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move on from this place

I purchased a 2018 Jeep Wrangler from this dealership in April 2022. Unfortunately, after driving it for less than a month, the transmission went out while I was on the way to work. While installing the new transmission, the mechanic noticed that the catalytic converter and the brackets and bolts that hold it together were so rusted that they had to be replaced. Luckily, I purchased the extended warranty, but this only covered the transmission cost because the other part is an emissions component. I'm not a "car guy," but one would think when a dealership sells you a vehicle, and they swear by the "120-point comprehensive car inspection", this means there aren't any undiagnosed mechanical problems. Wrong. As in this case, it may take a few weeks before the vehicle ultimately falls apart. I've called this place and emailed numerous times, but they do not respond. I am only asking for the cost of the part that was not covered under warranty, not the $7100 transmission or the $6000 they robbed from me as a down payment. Buyers and Veterans Beware!



I have had the worst embarrassing experience of MY LIFE WITH ETHAN HUNT!! I purchased a jeep wrangler back on May 13.. I put down payment signed contract got insurance and took my truck home. Everyday after that was pure xxxx. They keep calling to sign this and sign that. I had to keep taking off my job missing work to keep going to dealership for errors on their behalf. Mind you I'm 65 years old my patience is short and I'm doing this for my son. Not to mention after we purchased truck no enthusiasm was given like i saw them do with other customers prior after sitting all day. 2 weeks later they call all pleasantly to do maintenance on truck at 5 pm which was fishy bc who wants to do things on a vehicle right before close of business. So they finally seen the lies wasn't working for maintenance so they had to say the deal didn't go through bring truck back after 2 WEEKS . These people are insane!!! ON TOP OF THAT overheard Sheila the manager saying walking in that "if they don't bring it back we will call police and report stolen" but why you never told us the deal flopped!!Then they call back a week after said they have another deal with 4000 down and update insurance and we can pick truck back up. We bought 4k and got truck for second time. they call to pick up paperwork so we did ONLY TO WAKE UP AND TRUCK IS GONE OUT YARD!!!!LIKE REALLY!!! SO WHERE IS MY 4000 DOLLARS AND WHY NO ONE CALL TO BRING TRUCK BACK if THERE WAS AN ISSUE. I'M CALLING CHANNEL 5,10,15 NEWS TODAY AND REPORTING TO THE BBB!!! THEIVES, UNPROFESSIONAL CROOKS LIARS SCAMMERS. PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THEM TO BUY A CAR.. IM EMBARRASSED FROM MY COMMUNITY REPOSSESING A CAR I NEVER GOT A CHAMCE TO PAY A NOTE ON . Never apologized never tried 2 compromise never did owner say a word. Just pure con artist but treat you like a criminal.



Ethan Hunt sold me a LEMON!! Radiator fluid was leaking into transmission and Ethan Hunt, owner, would not help with making it right. I paid $7500 in repairs. Sells broken down problem vehicles. Do NOT BUY from this dealership!! Rude, disrespectful and unprofessional. They lie about keeping their promises.


#2 purchase

Our second vehicle purchase in 5 years from there. All the staff was very helpful and friendly. I have encouraged my son and other family members looking for a good used vehicle to shop there!


Great Choice! Excellent Used Car Dealership in Mobile....

Great Choice! Excellent Used Car Dealership in Mobile. Great Salesman, Allen Williams. No pressure!! So helpful. Easy to work with for purchase of a great car!


One of the worst experiences ever in buying a car.

A week after buying a car from Ethan Hurt Auto sales. I found problems with the car almost the cost of the car. They will not answer phone calls. Stay away from Ethan Hunt Auto.


Poor customer service, unorganized, dishonest

After searching online, I found the car I wanted at Ethan Hunt Automotive. I live about an hour and a half away, so I called ahead to make sure the car was still available. The salesman I spoke to (Isaiah), assured me that the car was there and I could come take a look and test drive it. A couple hours later, I arrived at the lot. Isaiah met me outside and said he didn’t have the keys for the car I wanted. Seems to me that’s something he should have checked on and notified me about BEFORE I drove an hour and a half to get there, but whatever. He said another customer had accidentally taken them home. Then he asked if he could get the keys in 15 minutes, would that be ok. I was annoyed, but of course I said yes. 30 minutes later, he comes and tells me it’s gonna be a while before he can get the keys. I said that’s ok, I’ll go have some lunch, call me when you get the keys. I spent the better part of the day hanging around Mobile waiting for his call. It never came. I ended up buying a different car elsewhere that same day. This morning I received an email from Isaiah saying he could not get ahold of me and asking if there was anything else he could help me with. First of all, that’s bs that he couldn’t get ahold of me... I had my ringer on and phone within arms reach all weekend long waiting for his call. I had no missed calls and no messages from him or anyone else at Ethan Hunt Automotive. And second of all, for him to help me with anything else, wouldn’t that imply he had helped me with something in the first place? Which he didn’t. The only thing he did was waste my entire Saturday.


2500 super duty ford 4x4

30k auto. Was assured it was mechanically sound. Well, guess what? Its not. High pressure sales tactics. Dont waste your time or money. Lesson learned. .


Used f350

I drove 75 miles to this dealership to look at a truck I saw on the Internet . I was told the service department had to fix some issues with the truck and wasn't allowed to look at it.


Been over 30 day and i still donot have paper on

Been over 30 days still no paperwork on my vehicle no extended warranty paperwork no payment book and they didnot take out tenn tax so now i have to pay over 900 to get my tag

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