns off. My gear shift got stuck while I was parked far away from home randomly. When I asked for these things fixed he argued with me in front of other customers and employees. I bet all the good reviews on this website was by THE SAME PERSON whoever works there


Cardinal Auto Sales Did a Good Job!

Ok, so buying a new car, or in this case, truck is not my favorite thing. Was looking for a truck but not sure what I wanted. Talked to Timothy Johnson and he had me try a few. Luckily, there was a 2009 F-150 Lariat available that looked good. Spent a little more than I was going to (of course) but got a fair deal. When I pointed out some damage (bent bumper and cracked driving lamp, Timothy promised that they would fix it. Wrote it up and he was as good as his word. The fix looks great. The truck looks good and runs fine. I am happy with the deal. Would deal with Cardinal and Timothy again. Take care with higher mileages unless you pay cash. Almost had an issue with my lender because it was just over 150K. Not Cardinal's problem, just mine. The truck runs great and was well-kept.


Purchased a 2006 Jeep Commander

I purchased a 2006 Jeep Commander from them last November, since then it was an absolute nightmare. We tried to negotiate the price down, since the car only came with one key which the fob didn’t work and the key was bent. A month into owning the car the engine threw a rod and blew leaving me on the side of the road. Now my transfer case has blown, again leaving my car disabled. It has been 7500 in repairs, when the car wasn’t even worth that. Would never recommend anyone buying from theses sideways people, all they are going to do is cheat you out of your money.


Cardinal auto

Christine j is a cool dude who got me a good deal on a car. The costumer services was reallly good. They were chill people.

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