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needs better managment. horrible

Trade in a car. Its almost tree months n still not paid. Everyday they put me off


A change of heart! :-)

I said some things on my last review that wasn't right for me to say because I was so ready to see my car and I am sorry about it but things are back on the right page now. I made a friend( jillian) that believed in me when nobody else would and she stuck in their with me until I received my car and that was the very a special day for me. My car came to me exactly like it suppose to and I was happy to see it too, I seen some minnor issue that I can handle but overall the car runs real nice just like the carfax said and it put a smile on my face and alot of people who have seen the car so far. I've gotten blessed with a vehicle and im going to take care of it like I do my life and hope for the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you FLORIDA QUALITY MOTORS from a friend!!!


Awsome Corvette

I recently puchased a Corvette from this dealership that runs like new. The front headlights were a bit hazy and they replaced them without hesitation. I love my Vette and will definately have them find my next car!


Great Deal Good People

Got a great deal and Steve and Jill were a joy to work with. They worked hard to put my deal together and delivered on what they said they would do. I would recommend them.



I bought a car from the above business.There were issues with the vehicle which the salesperson/customer service rep,(Jillian)said they would take care of. The 1st was that a tire was completly bare and they promised we could get the tire replaced on Sat, however we got the run around, for exaplme "the call back in an hour we will have." Then when we would call back no one would anser.Finally somene anaswered the owner(Steve) and said that they wouldn't be able to get the tire that day and we would have to wait. Aside from the tire being the only issue, the sunroof began leaking and they of course said that when they put the tire on they will bring the car to the repair shop and have it looked at.So on Sunday they told me to bring the car in on a Monday and leave it overnight, which was impossible for me to do since this was my only means of transportation.When I stated to Jillian that this would not be possible and that I would need the car back the same day she said ok fine you will just have to wait a bit, I agreed and said I would bring the car on Tuesday. I brought my car and sat at the place for 5 hours only to be told that I wouldn't be able to have my car back, when I specifically said I needed it.So I had no choice but to leave my car. The next day Wed,I called repeatedly and no one wanted to answer my calls tell me where exactly the repair show was located and or when I would get my car back.Eventually they told me in an hour, so I had my wife leave work early to only show up and not have my car there and be told it was going to be another 2 hrs. These people gave us attitude had every excuse in the book, said that we ARE NOT there only customer and it doesnt really matter that we are upset. They advoided all calls they make you wait hours.I was told my car would be ready at 630 I sat there from 300 till 730pm.The only issue fixed on the car was the tire. The sunroof still has a leak,but we are not that important for them to help. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!

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