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Fast, easy, and simple experience.

Buying process was easy as can be, dealer had great customer service, and overall had a quick, enjoyable experience purchasing my vehicle. I would highly recommend for any used car purchase.


Terrible service

Really disappointed about this dealer. I came to buy a car that was basically a steal. The paperwork was pretty simple, we talked numbers, they agreed, easy. They let me take the car home since it was a good commute to get there so I left my car that I was trading in. I send them the money for the car, then I don't hear back from them for about a week. I follow up for them to tell me that the amount that we agreed upon was not correct and that I owed them money. The contract that we both signed, was incorrect...... We go over this for about an hour and reach a resolution. Two weeks go by and still no word from them. I call back and they have yet to do anything to make the car that I bought from them mine. Had the car for almost two months and it is still not registered into my name, temp license plate soon to expire, for the second time (I had to request a new one since they were taking so long to do the paper work) and I am still waiting. They are constantly telling me that they will call me right back but I don't hear from them. They have my money, they have my car, but I have nothing in my name. Some people have had good luck with this dealer, but I don't understand how they can operate when they have no idea what they are doing. Please avoid this place, if the price is too good to be true, it is because it is.


Great Experience

I highly recommend this dealership. I have been buying new cars every three to four years for over 30 years now and this was by far the easiest/smoothest buying process so far! This was my first time buying a pre-owned car from other than a large name-brand car dealership, and what a difference! We purchased a 2019 RAM 1500 with only 9700 miles on it. We were was able to negotiate everything via email and text prior to going to the dealership. We worked with Mo and Tom, and these guys were fantastic. They were honest and kept their word - try getting that at a big dealership! The guys gave us an amazing deal, below market value; and in addition, they gave us what we asked for on our trade - again, showing that they were not only honest, but fair. These guys will definitely earn our future business!


Excellent experience and worth the trip

Tom was my salesman and he was phenomenal! From the first time I called, when I picked up my vehicle and after the sale, he has been nothing but extremely helpful! I found a 2019 Jeep Cherokee in great shape and for a great price. He warned me that a non refundable deposit would be needed to hold the vehicle since there was lots of interest in it. I was a bit nervous about trusting a person over the phone and especially a car salesman!! 2 weeks later, I feel that I have made the best auto purchase of my life. This vehicle is in great shape and everything Tom has told me has been the truth. I will not hesitate to buy from this group again!!! A A



Nice price and car.. Highly recommend. Bought a car. Will bye again. These people had the lowest price on car gurus. Shopped around for a few weeks.


Caveat Emptor (buyer beware)

I've been looking for a new (to me) car for a few weeks. After a couple of very costly bad experiences buying a used car about 10 years ago, I'm very careful now about doing my research on the car and the seller. I always have my mechanic check cars I'm interested in, and if a seller doesn't agree to that I walk away. On Wednesday, July 25, 2018, I found a pristine 2003 Nissan Xterra with 106K miles at All in 1 Auto Group in Chantilly, VA. The vehicle was is great shape and drove well, but the Carfax didn't show a service history, and the dealer didn't have any information on it, particularly whether the timing chain had been replaced. That's a $1,000 repair, and could be deal breaker, so I asked if I could take it to my mechanic to have it checked out, and they agreed. I made arrangements for him to look at it the following Monday, July 30. I chose not to leave a deposit, and was warned that the car could sell over the weekend. I was fine with that, and asked that they call me if the car did sell, since I lived an hour away, and they agreed. On Saturday the 28th a salesman named Isaac called me asking if I was still interested in the vehicle. I said I was and was planning to pick it up Monday for my mechanic to check it out. I arrived at the dealer Monday morning when they opened to pick up the Xterra. The salesman who greeted me told me that he had sold the car Friday, the day before his colleague called me inquiring about my interest in the vehicle! They didn't have the courtesy to call me Friday, as agreed, to let me know and save me an hour-long drive to get there. Car dealers, particularly used car dealers, rely largely on word-of-mouth advertising for their business. I will never go there again, and will be warning my friends not to go there as well. If they treat potential customers this way, how do they treat the people who have bought cars from them and have issues?


Be Careful

Be very careful. Discussed a supposed Prius 5, which was a Prius 4 at best, with Aaron who repeatedly said it was a 5 and would not find such a deal for one anywhere. Original purchase documents were in the glove compartment which was a give away. I didn't bother discussing with him, because I didn't want to waste my time.


Great Customer Service and Helpful

I worked with Robert when I went in to buy my new (used, but new to me) car. I am in love with my new car!! He was very easy to work with when negotiating and asking questions about it. He valued making sure I left satisfied. I live in Maryland and had to get it Maryland state inspected, which is a much more challenging feat than it is in Virginia, and when it wound up failing because of two small issues he fixed them for me and was very helpful.


Difficult to work with

The buying process was relatively easy, but not at all worth it after what I went through afterward. I did not receive my tags within the 30 days of purchasing the vehicle. I was told that the DMV had registered my vehicle under someone else's name. After some research of my own, it was pretty clear this was an error on the side of All in One, not the DMV. I was told in multiple occasions that the error was fixed and my plates should be in "any day" when in fact, nothing had been done to correct the error. I started to read reviews on this company and saw that several others had experienced similar treatment: plates not received within 30 days, difficulty in working with the auto group and deception. I was forced to contact the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board (MVDB) for help because it was clear my calls to All in One were going no where. Once MVDB contacted All in One themselves, all the sudden the error was fixed and the plates were in. I found it strange that if this error could have been fixed so quickly, why wasnt it fixed immediately upon discovering the mistake? Why did it take 9 days, countless phone calls, and a call from the MVDB? I love my car, but I will never recommend this place to anyone else.


Bad customer service experience

bought a car in October, still have no plates my sales person takes days to respond to my emails. am very frustrated with this dealership and their lack of business etiquette

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