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Ourisman Honda and Volkswagen of Laurel located in Laurel Maryland is proud to be one of the premier dealerships in the area. From the moment you walk into our state of the art showrooms you'll know our commitment to customer service is second to none. Check out our online reviews and BBB rating and compare! We strive to make your experience with Ourisman a great one for the life of your vehicle. Whether you need to purchase a vehicle service your current vehicle just find a part or even need general vehicle advice you've come to the right place. Welcome!
You always get your way at Ourisman everyday!

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(148 reviews)

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Superb deal, swift service

Was in the market for a specific vehicle to fit our growing family. Great service from the online environment to the showroom. Would thoroughly recommend this dealership.


False information

I was online shopping for a minivan and came across a Town and Country. Several people contacted me about my inquiry right after i submitted. Throughout the day, i kept asking if the vehicle is still there, and they all said yes. The reason i asked because, earlier last year, i went to another Ourisman dealership to buy a minivan that was advertised, and when i arrived the van wasn't there. So they tried to upsell me to a 2019 mode. Fast forward to last week, 2/5/20. I am going back and forth and went to another dealership just to check out vehicles. i get a call at 8pm from someone at Ourisman asking if i still wanted to come take a look at it. I told him i am in Woodbridge, Va, if i drive all the way there, how can you assure the vehicle will still be there. He insisted it would. SO i take the long hike, just to get there and the vehicle was not there. One person told me it was sold with in that that small timeframe, another stated the vehicle was never there. SO they then tried to do the same practice as the other dealership.....Yes you guessed it, put me in a newer model with a higher price.

Dealer response

Hello, I believe you have the wrong dealership , we do not have you in our system and you have not provided any information on the car you were looking for or any sales staff that you were in contact with. If you could provide some detailed information , i will be happy to look into it. We are a 4.8 stars on google and we strive to make every customer happy and are 100% transparent.



do you want to buy a vehicle you have to jump start every day after purchasing because the amazing ourisman Honda of laurel cant be bothered by a simple task of checking the batteries on a used vehcile before selling it? do you want the worst customer service after a sale of your life? do you wish to speak with the lovely store manager Si who will belittle and degrade you and tell you to get lost? THEN GO TO OURISMAN HONDA I DID 4 DAYS AGO AND BOUGHT A PILE OF SCRAP METAL FOR 22K$ AND THEY WONT DO A THING ABOUT IT! TAKE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY ELSEWHERE! Heres the story for yall: I bought a used vehicle from this location on saturday December 14th. It was a good looking vehicle. Drove great. I came all the way from New York because I liked the vehicle and your reviews seemed fantastic. Lee was an amazing sales man. That's where the good ends. I got on the highway on my way home, my windows stopped working. I get it it's a used car it's not going to be perfect. The heat stopped working. Little annoying. Every day after purchasing the vehicle its needed to be jump started because someone over looked checking the batteries, because i had them tested and they didnt test good the day after I purchased it. The coolant is leaking onto my passenger floor board out of the heater core rending the heat inoperable and meaning I need to fill the coolant 2xs daily or risk causing engine damage. The vehicle stopped idling and continually shuts off. I have a check engine light with 19 codes on it. The transmission slips, theres parts hanging and falling all over. It wasnt even given an oil change. I contacted this location and was blown off and given a run around. I called over a dozen times today to be set aside, blown off or put on hold for 15 minutes before giving up and trying to call back. You're "lovely"(sarcasm) store manager "Si", wouldnt return my calls, doesn't care about customer satisfaction, and is one of the rudest thick headed people I've ever had the joy of speaking with. He told me basically I'm on my own. Powertrain only covers motor and transmission complete failures. The fact that it barely runs and functions properly was of no concern to him. Told me I took a risk and it's not his problem. I went to a dealership to get better then craigslist service yet I've had more pleasant encounters with strangers selling private vehicles. He was rude, nasty, unprofessional, and basically told me where to stick it along with some other choice things to say to me. Abdul told me it was a used vehcile and it wasnt test driven or checked over at all. Si seems to disagree and tells me I'm a liar and I'm deceiving him and this is all my fault bc he doesnt know what happened on my drive home or if I've "done anything to it" and tells me this location has test driven this truck multiple times and had it on a lift and looked it over thoughouly (which I can promise they didnt because everything on this vehicle is held together with duct tape and zip ties). The way I was treated and spoken to after the sale was down right unacceptable. Si gives your company a bad face. So congrats on your 22k dollar check, meanwhile I have a piece of scrap metal im my driveway I have to pay to fix after owning it 3 days. I'm glad this reviews on here for anyone looking to purchase a vehicle from this store. I'm beyond appalled by this dealership. People are always sceptical about purchasing from dealerships because they're shady and only care about moving vehicles and making as much money while spending as little as possible and this dealership proves why people are wary. Ourisman Honda of laurel should be ashamed. Their store manager is unfit for his position and enjoys belittling and degrading customers with issues.

