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(39 reviews)

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Essentially handing out money.

So- I am unaware of how many people genuinely read reviews but oh well. Let's start this off with this-CHECK YOUR CARFAX. Every single one of these cars were bought through auctions. Mine was auctioned because the state of it was so bad even a car dealership will not sell it. I bought a 2011 Maxima S/SV from them in April of 2021. I paid around 8,000 for a vehicle with severe transmission issues, engine failure, and many many other issues. But then again- I was 18. It was my first car and one I wanted. It was cheap, or so I thought, until over the span of a year and a half, I out almost TEN grand back into it. Fixing the engine, the suspension, calipers, fuel injector, air conditioning, and many other things. The final thing that hit it was transmission failure. One to the point it would be replaced or considered totaled. Which was because I didn't look as closely as I should've I regret it, and I regret my purchase. They willingly sold me a car with a load of issues and then BLOCKED me and friends numbers when we tried to get ahold of them over it. Which shows a lot about who they are especially as a dealer. Not to mention, every ingle bolt within my car was crossthreaded and impacted. They're incredibly shady! Recently, I went through a dealership to purchase a new vehicle, I went to get an SUV instead since I moved. They told me that my car was essentially a rebuilt/salvage due to it being in three accidents and rebuilt after each one. DO NOT BUY FROM HERE! Even though it is cheap, you are taking on a ton of issues, rebuilding a vehicle from the ground up. It isn't worth the trouble when you put almost 20k into a car when you could've used that money for a downpayment on a new one. DO NOT BUY! DO NOT SUPPORT!


Disgrace to Onawa, Iowa

Sale went well and had to have car shipped to Alaska. Upon it’s arriving discovered I had been had. Based on what he had told me I had signed the (AS IS) page only to find out what he had told me wasn’t true. Advertised a Bel Air found out it was a 210. No tail lights, turn signals or brake lights. Brake light switch burnt up along with wiring under dash. Needed new distributor and new Top End Kit another $3,000.00 plus. After finally calling Brett he went off on me for what he said was trying to abscond money from him when all I asked was if he would care to contribute to repairs. Then hung up on me. I will repair the car and have what I wanted but only at a considerable more money. STAY AWAY FROM THIS DEALER!


I loved dealing with Brett he seems to be honest and

I loved dealing with Brett he seems to be honest and caring about his customers needs. If he gets another car I like I wouldn't hesitate to drive the 460 miles one way again. It's far but we'll worth the drive.



Bought a Camaro from this place in 2003, they gave me a title sold and signed to someone else I got screwed on the money and car


They never got ahold of me, so now I’m not interested in...

They never got ahold of me, so now I’m not interested in this dump. I have the cash and would have bought it.


Excellent communication. I felt they bent over backwards...

Excellent communication. I felt they bent over backwards to help me. Great group to deal with although my buying conditions changed which they were very understanding of. Great people.


Using fake name because this guy is scary. We went to ask...

Using fake name because this guy is scary. We went to ask about a vehicle he had on his lot, offered him a price that was comparable to what we saw online. He refused, we went higher, he lost his cool and YELLED at us to get off this lot. Will NEVER go back and will be telling everyone we know how horrible he is. Feel bad for the lady and dog in the office.



Worst experience ever. Would give 0 stars if could. Talked to him over phone before drove 2 hours to look at vehicle - he told us bumper needed fixed over phone. Drive 2 hours to find radiator damage, additional Body damage, 4 different codes on the dash display, truck bed damage. Lady came out to show us. Brett came over to test drive, we started to ask question about it before driving, he told us to shut the truck off and leave.


Quick response. Brett was very courteous and honest. In...

Quick response. Brett was very courteous and honest. In fact we did not end up doing business because of his honesty. (A rare thing in sales in todays world)


Typical car flipper

Typical car dealer that goes to auction to buy cars for dirt and tells people they are gold. Do your research before buying and don’t trust websites to tell you what’s a fair deal. Most dealers get modern domestics for 600-1200 at auction and try to flip them for 4-5k. And they will give you the same speech of “I’ve got more in it than that!”, when all they have done is wash it and vacuum it. Retail car lots are a cancer, good luck out there America.

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