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This seller has been on since November 2012.
Let Baldwin Auto Sales show you how easy it is to buy a quality used car in Escondido. We believe fair prices superior service and treating customers right leads to satisfied repeat buyers.

Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff is here to help you find the car you deserve priced to fit your budget. Shop our virtual showroom of used cars trucks and suv's online then stop by for a test drive.
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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(68 reviews)

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Not transparent, bordering on shady

Shady disclosure... not transparent. After paying an independent mechanic to evaluate the car, the sales guy said trust me. Continue with these guys at your own risk.



Dont do it. Just DONT do it !!! The nasty games they play at this FAMILY shop is a disgrace !!! I read the reviews before i went in ,but i thought i give them a chance. Found a Lexus RX350 at $15,999, drove it , told them i will secure the loan from a credit union. Credit union issued them a draft check for the remainder of the purchase price (i put 5k down) ! The son of the owner DON said he will not release the car and that he" can wipe his xxx off with this draft check" . I'm quoting exactly what he said!!!! That was said on Saturday on a conference call between the credit union, me and Don. THIS is a NON franchise purchase and my bank said today to me " when i spoke with DON i confirmed that he was familiar with how we process the Drafts". Apparently NOT. He held the vehicle, which i financed , insured and also had a draft check directly from the bank. He refused to release the car on Saturday yet i paid for it, he proposed i come and take HIS financing, and told me Mission Fed dropped the ball. Well MIssion Fed said they never give checks until they have clear title and registration from the dealership. Maybe after all HE didnt have a clean title. Don told me if i cancel the purchase, he will sell the Lexus thousands of dollars more. I wonder why he did not do that for the last 4 months, the car sat on their family friendly car lot from DEC 2020 till April 2021. I asked when was the oil changed and when was the battery changed, response was " i dont know" . Today this car is for sell at $17,999, the games this people play is something that will cost them a lot of money and lot of bad reviews. Maybe its a good thing after all i did not get this car. Well DON, JOHN and DON you can now wipe your xxxxx off with another bad review on your car dealership! Way to go!

Dealer response

This review is COMPLETELY INACCURATE AND MISLEADING. The fact is, this customer did not provide a Draft Check from Mission Fed Credit Union. We were provided a Copy of a Draft Check and on the copy it specifically stated, "DO NOT ACCEPT THIS DOCUMENT WITHOUT CONFIRMING THE PRESENCE OF A DEFENSA LINE CHAIN WATERMARK", which it did not. When we told her we could not release the vehicle until she brings us the original draft check, she became irate and demanded we give her the vehicle. Being on Sat 4/10 after 1pm, her bank was no longer open for her to pick up the original Draft. We told her we were OK with her picking up the vehicle on Mon 4/12 after she goes to the bank and brings us the original draft check, but she refused to. We have done hundreds of transactions with Mission Fed customers and have never had such a problem. It is very simple, the goods in exchange for payment. It is not our fault that her bank did not provide her with the official draft check. Read on for details, if you would like to. We bent over backwards to attend to the needs of this customer for a week, tending to her requests and answering all of her questions, agreeing to get her a brand new extra smart key, polish the headlights, and upholster a seat at her request and her expense, all before getting paid in full, only being secured by a down payment on a credit card with the promise of her bringing in the remainder of the payment (draft check) from Mission Fed. When she was originally here on Sat 4/3 she said she would go into her bank on Mon 4/5 to get the draft check to bring to us, but she did not, instead going to Palm Springs for two days. She did not get final approval at her bank until Thurs 4/8. I originally offered to finance her when she was originally here on Sat so she could have the car right away, possibly at a better rate than Mission Fed, but she declined. When it was clear that we would not give her the vehicle until she brought us the original draft, she exclaimed, "I am cancelling my loan with Mission Fed and my credit card payment to you" and rudely hung up on John, the general manager. We did all of this in good faith, spending over $550 of our money to do her favors, and she clearly reneged on the agreement. She later called us back asking again for the car, even doing a conference call with her bank representative, who confirmed that if we went to a branch with the copy of the draft check after registering the vehicle in the customer's name, they would not accept it. The customer then hurled an insult at Mission Fed and said she would not do business with them, no matter what. I even still tried to keep the deal together, against the advice of management, and again told her I would finance the vehicle for her immediately that day so she could get the vehicle right away. I told her she was welcome to the vehicle that day, but that we would be adjusting the price of the vehicle to keep up with the market value if she was no longer interested. She said she would call me back after she cooled down, but she never did. I refunded her full credit card deposit on Mon 4/12 and told Mission Fed we were no longer interested in doing business with the customer because of her behavior, and they completely understood. When her bank informed her of this, obviously disgruntled, she wrote this review full of false accusations, misquotes, and lies. Good riddance. Don Baldwin Finance Manager Baldwin Auto Sales


Not recommendable

Unfortunately I bought car at this place. A few weeks after transmission broke they send my car to a shop place, supposably they fix it 3 days after transmission fail again and less then 3 months my car was at the shop 4 times, all for the sameyhing.