Dealer response

Hello Mr. Talon, we try our best to make every customer happy and we also know that sometimes it's just not possible. lets recap your purchase. you called us from new york and wanted to purchase our 2012 ram 2500 with 180,000 miles on it. we fully described the truck and you mentioned that you are a mechanic and have owned and worked on these type of trucks for years and you will us it to haul cars from other states. when you arrived you looked over the truck, test drover it and was very pleased with the truck and the price. Even in your complaint you mentioned how nice the truck drove and you also texted our sales staff that you were happy with it. Looks like your complaint mostly is about the batteries in the truck and that you have to jump start the truck. i am sure the temperature difference is a key factor as it is much colder where you live and the batteries on the truck are not new and most likely died due to a much colder environment. We still tried to help out but and we suggested for you to take it in to a service center that can confirm what you are stating was backed by a certified service center. unfortunately you wanted to us your friend and his shop to get any work done and wanted to be fully compensated for any work performed. Unfortunately you truck being a 2012 with 180 thousand miles did not come with any warranty and we were very clear with that. Just a reminder that we have a 4.8 starts on google and we strive to keep all customers as happy as possible. Once again i am sorry that you did not have a good experience and wish you all the best .


My 1st time in the dealership was...

My 1st time in the dealership was on 11/20/2019. I was asked by my wife to assist her with buying a Honda Civic EX. We arrive at just about 9am. The sales person (A.D.) is paged by the young lady at the reception desk. He comes over and invites us to come back to his desk. He seems pleasant but not all that friendly for a person who wants us to buy something from his employer. The 1st thing he says is “What are we doing today folks?” I look puzzled at my wife because I’m thinking he has the car my wife requested. A white Civic EX. He sent an email the night before to my wife saying something like “looking forward to our meeting tomorrow at 9am.” This was the reason I took off this morning to come into this dealership. I say to him “I’m here to see the vehicle you have for my wife or at least tell us it’s on the way.” He say’s “No.” I told your wife yesterday we are unable to locate the vehicle color she wants. She’ll have to pick another color.” He say’s this with a little bit of arrogance and confidence. I took it as if he was saying, y’all gonna pick what I have here because she needs a car.” When he said that I felt like he thought he had the upper hand and figured we would give in. I decided to see how much confidence he really had. I say, with a big smile “this is just what I wanted to hear. Since you don’t have what she wants this is my opportunity to take her over to Toyota, my preference. I contacted my salesman over at Toyota CarMax Laurel and he can put her into a white corolla XLE as soon as we can get there.” His whole demeanor changed in 3,2,1 seconds. He almost sounded nervous when he responded, “let me see what I can do” as he almost jumps up from the desk and runs over to his manager to save him. My wife and I look at each other and laugh. I tell her what’s going on. After about 10 minutes. He returns, visibly angry or frustrated. He composes himself. He looks at my wife and say’s “Do you want a Honda or a Toyota?” He continues very angrily, “I spent 3 hours with you yesterday!” Now I’m about to get heated. I calm down and ask him “do you have the car she wants?” He say’s to us “My used car guy searched a 500 mile radius yesterday and we could not find that car.” He goes on to say, “I’m unable to perform the search now because he is not in yet.” I feel now he is wasting our time. I tell him “We’re heading to work. Give us a call if he finds something.” He agrees. We walk out the dealership and immediately drive to Annapolis Honda. I sent my wife an email the day before with a white civic EX they had on the lot. My wife purchased this car from them in about 2 hours after leaving this dealership. I would like management to know my wife and I feel this behavior is unacceptable. My wife has serviced her Honda Civic 2001 at this dealership for a very long time. I can’t speak for her but this left a bad impression on me when I think about this dealership.

Dealer response

We try our best to find every or any vehicle we can for consumers. Sometimes, especially with pre-owned vehicles, it's just not possible to find a specific combination, options, miles, exterior and interior colors... We also do not tell consumers that have to do anything, we ask if any other color combinations or options would work because sometimes, a little flexibility changes everything and hundreds, if not thousands can be saved. I'm very happy to hear that you were able to find the model and color combination that made your wife happy. Also glad you were able to stay in the Honda family. Congrats and thanks for the feedback.I see this has been written under a different name. I am assuming it's the same customer which is why my reply is the same.


