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This seller has been on Cars.com since October 2022.
At DARCARS Automotive Group our goal is to take customer service to a whole new level. We don't want you to be just satisfied. We want you to love every aspect of your interaction with us... From sales and financing to parts and service and all touch points in between. We realize that we cannot use our own yardstick to judge our success. Rather it is your overall experience and the enjoyment it brings that will determine whether we have reached our goals. With that in mind we hope you're ready to become one of the very happy people who call themselves a DARCARS customer.
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(350 reviews)

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Worst dealership I ever dealt with.

Worst dealership I ever dealt with. I am 82 years old and currently own 5 cars so I have dealt with a lot of dealers over the years. I looked at a 2022 Chrysler Pacifica listed at $33,435 on their lot in I offered $30K. They came down to $32,249 (3.5%). I increased my offer by 3.5% to $31.065. Then they Raised their price to more than $34,000. When it did not sell they moved it to another lot in Fairfax at the same price. Finally they called me and said they would agree to come back down to $32,249. I offered $32,000 and thought we were close to a deal. Then they said it would come to more than $36 ,000 after including certain mandatory fees, which they have to include. I said that seemed like a lot of extra fees, and I asked what they were. They told me that in addition to tax and licensing there was a "dealer fee" of around $1,000. I asked them what the fee included and they said it was the use of their computer program assembling the fees, or something like that. I said I wasn't going to pay their "dealer fee". This is price gouging pure and simple. I wonder how many other buyers have been coerced into paying this "dealer fee"?

Dealer response

Hi Mr. Taylor, thank you for speaking with our General Manager this morning. We appreciate your time and look forward to assisting you!


Employees make the dealership

My experience was excellent based on the efforts of Hamid Bashiri. He was helpful, competent, patient and knowledgeable. I am a return customer and that is largely due to Mr. Bashiri who has always been very honest and trustworthy and I know I will get the right car, price and financing to meet my needs. I wish all dealerships had someone like this!

Dealer response

Our customer relationships are our foremost concern, and we're glad to hear that's clear, MJ. Thank you for the stellar rating and for allowing us to serve you - the entire DARCARS Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Rockville team appreciates it!


Best experience by far I had with this dealership.

Best experience by far I had with this dealership. We all appreciate a good customer service

Dealer response

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we truly appreciate your recognition, Tommy. We hope to see you again in the near future!


They put my trust back in dealerships in a time that I

They put my trust back in dealerships in a time that I was really getting fed up with trying to purchase a new car post Covid. Met with Mo, he was really responsive and kind. Shared stories and worked up a deal that I went through on just 2 days later. ZERO PRESSURE which was good cause im a hot head and get upset quick. Layla who I think was the sales manager was compassionate and easy to work with. I didn't feel cornered, I felt if I had a voice. I actually ended up messing up the numbers put the deal still worked out and they helped me figure things out. I can't speak for other team members here but Mo and Layla were Gems.

Dealer response

Thank you for leaving us such a wonderful review; our team will be pleased to read this! Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and your review reaffirms the hard work we put in every day. So thanks again for your kind words, and we look forward to seeing you next time!


Had a terrible experience with the service department of

Had a terrible experience with the service department of this dealership. I leased a Wrangler from them less than a year ago. I tried to fill the tank while traveling to ocean city and the pump stopped every time. I tried multiple gas stations, and same thing happened. Obviously this is an urgent matter that a dealer has to take care of, as I basically can't use the car without gasoline. called the dealership and they gave me appointment for 3 weeks later!! i argued and insisted to bring the car in faster, they wouldn't care. they even wouldn't give me a rental for the meanwhile, and the car is under warranty!! I called the Gaithersburg Jeep dealership and they gave me appointment for the next day with no hesitation! I got good service and professional manners from them. I will not use the Rockville Darcars Jeep services and I would not recommend anybody to do so. Reza Moshasha

Dealer response

As you can imagine, this is very worrying to hear, Reza. While we understand you're upset, we would appreciate the opportunity to better understand what happened here and do what we can to make it right. Please get in touch with our Customer Relations team at customerrelations@darcars.com or 1-800-327-2277 so we can address this directly - we will look for your contact information, as well. Thank you.

