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-NEGATIVE 5 STARS !!! JANKY BUSINESS FORGED MY PAPERWORK AND SIGNATURE! Apologized,cancelled payments ..and then kept my money AND CAR !!told me to Uber !!


Great People

Great people made this into a great enjoyable experience instead of what I was worried about being a bad one. They helped with everything I needed and were super nice! Definitely would recommend


Great service

Great people with a honest business. I have no complaints with my Ford F-150. I’m a high school student and my truck has been a big part of my life. :)


Got my new tractor!!!🚜

I went here to get my new tractor to drive around the huge city!!! There was no hassle and it is in perfect condition!!!! Thanks guys 🙏


Moss Curtain Motors

I went and got a car from there their service was amazing they care about their customers and do everything to help I recommend getting a car from there if used they really do their best to make you happy and made me happy


Great experience

Great experience with great people. Kindest employees and incredibly helpful don’t know what I would have done without them. Definitely would recommend to a friend


Lemon car

I bought a car 1 month ago because mine died. As a result, the car they made me buy is dying too ; all the underside is rusty, completely ruined and the power steering is dead and irreparable. They're untrustwiorthy, unreliable, and more than everything dishonest. That was an awful experience, I really don't recommand this place.


Car trouble

When I got my 2011 Hyundai Sonata on the first day driving back home and hour and a half the car was smoking I called and they said it was probably nothing so I drove it some more and it started smoking from under the hood come to find out the radiator hose had a hole in it so I called and it took a couple days to get the owner all I asked could they pay for the hose so he did I payed for the antifreeze and labor to get fixed out of pocket and only had the car not even a day. A couple days later the brakes started scrubbing even without pressing them so I called this was on a Friday they said the owner was out of town and the mountains and wouldn’t be back til Sunday and I couldn’t get him til today which is Thursday I spent money out my pocket again for the brakes and labor to get put on and he said they wouldn’t help me because I should have waited til I got him and they probably would have helped. So you telling me it’s ok to have to go a week without a car because I called and told your staff the first day it happened and they wouldn’t contact you I haven’t even had the car a month and wish I never went there



they are nice until you purchased the car and have complaints about it. The Husband flips , gets frustrated, and nasty attitude.


I will NEVER do business with them EVER again!

I will be the first to say that my initial experience with them was very pleasant, I bought my first car there and love it. The sales associate who helped me told me "We do not pay for advertising, our customers are our advertising." Me, being in retail myself, completely understood and admired that. Everything was great with their customer service to me, until recently. I guess they are under the impression that if you buy a car with them, you should only get your car serviced by them, and them only. At least that was the impression that I got when I spoke with the owner and manager about some issues I was having with my car, (after I had a friend mechanic do an oil change for me, for FREE). He said, because I got my car serviced elsewhere, he would not be held responsible for any damage that may have been done by that person. Which is totally understandable...if the problems I currently had with my car had ANYTHING to do with what was done to my car previously, which it did NOT. The owner said, many times, that he was upset that I got my car serviced by someone else, and implied that I had a problem with the prices he quoted me. I won't speak for everyone, but FREE beats any other price, any day. Then he began to being up the fact that I did not pay full price for my car, and how I should've put the money I saved into fixing my car, (so you're telling me what to do with MY money). Mind you, during this whole phone call, he was cutting me off, not letting me finish my statements, and making smart aleck remarks. He even told me I was being "disrespectful" for calling up there and concerning them with problems that "aren't even serious". I'm sorry, last time I checked, that was your job. I am a wonderful customer, and when a business does right by me, I promote them to the highest degree, which is what I was doing up until recently. I will NEVER do business with them EVER again, and I will make sure everyone I know will never do business with them either.