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Terrible and they don't care

The dealership is terrible in all aspects regarding service. They ask customers to take a survey but nothing changes. I've been going to the dealership for 4 years and it's always the same slow and incompetent service. No discounts. No Wi-Fi. Extremely long waits regardless of the day of the week or time of day. I would rather they just tell me they don't have appointments available then set one up and then you never know if and when your car will get in for service. They don't call you when the service is done. Even something as simple as updating my address and phone number has not been done. Each time I have to re give them information that somehow it didn't get saved. And the service advisor from before is not there. The turnover in staff tells you something as well. Service advisors I speak with are new and apologize away the errors since "they just started." I've had tools left in my vehicle, wheel locks lost and misplaced. $135 diagnostic fee for something as simple as my window not rolling down. I told them what the problem was and just want it fixed, regardless it was $135. No thanks!


Firmware update for Entune Radio takes 4 hours....

I had a scheduled appointment to get the firware updated on the Radio Entune Head Unit. This should only take 15 minutes and it took 4 hours. If I hadn't been persistent and shown them photos of others with the same unit having been updated by dealerships that knew what they were doing they were trying to tell my it wouldn't take the update so it must be already updated. They tried to show my an old TSB that was dated September of last year so it wasn't current. If they would have given me access to the file so I could put it on a USB flash drive, I would have done it myself in less than 10 minutes.


Poor parts department

Went in to parts department to purchase some touch-up paint for my vehicle. Kept ringing bell, but nobody came for at least five minutes. When the guy finally came to desk, he seemed annoyed that I was bothering him (did not get name, but tall male in mid thirties working on 9/6/16 at 11:45) He basically asked, "What do you need" with an attitude. From now on, am going to purchase any Toyota parts online or somewhere else as don't need this poor service from them!


Poor customer service

Although reside in Visalia, CA area, purchased a new 2016 Toyota Camry from San Luis Obispo while on vacation. Vehicle only had 27 miles at purchase. About a month later, A/C began smelling moldy upon start of engine. Scheduled service appt. a week in advance on a Friday at 7:30 AM. On the day of scheduled service, arrived 15 min. prior to their service dept. opening and waited in line with the other vehicles. After they opened, a service worker asked me what I was there for (I had told them on the phone a week prior!) After telling him about the A/C smelling moldy, he proceeded to tell me that prior to ending my trip and parking it, I needed to switch off the A/C (what? Really?!) He then attempted to sell me a new filter with charcoal costing around $80. I told him "no", that the car still has a warranty on it and they needed to fix it. After talking to his supervisor, he told me they could check out the problem this time only, and the warranty would cover it. When I asked him if the smell could possibly return, he said "more than likely." After taking his sweet time on the computer, he finally finished about 8:10 (40 min!) As I needed a shuttle to work, as I work at 8 AM, he said the shuttle guy just left and it would be 45 minutes. I ended up calling a co-worker to pick me up and take to work. When got car back, it smelled of strong chemical cleaner in A/C system (so they prob. did not replace any part, only tried to clean it, which I could have done!) About a week later, the moldy smell returned! Am seriously thinking about going to another Toyota dealership outside of town for service in the future, as am not happy at all with Visalia Toyota! What happened to their saying, "You can count on us!" Guess that is not the case anymore. Too bad, as I had purchased an expensive Avalon from them in 2007, and will no longer buy any other vehicle from them, even though they might have great sales people and deals, do not want to rely upon their poor customer service!


Don't waste your time making an appointment!

Went to Toyota today to get routine maintenance. Made an appointment last week at 10:00 am. Waited 15 minutes for someone behind counter to wait on me. Then sat down in waiting room. At 11:15 someone came to get me to tell me they haven't moved my car and it would be another 45 minutes or so because of all the walk ins. I left. What a waste of time!


Very unhelpful

I recieved a recall notice in the mail about a part that needed to be replaced in my 2005 Tacoma. The notice said it should only take about 30 minutes for the repair, so I made a 10:30 am appointment for a Monday morning, thinking it ouvht to go pretty smooth. However, when I got there (early, I might add) I was shocked to hear that this quick, simple procedure that I had scheduled an appointment for would not be finished until 2:00 pm. I couldn't believe it would take so long, but I fgured that sometimes things get backed up so I should cut them some slack. Big mistake. I waited around for 2 hours (since I had no other ride) and close to 1:00 the man in charge came by to inform me that it would be several more hours until they would even get to my truck. He said they had determined almost from the start that they likely wouldn't have time for me, but that no one had bothered to let me know. At that point I also noticed several cars which had arrived after me that had been taken around to be inspected ahead of me. The serviceman gave no answer for this and simply said I could make another appointment for a different day. He then lead me out of the waiting area, but instead of taking me to the service desk to make a new appoiment like I expected he lead me outside to my waiting truck. I told him I wanted to make an appointmemt right then, and he simply said they had my information and would make it for me as he walked away. So that was my experience. I can only guess that becaise I was there for a recall notice, which Toyota has to pay for out of their own pocket, they decided I was not as valuable as other customers who they could make money off of. This is shocking to me as a customer, that I would be treated so poorly. I will certainly not shop their in the future.



From start to finish this was the best car buying experience I have ever had. (I have had more than my share)I contacted the dealership regarding something I had seen on line. Lawrence was the sales rep that I reached he stayed in touch with me letting me know when the vehicle would be for sale. His service was excellent! Along with Alfred and Brian Visalia Toyota you have some really good people working on your team. GREAT JOB! THANK YOU


A pretty good experience turned great

We bought a pre-owned Toyota Sienna from Visalia Toyota. The buying process was easy, and the minivan is awesome. We're big toyota fans, so we knew what we wanted, and Visalia Toyota made it easy. The car was toyota certified used, so it underwent an inspection to make sure everything was in working order. ' The day after we bought it, it wouldn't start. The battery was totally dead. I contacted the salesperson, and he wasn't much help. I bought a battery and a few days later I got a letter from the owner, Don Groppetti, that said he hoped we had a good experience. I contacted Don via email and he immediately got to work helping me out. I emailed him a copy of my battery receipt, and he mailed me a check to cover it's cost. It's nice to know a place like this is being run correctly from the top down. I really appreciate Don reimbursing us for the battery.


Now you see it, now you don't.

The price for the Rav4 was fair, but the slight of hand addition of extended warranty, theft insurance and multi-year car wax deal without our approval was deceptive. We only realized that those items were added after hours of preliminary stuff and were in the finance office to sign all the final papers. We felt as though we were purposely misled. Can you imagine?

Dealer response

Thank you for taking the time to bring this concern to our attention. Our process calls for complete and full disclosrue of all information, if we failed to do this, I would like to discuss this with you directly. Please contact me at 559-627-4777 ext 2201 to clear this up. Thanks. Don Groppetti


Example: Great service, clean facilities

I knew what I wanted, had cash to pay, and still the entire process took 4 hours! The RAV4 is a great vehicle, and the only negative is small cup holders- drinks tip over. The dealer and sales process was painful!

Dealer response

Pain is not our mission nor intent, I regret that you feel the way you do. I do appreciate your business and your willingness to bring this to our attention. I would like to discuss what we might do to improve our process, please feel free to contact me directly at 559-627-4777 ext 2201. Don Groppetti

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