Crosspointe Autoplex

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(5 reviews)


Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(5 reviews)

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Best car buying experience!

Crosspointe went above and beyond to find us our perfect car. They listened to what we wanted and respected our budget. We were never pressured into anything and it made the process so easy. Our salemen Doung, even texted me to show me more cars after our first initial visit and kept me in the loop of their inventory. We will recommend them to everyone we know!


Great salesman, disappointed in customer service

The guy that helped us was awesome. This place in general I really liked. Not the typical used car lot. I work in customer service and I do whatever I can to make people happy. I was very excited to get a new (used) car. I assume normally when walking off a lot that the car looks brand new inside and out. They knew we were coming to look at the car, yet the outside was filthy dirty and the inside had dirt all over the floor boards, dog hair in the back seat and crumbs in the cup holder. They had a manager driving the car around as his daily driver. Why they didn't clean the car before putting it back on the lot blows my mind. It was really important to me to have a spotless car. I asked them to detail it but they said their detail crew doesn't work on the weekends. They pressure washed the outside of the car and sent us on our way. I took the car to get detailed and it cost $200. It would have been nice for them to at least offer for us to bring it back on Monday for them to detail. Nice people, but bad customer service.

Dealer response

I wanted to reach out to you and i'm sorry that you had the experience you did with the detailing. We have gone through a change in management and 3rd party detailing so it has been a process of making it run fluidly. If there is something we can do to be there for you do let us know.


Not a happy experience

The dealership epitomizes your typical dealership. While trying to trade in my car, the dealership low-balled the NADA trade in price on my current vehicle. Even going so far as to hand me a printed quote from NADA's website, which when I pulled up the same website on my phone gave me a higher trade in value. Then they proceeded to completely ignore NADA suggested price for the vehicle I was looking at, by going over the value of the "Excellent Condition" price by $6000, on an 11 year old car with a check engine light on, broken equipment inside, and bald tires. After telling me that most lenders use NADA value for lending, they then tried to convince me to trade in my car, and re-finance the current amount on my car, and the difference between the NADA value of my car and the value they tried to convince the other car was worth. Which was still $4000 over the NADA value of the car I was trying to buy. Not to mention the NADA trade in value of my car is higher than the NADA retail value of the car I was looking at. Throughout my military career I have warned my Soldiers not to purchase cars from a dealership just outside of a base, I guess the same is true just outside of an Air force base.

Dealer response

This review is making me dizzy. We are a long term reputable dealer that strives for complete customer satisfaction. We did in fact communicate to this customer that occasionally a vehicle will sell for more than the book value based on supply and demand (Subaru WRX with low miles). The customer agreed to purchase the vehicle with this knowledge (it was not close to $6000 over book). The problem arose when the customer realized that the balance owed on his trade was not equity. We feel that any time a customer leaves dissatisfied that we could have done a better job; this however does not merit the body of the review. If there is anything that we can do to help change your frustration, please contact us directly.


Well done!

The staff at Crosspointe were easy to deal with, No pressure, The salesman Mike help me keep payments and the price in my budget. No game playing that was the best.


Top Droor Store

I had the best car buying experience of my car buying life. Crosspointe says they make it easy; great car, low price, great service. Crosspointe does make it easy! Highly recommended.

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