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    April 22, 2015

    My name is Amy Cosgrove and I have encountered the inadequate customer service anyone could imagine with Kerry Mazda and Joe Jeremiah. First, Saturday... the day of the sale. I was in a hurry and was rushing through things but at no time, during the test drive, during the approval, during the negotiations not once was it explained to me that this car operates differently than most manuals when attempting to put the car in reverse, not being equipped with this information I drove the car forward into a sign, shortly after obtaining my new car. Joe proceeded to argue with me and call me a liar saying that he told me this information. I was not told to push down to get the car in reverse. Allen resolved that situation, by saying that I was at fault but put me in a different car. Next, I dropped off my car on Tuesday to get my remote start installed. Joe told me would try for Wednesday but was not sure, I said lets do Thursday, it works better in my schedule. Thinking it might be done Wednesday it never occurred to me to call about when it would be done Thursday. I show up about 3:30. Joe again argues with me saying that I said I would be there at 4:30 and he made sure it would be done by then. I typically work 6:30 to 3:00, a time for me to pick up my car was not discussed. I should have called and checked but more importantly good customer service, especially in light of what happened would have said for him to call me and let me know when it would be ready. Once again I was called a liar and he proceed to argue and disrespect me. Finally, upon my prompting I said bring it to me so I don't have to come back out here. I was assured the car would be washed and delivered. Joe just dropped it off, the stickers where not taken out of the car as promised. Now I have sticker residue on my window shield. I was told this was not done because he wasn't sure how long had this morning, he got to work this morning and had to get it out to me because he said I said I needed it. I never told Joe I needed my car at any certain time today. I am at work it could be here at 10:00 or 2:00 and would have made no difference to me. I will not be doing business with Kerry Mazda again and I will let whoever will listen know about the poor customer service and the inadequacy of the sales team, especially Joe Jeremiah. I am not usually the type to give feedback or make comments but this is outrageous and someone should be aware of who they have representing their company. Amy Cosgrove

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