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(72 reviews)


(72 reviews)

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Not willing to negotiate at all

Not willing to negotiate at all. Inquired about a 1996 Nissan 300zx they have set at $19,900. That is an ok price if the car was not suspicious and has been on their lot for 6 months. If you watch the Youtube video showing the car off you will see the boost gauge is disconnected at the last few seconds. Seems to be hiding potential major issues with the turbos. That in itself at a bare minimum is $4,500 to fix. That is just for replacing the turbos with labor. That is not including potential engine issues that could skyrocket the price even more. Very good chance that the timing belt needs to be replaced. Parts and labor for that is $1,000. This is also a major thing that has to be done or you will destroy your engine if that timing belt breaks. "If you don't want a car with issues then this car is not for you" is what I was told. The lowest price was supposedly $19,000. Good luck trying to sell that car to anyone who actually knows what to look for in a 300zx. I advise everyone to stay away unless you are willing to pay exactly what they set their prices at. Their motto seems to be if you don't want a car with issues don't buy their cars....


Crooked Thief!

Matt is a thief. I drove 5 1/2 hours to purchase a car that I was told was in working order. When I arrived the car was disgusting had no gas was heavily scratched the electronics were not working properly. I turned the car off and the car would not restart. Matt and his crew attempted to try to get the car to start for over an hour and it would not start and I finally told him that I did not want the car and I left and asked him to return my $500 deposit and he said that he would. After I left about 1/2 later according to Matt they finally got the car to start and because they got the car to start he says that he is keeping my deposit of $500. I would never purchase a car from them and he stole my money. He is a thief and a crook and a con artist buyer beware.



They also work under PARSA AUTO CENTER. Purchased vehicle JUN 11, 2021 AND the car died JUN 24, 2021. They have tried to pass the responsibility on to me and there's, but after 3 diagnostics from 2 BENZ dealerships and one Luxury car delership. All points back to them. Heading to court may take 1yr to resolve but worth the wait. A L S O, These reviews on this site amaze me because they only have 1.5 star maybe 2 everywhere else. They have no problem selling you a car that will not work. Please don't deal with them the slimy kind.


Great buying experience

Called to see if the car (Hyundai Sonata) was available, it was. We arrived at the lot and the car was detailed and ready to test drive. All our questions were answered clearly, at length and with no effort to sugarcoat or obfuscate. When we decided to purchase the car, all the paperwork was done quickly and efficiently. We made arrangements to pick up the car on Monday and it was ready to go as promised. The dealer even filled the tank (not something we expected). Our experience was positive from arriving to picking up the car. Everyone was courteous, efficient and helpful. As a small business co-owner myself I can appreciate that these gentlemen have obviously directed their efforts more to the business at hand rather than "slick" facilities. The office, while small is well appointed and efficient. Having driven the Hyundai we bought for a few days I can say that we are well pleased with our experience at Austin Direct Auto Sales. We particularly appreciate the low key patient sales approach.


Add "sends threatening texts" to previous review.

Following up on my review below ... the day after posting the review I received another text message from Matt stating: "I should of let you get here found out the roof and then lose money on transposition and I say sorry !" So add "sends threatening texts" to the list of reasons not to use this dealer. When I was communicating with Matt prior to deciding to purchase the car, I asked if he was personally familiar with the car and specifically asked if there were any problems with the roof. He stated that he was personally familiar and there were no problems. He knew I was traveling via plane from Michigan to pick up the vehicle. A responsible dealer would have checked the car and notified me immediately if there were problems with the vehicle - instead of waiting until 36 hours before my flight to Austin pick up the vehicle. Also, keep in mind, he only notified me when I reached out to confirm. Disappointing ... and the threatening text now tops the list. I've gone from a "beware" of this dealer ... to a flat out, "stay the xxxx away" of this dealer.


Super shady. Please avoid.

These guys. Particularly, the guy named “Matt”. Piece of work. I saw a listing, called about it, agreed on price, and paid a $500 deposit to secure it. I would have to BOOK and catch a short flight to ATX to pick it up, so wanted to make sure it was secured. My credit union had pre-approved me and was ready to get the deal done ... when he texted to tell me he refunded the money. I wish I could attach the screenshot of the text thread here. Buyer beware.


Worst customer service ever

Looked at a used BMW for about $17K. Since I do not live in town, asked if they would take it to the BMW dealer 1 mile away so I could get (and pay for) a pre-purchase inspection. They absolutely refused with no explanation. Makes me wonder what is wrong with this car that they would not assist. Or their business must be selling cars like nobody else at this time.


Used vehicle

Bad Customer Service. Would not recommend this dealership to anyone. Trust lost. Be a cool to buy from them. Never will I go there again.



drove to Austin from dallas for a lifted jeep the staff at Austin Direct Auto Sales was very helpful in getting me what I wanted I will definitely buy from these guys again also a very nice clean facility Thank you Matt Z


Warren Quanstrom

I recently bought a used vehicle from Austin Direct. The price was fair, and after discovering some minor mechanical issues after the sale, Matt and his team repaired the issues free of charge. I would recommend this place to anyone looking to purchase a used vehicle.

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