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Used CRV

Nat B made my car purchase an easy and pleasant experience. He helped with financing my purchase as well which went just as easy. It’s a great dealership.


Excellent Service!

I brought my new Honda Civic in for her first oil change, and received friendly and prompt customer service! The people here are very patient in answering my questions. It was very easy for me to navigate getting in and out of the service area as well. I look forward to maintaining my car at Hinshaw Auburn.


Amazing Service!!

Jim Waddington, Mike Sands, and Gavin Wardell went above and beyond by servicing my Subaru and helping me pick up my car, even though the service department was closed. Thank you Hinshaw's Honda!


Don't like their Service and Repair Shop

I'd like to get recommendations for a good service and repair shop, where I don't feel like I'm being over charged for things unnecessarily done to my vehicle. Within three months of buying my 2017 Ridgeline--an oil change turned into more than 200 dollars, because they said my truck needed wheel alignment. I liked and respected the sales person--but, their Service Department is lousy.


Untrustworthy, Dishonest

Pretty frustrated. Not with our sales guy. Ryan was great and on top of selling us a used 2019. But as soon as we found some issues before agreeing to buy it was a bit of a hassle getting the manager Tim to approve to fix the totally broken glove box and cut seat belt (hello safety issue). Then we discovered no manual. We were given a 2017. When we asked for a 2019 Tim said the $60 he had to spend was too much after we spent $40k plus on car and warranty. So Ryan gave us a printed version but it won’t even fit in the glove box. Sorry but this to me was very bad customer service by Tim (along with making us feel guilty for asking them to fix the sebelt and totally broken glove box) I’m altering my review to one star. Not only did they never give us a manual and we still don’t know everything. They also sold us a tire with THREE plugs in it. From day three we kept losing air. (They has to add air to have us buy it I’m sure). A week later lost air again. And now we’ve had to replace the tire. They had to have knowledge of this but because sold “as is” they made it ok in their eyes. From the manual they said to get in contact but never returned messages left and now this. I’m so disgusted. Update: well things got worse. We found out the maintenance we were told was done was not. We bought the car at 28,982 miles and told all work was done. Found out the 30,000 mile work was not. Including the air filter. I hate my car at this point. This whole transaction has been miserable and I wonder what else we were lied to about and what issues we are going to have. The auto start is already having issues. I’m so angry and have no idea what we will find as time goes on. We wanted to have a tow hitch put on and warranty work done but I’m afraid to let them touch it at this point. We tried to work with them and have been ghosted. Hinshaws Jason and Ryan had told us they’d figure it out. Tim texted me asking how happy we were with the service and when I expressed our issues he just totally quit responding. It’s amazing that Honda is ok with this representation. We need recall work, a hitch and 30,000 mile work done and I need to find a dealer to do so.


Was sold a lemon and he knew it!!!!!

Bought a used truck due to somebody hitting me on mother's day and totalling my Jeep. Was sold A dud and the dealer new it but just wanted to make a sale... my truck died and is now in the shop like 6 mo after purchasing it. Thanks for making my life worse then it already was. Thanks for not returning our phone calls or emails but you sure still send us emails trying to sell us more vehicles. What happened to customer service anymore. Everyone is out for blood nowadays.. I am EXTREMELY disappointed with our entire experience here with Joe. I hope you feel better sleeping at night knowingly making our life harder then it has to be.


Buyer Beware Strong-Arm Tactics Misrepresent KBB

We bought a used Honda CR-V about one month ago, and were highly satisfied, so we returned to the dealer to buy a used Civic for our daughter. On this purchase we traded in 2 cars. Both trade-ins were valued using Kelley Blue Book. Both the dealer and we ran quotes, the quotes were very close in value, and we agreed that the cars were in "fair condition". However, the dealer insisted that the Kelley value for a car in any given condition should be REDUCED by the amount that they would spend to improve that condition. This is not true - the Kelley value PRICES IN the reduction in value reflected by the need to make repairs. This transparent fallacy was argued by the dealer vehemently and at great length. The upshot of such a move would be to pay me for a car in very poor condition (by substracting the repair cost from the fair condition value). If I put that money in myself, I would (obviously) be brining in a car in "very good" condition, at a commensurately higher value, to trade. The dealer went on to argue that, because Kelley could not see my specific vehicle, the Kelley value could not be used. This is another patent fallacy - if this were true, there would be no point in using Kelley at all. The dealer's position is belied by the fact they themselves bragged to me that they use a dealer's version of Kelley. If it's no good, why did they pay "thousands of dollars" (he said) for it? The dealer proved impervious to logic, and ultimately put me in front of a bullying general sales manager ("Tim"), whose notion of a conversation was to interrupt and talk angrily over everything I tried to say. I don't believe I succeeded in completing a sentence in that conversation. On returning home, I contacted Kelley directly myself to confirm the correct use of Kelley, both in an online submission of a query and in direct conversation with Kelley. Kelley responded to confirm my understanding: the dealer grossly misrepresented the use and meaning of the Kelley BlueBook values, and dishonestly represented that the Fair Condition value should be reduced by the amount in would cost to repair the car. At my request Kelley is responding to confirm by email so that I may place this gross misrepresentation before the Better Business Bureau and in pursuing remedies under the Washington Consumer Protection Act and with the Washington Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division, which I will do. It is not so much the amount of money at stake, as that I strongly dislike being lied to and cheated. Any used car buyer considering Hinshaw's Honda should be aware of these tactics and of your options for recourse. Do not accept this gross misrepresentation in the use of Kelley BlueBook values.


Honda CRV Touring 2021

This was my first time buying a new car and this was the best dealership I ever came across. Everyone was friendly and very helpful. I really appreciate everything Vivian did for me. I was able to get the perfect car in my budget. I will totally recommend this dealership and salesperson to anyone who wants to buy Honda.


Honda Fit 2020

Thank you very much, Vivian Aguon, for the fantastic customer service. She was so friendly and made the process/transaction of buying a new car went smoothly. I told her the car I wanted, and she helped me find it. Thank you because now I am driving the car.


My 2020 honda civic purchase

My experience at Hinshaws Honda was a great one, thanks to the sales person Dann Frigas. I purchaced my honda civic awhile back. I have to say I think this car is the best car I have ever driven and I've owned several including a 73 porscha Targa 911. This Civic is the first brand new car I have ever owned. Dann always treated me with the utmost respect. Being 73 years old I've started to developed somewhat of a bucket list. Dann has helped me fulfill that list and always been there for me. He let me know anytime I needed help with the car he would help. He's never let me down! He never made me feel stupid for asking questions that I thought were kind of obviouse. The reason I'm writting this letter somewhat late is because I felt that I might of had some regrets or buyers remorse as I have had in the past with other cars. I've had niether. I really love this car!! Dann is a very knowledgable and an all around nice guy. Dann gave me space to reflect when necessary yet was always right there when I needed assistance with anything. The service department and everyone els at Hinshaw's Honda where also a pleasure to work with. Sincerely Ken Kachmer

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