Great experience!

I just purchased a vehicle today from Baldwin Auto Sales. Don was very helpful, professional and a pleasure to work with. The vehicle was in great position, the purchase process smooth, the facilities clean and orderly and the service was very pleasant. As we walked out the door with our keys, the owner came out to wish us well which was super nice. I highly recommend Baldwin to anyone looking for great condition used vehicles and I sincerely wish them the best with their business!!


Wonderful Experience

Came into Baldwin to purchase a used car for my daughter. Don was nothing short of patient and knowledgeable. He explained how they obtain their cars, who thier mechanic is, and what exactly was done to the car to get it ready to sell. In all I purchased the car in less than an hour. Quick, Easy, Painless procedure. Thanks again Don



Unfortunately I bought car at this place. They lied about car condition. Someone was working on the car and everything was covered to hold for a time. I discovered after 20 days small leak under the hood but wasn't just a leak. There is big time issue and some broken bolts on the engine. Of course when I asked guy at Baldwin, He said that the car is in great and excellent condition. No issues at all. Lying is the best what they know. I wish the karma will do same to them. Worst experience in my life.

Dealer response

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We do not lie about car conditions or have the ability to cover something to hold for a time as you say. If you have an issue with a vehicle that you purchased please bring it to our attention so we can provide assistance. You never made us aware of any issue nor did you state which vehicle you purchased. We do not walk away from our customers and this is why we have been in business for over 30 years! Calling us a liar is not the way to solve an issue. I wish you the best Karma as well.


Second class treatment

I didn’t go to a used car lot to find upstanding individuals of character. I read reviews and their website and I was struck by the apparent racism, several reviews. The website says it is an “English speaking” business. ?? Assuming this is to deter non-English speaking business, if you could in fact read their website to begin with. Stupid. Usually a business will say the inverse, Hablamos Espanol, an inclusive statement. This is the US, all businesses are English speaking. So, I’m assuming they take issue with Mexicans. I’m half Mexican with Mexican last name. I arrived. I was told to work out my financing before test drive. Don knew nothing about the car, what he thought he knew was wrong. I had owned the car before. Right after test drive he just assumed it was a done deal. I don’t need high pressure sales but there was no courtesy or consideration. I wanted the car. So we take care of everything. Told me earlier I would be financed at estimated 8%, learned it 13%, ok I have poor credit. I give him $2000 down. The insurance company needs odometer reading. I ask for the key and he won’t give it to me, instead he goes to open up car and stays with me with the key. I just gave him more than the trade in value of the car and I still have to be supervised on a lot that’s blocked at each driveway. Apparently English speaking criminals frequent the lot. We walk back into offices and I can clearly see his father, I’m assuming, passed out sitting up in his office chairs. Weird to do at work with glass panes and customers. Had I found the car I wanted in the condition I needed elsewhere, I would’ve ripped him and left. Worst car buying experience I’ve ever had. Treated like a second class citizen.

Dealer response

Thanks for the excellent review. Your first statement was very revealing about what you thought about people who work at a car lot and how judgemental you are right from the start. We have been in business for over 30 years as a family and work very hard to contribute to society positively and take issue with your negative assumptions. Not all businesses speak english, our guests thank us for this information regularly, and we do not take issue with anyone. Your statement about Mexicans is very racist and your own. The fact that you are stating that you would have "ripped him and left" really reveals the kind of person you are. You also stated that "English speaking criminals frequent the lot". This is another racist statement and your own. If you think of yourself as a second class citizen I feel sorry for you. I wish you all the best in your future


Another satisfies customer

I found a car I was looking for online that was here....The problem was I was over 400 miles away. I spoke to Don about the vehicle & it was still available. A less than a week later I flew in went straight to Baldwin's. Even though Don was busy with another customer he made sure I was comfortable by giving me water & waiting inside where it was air conditioned. He finally had a chance to get the car I was interested in. The car looked great & Don let me take it for a test drive and the rest is history.... I drove back in a new used car.... My only gripe is, I had to walk to the bank in 90+ degree weather.... Lucky it was a couple blocks away.


Owners are So Calm and Professional!

I just bought a car for my dad at Baldwin Auto Sales and the process was so quick and easy. There was absolutely no hassle, no long waiting and no up selling. The owners are so professional and pleasant to work with. They were very patient and calm with my dad who can be very demanding. Thank you so much for your professionalism and making the process quick and easy.


Easiest car buying experience

The car I wanted to look at was better than advertised. Don was upset easy to deal with and the transaction was the smoother and faster than with any other car I ever bought. If need a vehicle, go see what they have. You will not be disappointed!

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