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(45 reviews)

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Purchased a vehicle early January within a couple weeks had motor issues. Brought the car in for a routine oil change when the shop found major issues. Car was driven less than 1200 miles since the purchase and was babied. Now it need a $10,000 motor. BUYER BEWARE would not recommend this dealer. Reading through the reviews I am not the only one to deal with car issues from this dealer If only I was more diligent when purchasing the car.


purchased a 2006 subaru baja

We purchased a 2006 Subaru Baja, yes 2006, for our son as a surprise in December of 2020 from Wind Rider. I flew to Virginia to pick up this vehicle after speaking extensively with Manny and Hannah on the phone. When I left home I joked about what I should pack as I assumed I would be stranded on the road at some point during the 400 mile drive home. A 2006 vehicle with only 71,000 miles on it had probably never been driven 400 miles in one shot on the interstate. Well, everything went surprisingly well, and shockingly I made it home without incident. We surprised our son who was completely floored. The next day he drove the car to a sports practice, and on the way home the heater stopped blowing hot air as he pulled in the driveway. The next day I moved the car back on the driveway and there was an extremely large leak of some kind very apparently. I had the car towed to Subaru and contacted Manny at Wind Rider as we had purchased the warranty. To make a VERY long story as short as possible Subaru immediately recommended an engine replacement at a cost of $10,000 due to warped cylinder heads. I conveyed this to Manny who spoke with Subaru. Manny then researched auto shops in our home town and very respectfully and diplomatically asked that we take the car to another shop. My husband and I spoke with the shop and had the car towed a second time to this shop. As it turns out the father/son owners worked/work for Subaru and basically said there is no way they could determine that you have leaky cylinder heads without replacing the radiator which split and is very common in this particular vehicle. They replaced the radiator (and alternator that got leaked on) at half the price Subaru quoted us and ran the car. They said there is absolutely no temperature change. There is nothing wrong with the engine or cylinder heads. I remained skeptical. As I said in the beginning of this review, I expected to be stranded on the side of the road just driving the car home. Manny remained attentive through all. I remained skeptical and reminded my son to watch all the gauges, particularly the temperature gauge, like a hawk. So now 4 months later we are learning the nuances of the car. Did we have to pay for a new radiator, yes. Have we had to pay for other repairs as we learned the nuances of this older car? Yes. No ones fault but our own. But in the end we were beyond impressed with Wind Rider Auto and Manny. I can't say it loud enough in writing, YES YES YES.



Do not waste your time purchasing a car from here. You will regret it!! When you try to get a repair all they make are excuses. Do not waste your time buying a lemon that will cost you more in the short run trying to fix it just because it rode off the lot well. I repeat don’t do it.



Wind rider Auto Outlet, this people are a setup. I bought my 2008 Highlander from them two weeks ago, the sooner I left their lot,my car shootdown in the middle of the Highway. The car remote control they gave me was not even for my car . They called themselves dealership and can not issue proper information. They had me signed the paperwork of course that says, "AS IT IS ". The key dosen't work even with the new battery I bought . When I called they said to me sorry there's nothing we can do. James is a mess,he look at us with great decisiveness. Taking advantage of people like me. Very sad,it's actually no star at all.



This was great place to buy a car. I have purchased two vehicles from here. Outstanding customer care and a great atmosphere . Always gave me options and great selections of cars to choose from.



Bought a Chevy Malibu from here. New inspection and the car was really clean with low mileage. I asked was there and issues with the car. He said the car was mechanically sound. However not even 30 days later the car won't go in reverse and I have to get a new transmission. Brakes and rotors were warped and I'm left with a money pit. If you decide to purchase a car either have a mechanic with you or take to one. They aren't worth the trouble it's gonna cost you later.


Bought a beautiful Jeep Cherokee

I had a great experience with Wind Rider, I was taken cared of, people were really nice and trustworthy (which is not common with dealerships sometimes). They actually had exactly the car I wanted for a very good price and they still worked with me to be able to get it. This was my best experience at a car dealer yet, I highly recommend this dealership!.


Great experience

They were very helpful and patience. They worked with me to find a good car in my budget. I would definitely recommend them to others and would return myself if /when the time comes.


A great deal on a decent used car.

Bought a used Honda Civic a few months ago, and the experience was pleasant and hassle-free. I received the title before the temp-tag expired, which rarely happens-even with new car dealerships! The car had peeling paint (a common issue with '08 Hondas) and the salesman voluntarily texted me pics of the peeling clear coat to make sure I was aware before driving over from DE. I didn't care-I just wanted a car that runs well, with a manual transmission and good fuel economy, and that's what I got! The paperwork made it clear that the inspection they had done was safety only. While it's nice to purchase a used vehicle that has passed emissions, it will cost more. Don't expect a cheap used car to be guaranteed! Mine passed with flying colors and I expect it will last a while. Thanks guys!


Smiles from Staff and Vehicle Disappointment

I purchased a vehicle from this dealership a few months ago. Everyone was very nice. However, as others had commented on and I can confirm, their inspections mean absolutely nothing if you live out of state. I failed the MD inspection because there was a large amount of rust on the rotors and the front tires didn't have enough tread on them to pass. I called regarding the rotors several times. Wind Rider said they would help me out, however, I never received a call back after receiving confirmation they were looking to get me a quote. I am now sourcing tires as well. I took this vehicle through two separate state inspections and it failed both times. If you live out of state, make sure you have money in your pocket because the vehicle you purchase will not pass your state inspection. In addition to the vehicle failing, the inspector also brought to our attention that the vehicle did not have the spare tire. My wife drives this car and I have three children that frequently travel in the vehicle. I hope Wind Rider is embarrassed because you put my family at risk. It's a shame because everyone seemed so nice. Maybe it was an exaggeration to cove up for the sale they were about to make.

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