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Get no respect...

I asked a question about a 1994 Lincoln Town Car that they have had for sale since the summer of 2016!, and did not receive a reply.


Fantastic initial contact

This is the second review I have tried to post so if two show up! My interaction with Classic Connections could not have gone better today. I called from out of state about a very inexpensive truck and was still treated as a valuable customer. Many questions and phone calls later we have decided to do the deal. My salesman was Claude and he was wonderful. I have great faith that the rest of the transaction will go as smoothly and will post a follow-up review. So far I can recommend this car dealer.


Very good customer interaction

I called from out of state regarding a very low priced truck to pull behind my RV. So far every interaction has been prompt, friendly and knowledgable. We determined this vehicle would work great for what I want and we are figuring out how to make this work. I put a deposit on it. I will write a follow up review after the sale and delivery. But they were very attentive for not much reward!


Great service awsome hospitality

Inquired about a car, i recived a call within a few mins and the owner seemed genuinly intrested in my business we spoke a little but never really negotiated prices if i call back ill write another review.


Lack of disclosure and immaturity

I was interested in the 1978 Corvette (my wedding year) and sent an email to the dealer asking what is the mileage, and wanted an answer before further contact. I received no answer and emailed them again in about a week. I still received no answer and emailed them a third time and asked why they haven't responded and asked in the mileage was some corporate secret. Then the "salesman" replied and said they don't really know, and have it set at 80K, and told me my repeated requests were "rude" and did not want me to email him again! This organization is a ZERO, and if these requests are rude, I can't imagine buying from them. I will take my search and money elsewhere.

Dealer response

Dear Vette Seeker, My name is Missi Licari and I am the new manager at Classic Connections. I want to offer my sincerest apology for the way you have been treated by previous employees of this company. Our owner was extremely upset when I showed him your comment and we would love to change the way you see us. The vehicle you inquired about is showing around 77,000 on the only has 5 places for numbers and since there is very little back ground on the car we do not know if it has more then it shows. Please let me know if I can help in any way. 252-756-1518


Classic Connections

Great dealership willing to help people out of bad credit situations. If you happen to stop in ask for Tom or Ken there great guys.

Dealer response

Thank you and enjoy your new Nissan Altima.

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