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About our dealership

We are a small family owned dealership. We don't carry many cars but this lets us focus on what we have. We actually drive our cars and make sure they are ready for sale when they are posted here on Give us a call any time 201-945-2277 or send us an email.
Family Owned & Operated - We take pride in our cars!

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(28 reviews)

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Andrew Eid of Murphy Motors is the man!

Got a good deal on a jeep. My son also got a good deal on a Jeep! 4 years later when it was time to sell my son's jeep privately, I contacted Andrew and he graciously put me in contact with potential buyers. He also negotiated the sale, and refused to take any fee. A good deal all around. I have much respect for his business acumen and I am grateful for his help and honesty in the auto business . And as we know, the auto business is often found with unscrupulous dealers and many financial pitfalls. Kudos to Andrew and Murphy Motors.


Exceptional Dealership

Gary and Andrew at Murphy's Motors are exceptional. They really made the buying process quick and easy. It was pouring rain outside and we called ahead to check availability and by the time we arrived they had the car waiting in front. Took the vehicle for a test drive and purchased it. I voiced a concern about a front tire and they threw two brand new tires in the trunk for no additional cost. One of their internet marketers made a mistake on the price of the car and they honored that price. It was a substantial amount lower. Gary was extremely helpful. The process was quick and easy. They give used car salesman a much better reputation. If they have the car you are looking for on their lot, do yourself a favor and buy at Murphy's Motors.


No frills facility allows for great pricing

I traveled 7+ hours each way to buy my Sequoia from Andrew. It was exactly as described and has been a great vehicle for us. His no nonsense approach and excellent pricing works great for a long distance purchase, plus there is a u-haul store nearby (on Tonnelle Ave) where I rented a car hauling trailer to bring my car back with me. I would highly recommend Murphy's Motors to anyone. Keep up the great work Andrew!


A pleasant experience - Highly recommend

For many weeks my wife and I had been shopping for a particular vehicle. We had to deal with a lot of shady salesman and finance people, a lot of fine print advertising, a lot of driving around aimlessly from dealership to dealership. We came across a suitable vehicle at Murphy's motors on our 8th day of "hunting". We were pleasantly surprised to be greeted quickly, even in the pouring rain, by the manager/owner and his staffmate. The entire buying process went smooth. The owner answered all our questions, addressed all concerns, and was refreshingly upfront about every step. A complete no-pressure environment. This after multiple other dealings with other dealerships was highly refreshing, and should be the way car sales business is practiced. The facilities aren't the greatest of course, as it is a no-frills dealership, but they certainly make up for it in the way they treat their customers. KUDOS!


Heavent sent people!

I was looking for a car online after a messy accident when I came across a Mini Cooper listed at Murphy?s Motors that matched my desired budget and mileage comfort level. My friend called them and made an appointment to see the car. She spoke with the co-owner Andrew who addressed all the questions we had about the Carfax report on the Mini. Upon meeting Andrew and inspecting the car, he handed us the key to test drive the Mini. We drove it around and fell in love with it. We got back and sat down with Andrew to discuss the feasibility of owning this car. We asked Andrew for the lowest monthly rate he can give. He showed me different payment scenarios and how these financing schemes work and answered all our questions. Unlike previous used car dealers we went to, Andrew did not hard-sell the car to us nor imposed that we use the banks that he dealt with. He even encouraged us to apply for an auto loan with the bank of our choice for the best rate, and that?s what I did. A week later, I received promising news from the bank that I applied at. We went back to Murphy?s Motors and gave Andrew the news that we want the car and are probably able to finance it upon final word from the bank. He handed me the key and said, ?I trust you guys, take the car and consider this an extended test drive while we are still waiting from the final bank approval.? We were shocked at how trusting he was with us. A week later we received news from the bank that there was going to be a delay with the approval due to my previous loan. He just said, ?Just keep the car for 30 days and see what happens.? Unbelievable! Another week passed and the temporary registration on the mini expired and the loan couldn?t get approved in time, unfortunately, because of my loan issues from the accident I had. So we returned the car at this point - 21 days I had the car with me. I was sad I couldn?t own the mini at this time. Andrew is an angel, guys. He was there when we needed him. I have never met anybody who has a pure and honest heart like this guy. You can talk to him and not be harassed like any other dealerships do to vulnerable customers like me! He ultimately wants his customers to be happy with their purchase and if it doesn?t work out, no hard feelings will be exchanged. Even his employees reflect how he runs his business ? with kindness and generosity. His mechanic Elmer, is a great dude too! We learned a lot from him. So please, check out Murphy?s Motors? inventory. If you like any of the cars that he has, Andrew will definitely make sure that it meets your criteria on used cars. Also our advice is for you to do your own research and learn more about the car that you are interested in. Andrew has a reliable crew of people working for him so if you buy your car from him, he will not be that usual used car salesman who will bamboozle you into buying a lemon.


Great service!

I have little experience in buying vehicles. I was a little apprehensive to buy a used truck from a dealership. I was scared to buy the wrong one, or to pay too much for it. Andrew at Murphy's Motors is very nice, laid back, and above all, honest. He made the process very easy and relaxed. I saw nothing but quality vehicles there. The Toyota Tacoma that I bought is exactly what I was looking for, and I got a great deal from Andrew. I would definitely recommend Murphy's Motors to anyone!


Best Service Ever!

Andrew went above and beyond to make sure all was well. Thank you Andrew!


An Honest Used Car Dealer!?!

Buying our daughters jeep from Andrew and crew at Murphy's Motors was the best thing we did!! We were looking for Weeks and I had it with other dealers trying to sell us a car for our newly licensed daughter that THEY KNEW had a salvaged title, bad breaks, Overall was Not Safe! Andrew was forth coming with everything from day 1. Even drove the car to our mechanic to look at for us! They all also helped us to "shine" it up a bit with some extras before we surprised our teen on her birthday. Best yet, they are continuing to work with us on little things since the sale! They ACTUALLY CARE about customer service and TRULY want you to be happy with your purchase! We are so pleased, that now I am going to be trading in my vehicle for another purchase! With 2 more kids to be licensed, we will be LONG TIME customers!! Can't thank you guys enough!


Michael Kisch

I just bough a 2005 Nissan Xterra for my son. What a great car. I must have found the only honest used car salesman. Andrew was awesome. The car had a few issues, that Andrew took care of as promised. Not only was he true to his word, but he replaced the serpentine belt, which i didn't realize was worn. Andrew was so easy, and likable. He made the whole experience enjoyable. The car is in excellent condition, and the pricing was so fair I will recommend Murphy's Auto to anyone looking for a quality car, at a fair price and excellent service. Go see Andrew first, and save yourself a lot of time and stress. Michael Kirsch


Top Quality - Cars and People

This place is terrific! I had such a nice experience purchasing my car here. I bought my car from Andrew. He really knows his stuff - and HE'S AN HONEST USED CAR SALESMAN. Andrew helped me throughout the buying process - and more than a month afterwards. I had a problem with the vehicle that wasn't covered by the warranty. One call to Andrew and the problem was gone! I was almost 200 miles away, but Andrew was able to work his magic with the service center I was stuck taking the car to. This was a horrible situation, but he was able to completely turn it around for me. I will never forget this. I don't write many online reviews - only when merited. I just want the world to know that there are still good people out there - and they can be found at Murphy's Motors. Seriously - give them a try. You will not be disappointed.

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