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This seller has been on since April 2008.
ATTENTION AUSTIN CAR SHOPPERS: First Texas Honda has over 1000 new Hondas and used cars available for purchase. Our Low Pricing is Hassle-Free; Our Sales Staff is Commission-Free; We're Locally Owned and Active in our Community!

We are also proud to announce that Continental Automotive Group has been voted a top workplace in Austin in the large business category (600+ employees)! Our dedication to our employees and in return to our customers shows in everything we do.
"Austin's Hassle-Free Honda Dealer. Where We Put You First."

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(142 reviews)

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Great, Reputable Dealership

Great dealership. Sean and Diana were very personable and helpful, and they did not put any pressure on me when buying my first vehicle. I recommend this place to anyone!


Fuel pump failed after recall remedy

Went in for a 2019 Accord fuel pump recall plus some other items. Drove my car for the first slightly longer trip of 100 miles 2 weeks later at night, and the car died on the highway with pretty much all the malfunction indicator lights on. It would not start. Had it towed to another Honda dealership (the roadside assistance provided by Honda unfortunately did not have any progress and I was put on hold for almost an hour when trying to speak to a real person, so I had to find a local towing company -- otherwise I'm pretty sure I would be stuck on the highway for the rest of the night). Was told that the new fuel pump was not installed properly and some o-ring had worn out. No idea what they did to the fuel pump for the recall. Almost ruined our planned trip the next day, not to mention that this could have resulted in an accident. While my previous experience with First Texas Honda was not that bad, this time it surely was.

Dealer response

Yunfan, it disappoints us to know your experience did not meet your expectations. We have attempted to reach you on various platforms, but have not heard back. Hearing about your visit is very concerning to me and I would love to assist you, but I cannot do so unless I have the opportunity to speak with you one-on-one. Please contact me at at your soonest convenience. I look forward to speaking with you soon. - Cody Penna, Service Director

Dealer response

Mr. Yu, we feel we have done everything in our power to assist you with this matter. Your original review was posted on Google, which our service director, Cody, responded to with his personal contact information in hopes he could discuss this offline with you. You proceeded to ignore his attempt and leave the same exact response on four other platforms. Finally, after we took the time to respond to every single review you left, Cody was able to get in direct contact with you. Our entire team has been working together to find ways to help you, but at this point it has been made clear our efforts are not appreciated. We wish you luck in finding a service facility that better suits your needs. Take care. - The Team at First Texas Honda



They lied telling me they would sell me a vehicle for 13k, just to get me to come into the dealership. Liar rocky Reyna is a liar. Thanks for asking me to waste my time because you lack skills in selling.


Get everything in writing

Horrible, horrible, horrible experience. First Texas Honda is not an honest business. When you deal with the service department, you absolutely must get everything in writing. Any agreement, any discussion, you must have it in writing otherwise, they won't accept responsibility.

Dealer response

Ay-Chyi, we appreciate you being our guest and always do our best to deliver the best possible experiences. We pride ourselves on offering a transparent process from start to finish! If there is anything we can assist you with down the road, we're always here to help. -The Team at First Texas Honda


Worst ever service - feels like robbery

Daylight robbery by first Texas Honda service center, I have a Honda Accord hybrid 2018 and when it was under warranty the normal battery was having issues which generally has 100 month warranty on it, so I took it to these guys to get it checked and they changed the battery stating it needed replacement as it was faulty and was changed under car warranty. now barely a year later the battery again has died and I took the issue to them again as the battery was placed new still comes with 100 month warranty they said I will have to pay because I got the battery for free when it was under car warranty so the new battery that they placed has no warranty as it was done for free.That is dishonest and looting. I have never seen such greed anywhere else. My total car mileage is barely 39000 miles.

Dealer response

We want to thank you for being our guest and hope this helps to explain the circumstances; each new Honda vehicle includes a comprehensive warranty that covers the battery for 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. It's important to note that any component replaced within this warranty period does not carry additional coverage outside of the original 3 year/36,000 mile coverage range. We understand the confusion this causes and hope you can understand that the manufacturer's standards are, unfortunately, out of our hands and as a local business. If you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact me personally, we're always here to help! We wish you the very best. -Cody Penna, Service Director


Lost A Used Car Sale... Over A Measly $100!

