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(33 reviews)

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If this review deters just one person from buying,

If this review deters just one person from buying, selling, using this dealership then I've done my obligation as a consumer. This place is terrible. Everyone I dealt with was incompetent. The middle management lied about a final price and then had the audacity to not be professional enough to correct their error. I will NEVER go to this dealership again. I would rather walk over broken glass barefoot than to purchase a vehicle from here! Hope this helps.


Very disappointed.

Very disappointed. We were charged for work that didn’t correct our issues. We will not return. We contacted the Service Manager with no response.



BUYER BEWARE!! We were forced to tow our '99 Lexus RX300 to this dealership since it was the only one open on the weekend. The service admin told us $145 for a diagnostic check, and told me the mechanic said we needed a water pump and timing belt - NOT TRUE - for a total of ~$1500 for diagnostics/parts/labor. But the timing belt was replaced less than 3 years prior. I spoke to the Service Manager Jim (nice guy) but didn't trust the mechanic. I then found Brian at Wrona's - my son brought the car to him and he told me it was not the water pump and timing belt - it was actually the alternator. I then told the woman at the Toyota service desk to put a print out of their diagnostic on the seat of the car and I'd pay the $145. She called back nervously a bit later and said "we're not going to charge you for the diagnostics". I read this to mean it was never done, it showed something else, or they were too embarrassed/ashamed to have another mechanic see how inept their mechanic was. Needless to say, I got the sense they got a good deal on buying timing belts and pumps in bulk and were told to move them (install them whenever possible). I could have walked out of there with $1500 less in my wallet and the same issue. I would stay away from this place and take your business to Wrona's or one of the other reputable shops in San Luis Obispo County.


I found Toyota of San Luis Obispo to be a dealership that

I found Toyota of San Luis Obispo to be a dealership that I will look to again in the future. The salesman, Jakob Lichdi, was very easy to work with.


Toyota SLO refused any responsibility for a

Toyota SLO refused any responsibility for a malfunctioning brake booster and only offered "it's not under warranty" rather than seeing this obviously as a faulty part and replacing it as they should, as there is a campaign for faulty brake booster in the 2018 Toyota Highlander, and a recall for vehicles in certain VIN range. A quick search online brings up many instances of the exact issue we are having with many unhappy customers getting the same news as us, "it's not under warranty." We have purchased 2 vehicles with Toyota SLO but will not be returning, and will spread to word to anyone who will listen to take their business elsewhere unless they would like to take responsibility for this faulty part. Accordingly to Toyota vehicle Maintenance Schedule, the vacuum pump for the brake booster needs to be replaced as a regular maintenance or "wear" item every 120,000 miles. This is a very expensive maintenance item (>$900 in parts, ~$2300 including labor and shop materials), that needs to be performed by a Toyota certified technician. In addition to being very expensive, what will discourage many vehicle owners from performing this service, one may expect that many owners who perform their own vehicle maintenance or use independent mechanic shops will simply miss this service altogether. Being a safety critical item, the vacuum pump should be designed to last the entire lifespan of the vehicle (just like other brake system components: ABS pump, vacuum booster, master cylinder, etc.). The short lifespan of the vacuum pump and the requirement to replace it on a regular basis is indicative of a defective or deficient design. Making the replacement of the vacuum pump a scheduled maintenance item is a just way for Toyota to avoid liability due to premature failures of a substandard safety component, especially in light that other brake system components are designed to last for the entire life of the vehicle, and are not considered wear items in the maintenance schedule (except for brake pads, of course). One NHTSA complaint states, “Intermittently during normal driving conditions, there exists instances where brake hydraulic failure occurs. At times, the ‘Brake’ indicator light will illuminate associated with increased brake pedal feel. Braking power is reduced. Also, driver display screen displays ‘Braking Power Low’ warning indication. After stop and placing in Park, brake hydraulic power returns and operates as normal.” It turns out, Toyota issued a recall for this system as well. NHTSA Campaign Number 18V211000. The Highlander contains a brake booster vacuum pump that might not have been machined correctly, leading to a loss of braking assist that could create an accident. Maybe Toyota is hoping that owners total the SUV; then they wouldn’t need to replace all the defective parts after all.