Consumer response

I will call you when I get a chance, but fortunately I found Gaithersberg Jeep dealer to take care of my car issues. They also checked and told me that there has been over 10 recalls and software updates that I was not aware of. I did not get any notifications about those from Jeep! They took care of all those.


They really should have negative ratings for this

They really should have negative ratings for this dealership. Although Sales folks are good the Finance people are absolute wolves. While I was signing papers another finance guy came in and apparently had a side bet with my finance guy on how much extra junk, he could sell me. They were embarrassingly blatant about it. I am in my fifties and have purchased many cars and I have never seen so much unprofessionalism before. Background: I put in a custom order for a Dodge Charger scatpack. I test drove it before purchase and noticed a vibration at several speeds. I was told that the issue maybe with the wide tires sitting for so long creating a flat spot. They told me to drive it for a few weeks and if the issue did not go away they would take care of it. After two weeks I returned to the dealership to schedule an appointment as the vibration did not go away. I was told by a guy sitting with his feet up on the desk that I should bring it in on the following Wednesday morning and they would have it back by the end of the day. When I showed up Daniel Arriaza told me that he would keep it for three days and that nobody told him anything. He then told me I would have to pay for my own rental car and was extremely stand-offish. After I stood my ground he said he would speak with sales and let me know. Daniel called me the next day and stated they brought in another 392 (mind you these cars are very hard to find) to test drive and that mine drove just like that one but he balanced the tires and all is good. When I picked the car up, not only did it still have the vibrations at the same speeds the car had been driven at close to a 100 mph (The car tracks things like top speed) and almost 40 extra miles on it. Mind you when I complained of a vibration at 75 I was told they are not allowed to drive at those speeds. This was the start of my journey with these guys. After a second call I was told by Daniel, "This is how the car drives, its normal." I asked, " So your telling me that all Dodge Charger sctapacks vibrate at 45 and 75?" then some arm twisting and they agreed to conduct a road force test. It turned out that 3 of the tires were faulty. Jose Adon whom is the service manager got involved at this point and he is a piece of work. He told me that he would contact the tire manufacturer and open a case. He said he would get back to me. After 2 and a half weeks of silence I called Jose again and asked why am I waiting for Dodge and your dealership to speak with the tire manufacturer? Mind you I purchased a brand new vehicle with faulty tires. This should be covered at no cost no questions asked. They finally agreed, changed the tires and while doing so damaged the wheels. I pointed this out to Jose and he said you did this and you are blaming us. The damage to the rims were not scrapes from curbs they were faint uniform lines from there machines. I wrote a rather lengthy email to the general manager Mr. Ali Mohamadi whom agreed to fix the wheels. They kept the car for several days again. I tested the car when it was ready. The vibration at 45 still present but much less and it now vibrates at 80 mph. I conducted a test drive with the Shop manager who drove the car with me and agreed that there was definitely substantial vibration at 80. They agreed that they would test drive another Dodge like mine and have a local area Dodge rep test drive the car. They would get back to me in a few days. Guess what, 2 and a half weeks later I called them back. Jose stated that his shop manager said that he did not feel a vibration but he would have the dodge rep drive it. They kept the car for another two days and stated that they did not feel a vibration. I am now driving around with a new 60k dollar sports vehicle with a vibration at 80mph. I spent 6 months going back and forth, my car was kept on 5 occasions spanning several days and not once did they offer up a rental car. I was lied to treated like an annoyance. I was told to go and contact Dodge on my own. My car was miss treated. I will tell you that when you are in the service department speaking to them you get a feeling that you are just some tool that is there annoying them. If things stay simple and you are a good boy or girl and don't have a complaint all will be fine but if things get complicated then your in for a ride. It does not matter if you are in the right or have spent a ton of money. These guys are pros too, they did not log several visit and provide a receipt. When I asked for all of my service records for my visits they only provided three of them. My apologies for the long review but I wanted folks to know what an ordeal it was for me dealing with these guys. The most pleasant part of this journey was dealing with sales guys. Buy a vehicle from here but be aware of the wolves in finance and the undesirable in service. The thing is if you purchase a vehicle from a dealership and it has an issue like mine you are tide to them till its end. I could not have gone to another dealership and started over. PS: To top everything else off the shuttle bus driver needs to learn manors. You are dealing with customers. This is yet another indication of the unprofessionalism and lack of management at this dealership.