Contacted this dealership in early March 2020 online about a Red 2013 Chevy Sonic LT and requested that if they would be willing to accept $5,900 ILO of the $6,400 listed price. I would absolutely make the 240 Mile trip from North Dallas to Austin to make the purchase that coming weekend. The day before I was supposed to travel, they send me the paperwork and change our verbal agreement from $5,900 TTL to $6,100 TTL. The following images are my attempt to counteroffer and the email exchange shows their "professionalism" as they claim I was "not willing to work with them". In the end, I ended up finding a similar 2013 Chevrolet Sonic RS with 107K miles for $5400 from a personal seller and THIS initial deal ended up falling through so that First Texas Honda missed getting my business and a sale over a mere $100 measly dollars. They absolutely would not budge and work with me. God help anyone that tries to do business here... especially with Jesse Sims.

Dealer response

Dr. Orsun, we want everyone who visits us to have the best possible experience. We made many adjustments and negotiations to get you the price you were looking for. Unfortunately, there were differences in the vehicle price which were agreed upon and the vehicle which was available by the time you were ready to purchase. While things move quickly on the sales floor, it's always our intention to be prompt and transparent with vehicle availability and pricing. As we communicated to you many times, we apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you and wish you all the best. -The Team at First Texas Honda


Ms Kelle Hursley

My experience was flawless, Jarrod is an outstanding man/ salesman. I will continue to refer people to him in the future. Thank you! Kelle Hursley

Dealer response

It's our goal to provide a flawless experience and we're proud to hear that Jarrod delivered! Thanks for being our guest and take care. -The Team at First Texas Honda



I purchased a new CR-V 7/13/19 and the salesman was very knowledgeable and friendly. This is my 3rd CR-v and I am excited about all the new gadgets and safety features. However the manual for this vehicle is disappointing and totally lacking in information and read ability.

Dealer response

Congratulations on the awesome new vehicle! We sincerely appreciate you shopping with us. If there is anything we can assist with down the road, don't hesitate to let us know. We're always happy to help. :) -The Team at First Texas Honda


Terrible and shady - stay away!!

Stay away! Plenty of other reputable Honda dealers in the area. Scamy, shady, and expensive. Terrible service and long wait times. DO NOT GO HERE.

Dealer response

Michael, we're concerned to read your review and would like to learn more. Please reach out to me directly at so that we can have the opportunity to hear what went wrong. Talk soon, Cody Penna, Service Manager


Insulting Managment

It came time to talk about the actual payment for the vehicle I wanted to purchase. I asked them to come off the price to keep me in budget. After putting a bunch of numbers on post it’s and fast talking they said they would come down $500. Looking at the numbers on the post it’s I see the numbers aren’t adding up and I start doing the math on my own. The discount wasn’t even $500, but a measly $389. The talking keeps getting faster and I ask for a printed break down for the price of the car. Seeing that the break down is 4k more than what I was wanting to pay I ask them to come off not just the $500 (really $389) but 1k to help cover the cost of state taxes. The manager then insults me by saying 1k isn’t even that much, adds up to about $20 a month and the cost of a pizza. A pizza? What? I then told him if it wasn’t that much he’d have no problem taking off the 1k or buying me a pizza every month for a year. The salesman I worked with was nice enough. I had been in contact with someone else and he was too busy to see me and passed me on. Okay, fine. The car was beautiful, in good condition, just slightly overpriced from some other cars I had been looking at in other locations. When I mentioned this with one being in Ft. Worth I was told it was a different market. So, even cars are more expensive here in Austin. Okay, fine. I just ask for salesmen to not be surprised when I ask them to slow down and give me a print out of the price of a vehicle when talking about me shelling out 24k of my hard earned money, be surprised when I start doing the math on my own, be surprised that I can add 6% to a large sum of money, not ask me if my husband will be joining us and seeming relived when I say he is not, tell me 1k is equivalent to a years worth of pizza, send me a follow up email signed from the original salesman I was working with from the address of the one I was switched to and most importantly not looked shocked when they see me still sitting in the lobby and quickly stop bad mouthing and laughing at me! The place is an echo chamber guys. Needless to say I won’t be purchasing a car there on principle alone. Others may have said they were “treated like royalty” and what not, but a free bottle of water and a coffee bar doesn’t excuse being treated like an ignorant teenager. This place checked off pretty much every stereotype of purchasing a used car.

Dealer response

Melissa, it's disappointing to hear that we did not meet your expectations. We're known for delivering first-class experience to everyone who visits us and we're truly sorry that we did not leave you with a better impression. If you'd like to take another look at the vehicle, I'd be happy to work with you directly and show you the VIP customer service we have a reputation for. I can be reached at Hope to hear from you soon! -Jason Biniak, Sales Manager

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