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About our dealership

Harlan Motors located in Parkesburg offers guaranteed financing through our Buy Here Pay Here program. Bad credit? No problem! We specialize in in-house financing. We are proud to offer very fast and easy financing for all of our customers regardless of their credit or past. At our dealership your choice matters as we want you to be satisfied with your pre-owned vehicle. Given our great selection we will surely have a car that meets your needs and suits your taste. We offer a great selection of high quality used cars trucks vans and SUV's. Each vehicle is carefully inspected and serviced to ensure that it meets our highest standards.
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(8 reviews)

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Great place

So I am reading the very very untrue revues on here. Some say the owner is never their not even close to the truth he is their everyone I go to make a payment he sells lemons not even close to the truth either lol my husband has gotten 2 vehicles from Mr.Harlan great guy so sad that his shop is so close to Coatesville where the most horrible people in the county live I also have never had any trouble with talking to him or getting a call back don’t know what these people are talking about I even saw a review from someone who didn’t do business with the dealership how can you write a review without even stepping a foot on the lot I would and have recommended Mr.Harlen to people and trust me they don’t just take your vehicle while you are at work unless they have exhausted all other means and you don’t communicate with them it’s so sad to see the poor reviews on such a hard working man


Worst dealer ever

This might be a long review but please make sure to read till the end. I purchased a truck here with the understanding that the vehicle was mechanically good condition and had legally passed the state inspection that was placed on the window the day before I bought it. Less then a month into owning it the head gaskets blew and the engine had a noticeable high pressure oil leak causing it to leave me stranded in the middle of the road. I took the vehicle to prices diesel repair which is a very reputable shop and they diagnosed it with all sorts of issues. On the drive back to Harlan the truck literally almost killed me with severe vibrations in the steering wheel and during further inspection had notices warped rotors bad bearings and a plethora of other suspension issues. I went peacefully to the dealer just wanting my money back at this point, keep in mind i paid for all the diagnostics to be done and always made my payment. All I wanted was just the initial money I had put down on the truck and what it cost to get the plates, transfer, and taxes done not even the money i paid for a non-running vehicle and the cost associated with the diagnostics. I was told by the owner that bearings give out at any point and didn't get a word in before he told me get out. At this point I have my family lawer reviewing my case and will be going forward with legal action as i have provided sufficient documentation to do so. If you would like to reach out to me for more information, documents, and pictures I can provide them to you if it means saving you from purching a vehicle the is unreliable and not safe for your family. Look at other dealers with a better reputation before looking here they sell junk.


don't like felling robbed

my son 22 bought a truck there what which since he has had it a couple of days has been at Harlan Motors to be fixed and has been there for days now. After they fixed one thing he needed to take it back to fix something else. My son has been asking to just get his money back and this coward hides behind he staff. i even stopped in to look at a G 37 till i got up close to it. i sold cars so i turned right back around after hearing he wanted like 3 k more than what it was worth. avoid this place by all means he is a xxxxxxx owner i wouldn't buy a piece of penny candy from this place.



ATTENTION PEOPLE!!! The owner Jeff Harlan is the biggest living con artist you will ever meet in your lifetime. This man called me a N*##*r twice and then called me a white n*##*r on top of that and claims hes a christian man. The cars are way overpriced for junk, about 3x what they are worth with his finance fees. how you gonna sell a 2005 suburban for 16k and it has more mechanical issues then what the actual cash value is. He fixes the least amount of things just to get you to drive off the lot and then it becomes your problem. Do yourself a favor and keep on going. do not go in there to buy. You will regret each penny if you do! i have several friends who bought from there too and also got ripped off for the same thing. overpriced junk and more mechanical issues then you can think of. thats how he makes his money. stomps you into a hole with high financing fees and sells you crap with alot of problems so you spend more money in his mechanic shop. oh and not to mention he goes through more mechanics like ive never seen. he cant keep anyone and its because they see him for who he is and he also treats them like dirt.


Horrible place to car shop!

I am in Lancaster County from out of town. Wanted to purchase a vehicle before traveling home. Found a vehicle in Auto Exchange magazine. Called Harlan told them what I was interested in, they answered my questions very well. Decided to make the 40 minute drive there to check it out. They new I had a trade in and wanted an even swap. Said sight unseen they would most likely do that with the vehicle I had and condition I claimed it was in. Told them before hand our seats in our vehicle weren't in perfect shape due to kids, animals etc. our seats have stains due to the material, we have always had an issue with it. We've cleaned them and still, regardless the stains are there....even stained from water spills. Anyways....was going to see a GMS Yukon. I can't even describe how unprofessional that place is. No stickers, no prices on cars, only owner can give prices. The Yukon had a broken console with missing parts, tears and holes in seats, paint scratches on half the plastic interior, tears in door leathers, ding in rear, exterior scratches. Passed that up quick. Went to a few other choices. All of which our salesman had to keep going back in to ask owner sale price. Most vehicles weren't even inspected. A Ford Excursion the back hatch wouldn't even open to see in. Tested out another Yukon which had a nicer interior then the first one and when we started it it purred and whistled. 130,000 miles on it and then the owner came out to look at vehicle and said they put a different motor in it, not a new one, just a different one. It really only has 78,000. So new motor and it still sounds like crap and he had no clue why! So to end this I was more the. Unhappy about my drive there and wasted time and gas! Don't recommend going there but to stay clear!


Good people, great experience!

Harlan Motors was a great help in getting me into a great used car despite my previous credit problems. They were honest with me and had a great selection of cars, trucks, and SUVs for me to choose from. When other dealers turned me away Harlan Motors was able to help. I would definitely recommend them to a friend and will be back again for sure. Thanks again Harlan Motors, when you say "No credit, no problem" you really mean it. God bless.


Dodge Ram 2500

We were treated with respect and got a great deal. Wonderfulpeople


Tahoe purchase

I had a wonderful experience at Harlan Motors. They worked with me to get the car I wanted with payments I can afford! I recommend this dealer to others, my vehicle was very clean and drives perfect. Thanks Charlie for your help!

Dealer response

Thank you very much for your business and becoming part of the family here at Harlan Motors! Come back and see us soon!

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