Worst dealership in the system. Came in because I knew I...

Worst dealership in the system. Came in because I knew I had a short in the ABS system. I made it crystal clear I only wanted to know if repair was covered by warranty. After almost two hours I was advised I had a short in my ABS system and it was not covered by the warranty and I must pay $145 for this information. No repair was made. This is a blatant ripoff. I will never return to this dealer. I have purchased only Toyota vehicles since 1965 and have had nothing but sterling service from several other dealerships. This dealership is predatory and taking advantage of no competition nearby.


Very responsive sales staff. I was looking for a Toyota...

Very responsive sales staff. I was looking for a Toyota Landcruiser. Took time to send a bunch of photos of vehicle I wanted to trade. After all of that they informed me that the price quoted on was exactly $30,000 lower than the asking price. Had I known that I wouldn’t have wasted my time or theirs. If I can’t rely on pricing and other information on, I will start searching other websites. Need some sort of control here. It’s fine for a seller to say “call for price”. However, posting of a fake selling price SHOULD NEVER be allowed.


Ramon was a breath of fresh air after other dealerships...

Ramon was a breath of fresh air after other dealerships we visited. His good humored demeanor, non-pressure style, way of explaining tech features, and the enthusiasm he gains from his own experience buying and driving the Prius make him the IDEAL guy to help you fall in love with the car. I appreciate his generosity with his time in the lot and the backseat. Unfortunately, the COVID car shortage combined with the dealership's inflexible bear-market pricing quirks made it difficult to find a jumping off point for negotiation. Ramon remained excellent at the table. I would give him specifically all five customer service stars for the play of the hand he was holding. However, I can't star the customer service of the dealership until the upper echelons relax the stiffness of how they do business so talented employees can spread their wings. That said, I'm leaving a review because I'm happy and would come back. I expect the limiting circumstances to change once the auto market is in happier times. Please give this dealership a chance to make you happy too.


Service dpeartment cannot keep up with the vehicles they sel

We bought a Highlander from Toyota SLO. I shopper from Santa Barbara to San Jose including Fresno and Bakersfield. I could have saved about $1,000 almost anywhere else. And the Honda dealer next door was going sell me a comparable Pilot for a $1,000 less than the Highlander. I'm a long time Toyota guy and decided the extra cost at SLO would be worth it to have a local dealer. Now my one year old Toyota has a rear suspension issue and the service department is too busy to get it in. They want to keep the car for a half of a day to diagnose the issue even though it's on the internet as a service bulletin. They don't have the parts in stock, so they must diagnose my problem for a half a day, then order the parts (there is a service bulletin on the internet - there is a Highlander on every corner and they don't stock the parts), then keep the car for another half a day to fix it. The service department has nice people, very friendly but they cannot (or their manager) comprehend people must work to make their payment, they have families and they cannot spend a half a day multiple times to fix a known issue for a vehicle. Solution - if you want a Toyota (my favorite car) then find the cheapest price you can and buy it where ever you want because the local dealer (SLO) doesn't give a rat's butt after you buy it from them - you just sit and wait at their service department and no one cares. Don't buy a car at SLO if you think you are going to need their help with service. I will never buy a vehicle from them again - NEVER


I wish I could rate this dealership lower than one star.

I brought my truck in for the 30,000 mile service. Checking the engine compartment I noticed that they had not addressed minor corrosion on the battery terminals ... oh and they had not reinstalled the engine cover. Obviously this service department had not performed any final check or quality control. When I returned to the service department I asked them to look in the engine compartment and see if they saw anything wrong. The service writer noted the missing engine cover, but said something to the effect that he couldn't be sure that it had been there earlier. Eventually they located an engine cover ... I don't even know if it was mine ... and installed it. Asking about the batter terminals the response was that I had not paid for the deluxe service! I received no satisfaction from the Service Manager and asked to talk with the owner who was not available. I placed several calls to the dealership requesting a call back from the owner and have never gotten a call back. I can only assume that my experience is not all that unusual. I will never buy another vehicle from San Luis Toyota nor will they ever service a vehicle that I own.

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