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    April 2, 2015

    My car went south after 2 weeks of owning it. The salesman told me that it was my fault for buying a used car. I bought the used car from him... yes, it... is my fault for doing business with Autoland.

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    my name is jay, I am the salesperson who sold this person her car...1st off...I never told her it was her fault for buying a used car...that's a strai...ght up lie 100%...2nd, the car did not go south. she called and said she had a problem with the battery.. we sell cars between 5 to 7 thousand dollar range...all of our cars come with a 30 day...1000 mile warranty for state inspection items ONLY..a battery is not a state inspection item...but I told her to bring me the car and I would take care of it no problem, as I stand behind what I sell. she thanked me over the phone for making things easy on problem...the next day, hen she was supposed to bring me the car, all of a sudden I was you typical " used car salesman" who sold her an unsafe car because of a battery ?? really ?? once again I told her she needed to bring me the car and I would be more than happy to take care of her problem even though it was not a cover item on her free warranty. but that was not good enough for her..she lives 2.5 hrs away from my dealership. we bend over backwards to try to make people happy when they have an issue with their car, but obviously sometimes we cant make everyone happy although we try.. I am still , and will be more than willing to take car of this young woman's car if she just brings it to me..i pay 100% of the parts...100 % of the labor...if you want me to do more than that, than you are just unrealistic, and I am sorry you cant see that, I really am...again, you are more than welcome to come and have your car fixed on us , you just need to get me your my 5.5 yrs of running this store, I have sold well over 1200 Subaru's in the 5 to 7 thousand dollar price range, and when selling cars in that price range sometimes there are issues with the car after the sale. we stand behind the car every time, its right on your paperwork in BIG LETTERS that all work needs to be done at surprises...and we don't even know why the battery went dead...did you leave a light on ?? a door open ? or is there just a dead cell in the battery ?? who knows...bottom line is like I have said multiple times, I am more than happy to pay for it.I just need you to bring me the car...I think that is more than fair....what's not fair is you going on to this web site and telling lies saying I told you its your fault that you bought a used car, because we both know that didn't happen.....