Dealer response

We're very disappointed to hear that you had a poor experience with our team. Your feedback is important to us and we'd appreciate the chance to review your concerns with you. At your convenience, please reach out to us at customerrelations@darcars.com or 800-327-2277. Thank you.

Consumer response

I responded back to the Darcars customer relations department via email today to have a conversation about my experience and situation.

Consumer response

Just wrapping up my review of this dealership. After the initial review I left, the general manager Ali Mohamadi left me a voice mail. I also received the above response to my review from Darcars customer relations. Mr. Mohamadi left a phone number to call him back. I called the number but it was just the main line of the dealership. The receptionist advised that he was busy and took my information. He never called me back and that was 3 weeks ago. I also responded back to the Darcars, "Customer Relations" request for contact they posted above. I sent an email to the address they left above and also called the number. That has also been over 2 weeks. Again, no response back. In closing of this review I can tell you that customer service or relations to this company is just a facade nothing less nothing more.


Dishonest Business Practices

Poor Business Practices, I was a repeat customer, never again. Multiple lies this time around and no resolutions. Avoid this dealership by all means possible!

Dealer response

As you can imagine, this is very worrying to hear. While we understand you're upset, we would appreciate the opportunity to better understand what happened here and do what we can to make it right. Please get in touch with our Customer Relations team at customerrelations@darcars.com or 1-800-327-2277 so we can address this directly - we will look for your contact information, as well. Thank you.


I had an issue with my car warranty that I purchased

I had an issue with my car warranty that I purchased through DARCARS dealership in Rockville MD and Ali’s Mohamdi resolved the issues painless he is trustworthy and I will certainly recommend his services to all my friends and family.

Dealer response

We are happy to hear that Ali was able to resolve your issue in a timely manner! Thank you for choosing DARCARS Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Rockville. We hope to see you again soon!


Ok were do I start. Wanted to purchase a Jeep Cherokee....

Ok were do I start. Wanted to purchase a Jeep Cherokee. Dealt with Layla and she pushy. Dealt with Mr. Hamid. He is a liar and a crook. With my rock solid credit rating (all over 800)he tried to offer me 4.23% interest when I was approved through BBT at 2.69%. He lied and said I was approved for 4.23% but when I received a call from BBT finance department I got the truth. They also came up with some ridiculous fee called "commission sales fee" xxx is that. I refused to pay. Oh I was told its a new fee added to the price of the car sales starting in October and it has to be added in. They really need to be report to the consumer protection agency of Montgomery County. I hope this dealership goes under real soon, so consumers won't fall for their BULL.......

Dealer response

This review is very disappointing to read. We strive to deliver a transparent and seamless purchase experience, and it is never our intention to mislead our guests. We understand that you have already spoke to our General Manager, Ali Mohamadi. If you need anything else, please reach out at your convenience at customerrelations@darcars.com or 1-800-327-2277. Thank you.


Went for an oil change and had the most disrespectful...

Went for an oil change and had the most disrespectful costumer service ever. @Daniel Arriaza and another large guy… So arrogant! This is my first ever review but I had to do it.

Dealer response

Hi there, We are committed to offering friendly and professional service so I am surprised to see this feedback. I apologize if we left the wrong impression and I will address these concerns with my team as we are always looking to improve. If you would like to speak with us further, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at customerrelations@darcars.com or 1-800-327-2277. Thank you.

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