Horrible customer service

Staff seemed very confused and flustered when I asked for my salesman. The man at the front desk was VERY unpleasant and unprofessional. Even when busy you must continue to give your best service. I was totally open to another car since they 'couldn't find' the one I wanted. Also was going to pay cash for the car! They definitely lost a sale and I will be contacting the GM in the morning. Do not buy a car from here unless you want to be mistreated.

Dealer response

Thank you for the feedback. There is not a record of a customer named Erika for the visit and perhaps that is part of the breakdown. Si Faiqe is our General Manager and he has not heard from you. Please reach out if we can help further. Let us know if this was the other Ourisman location on Ft. Meade Road. There are 5 Ourisman dealers and perhaps that was part of the name mix up. Thanks again for reaching out.


Keep Driving not worth purchasing from

Ourisman Honda of Laurel is the worst dealership in the DMV area. The experience I had with them was unbelievable. They are very dishonest with their customers and the customer service is the WORST. I had made a deal with one of the sales people on a bottom line number however, I asked several times about the mileage on the 2019 vehicle I had planned to purchase from them. I was told that the cars were brand new. Therefore, I am thinking as a consumer brand new means little miles like 15 or less, give or take. Well the sales person decided to tell me the real miles while I was in route to the dealership. It was 128 on one car and 50 on the other. If I wanted a demo car, I would have asked for one. I called the owner of Ourisman and NEVER heard back from him; one of the rude managers called from corporate BTW was useless. I spoke with the GM and he stated that the cars are brand new. I told him that I specifically asked for little miles and that it was deceitful to tell me while I was in route that the cars had that many miles. The GM, also told me that there is no car dealership that will have a car with less than 30 miles on them. I told him that is NOT true because I had purchased a new car before and it had 12 miles. Nonetheless, after all the unnecessary back and forth with the dealership I took my business elsewhere where they had five cars of my choice with 6-14 miles on the cars. Keep driving pass Ourisman Honda of Laurel because you will NOT receive the customer you should receive especially when you are paying CASH.

Dealer response

After our conversation I'm very surprised to see this embellished review from someone in the military for 21+ years. As a military veteran, I expected honor and integrity from a service member at the very least. You were angry that our New Honda Fit had 50 miles, and in your opinion, that was not new to you. Most reasonable consumers consider that new. Maryland law considers anything with less than 499 miles new. You said you wanted less than 10 miles, which we did not have in stock, BUT we offered to go and get another one for you. However, by the time we transported it here from the other dealership, it would have similar mileage and you were not happy with that solution. My General Manager explained that we do allow customers to test drive vehicles that they are going to consider purchasing and most of our vehicles in stock have very low miles from test drives. You have never been to our showroom; you have never used our service department. You are an angry internet shopper that have NEVER done business with my store and your mad because you think 15 miles is new and 50 miles is used. There was no deceit here, there is no bad service, this was a simple communication that could have been cleared up by a simple text. In your own feedback you admit you never even visited our store and you learned of the miles BEFORE you made the trip. I am the owner here, I did call you and I'm sorry you considered my time, my attempt to help you, and my information useless. You just continued to raise your voice and scream over me when you don't hear what you want to hear. In the end, I do regret that we could not meet your expectations and we will try to learn from this experience.


Traction lamps are on

My car was serviced by advisor Theodore Bouton for 10 days when the original date should have been 1 day service according to him. First, when dropped the car off, I told him all lights on my dashboard were on and he also saw them as well when he took the car. He said, we would still need to diagnose and the cost $165. I said fine and asked how it would take for the diagnostic and he replied couple hours. At that time, I needed to go back home and the shuttle service guy dropped me. I called Theodore in the afternoon and he advised the technician found nothing wrong with the car to leave it until the next day for another diagnostic. Theodore, called me 3 days later, stated that they found misfire in cylinder that caused the burnt spark plug and gap and also caused all your lights to be on. I asked how much that would cost to fix and he replied $1600 plus. I asked him to do the repair. I didn’t hear from him until 7 days later to come to pick up the car. My friend dropped to the location and I got inside Theodore said brake light came back again needed to leave overnight to fix issue. The shuttle service dropped me home that night. He called me the next morning advising that it will cost extra $1794.49 to fix the issue when I originally brought the car over for intermittent light problem. I told him I would come to pick up my car. When I got there the next morning to pay but he refuses to take cash or check. He said, CC only when it clearly states on the receipt payment methods: cash, credit and other. This worse experience ever....PLEASE DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR OVER THERE FOR REPAIR.....integrity of the service advisors are very poor all they care about is money not service.

Dealer response

Thanks for your feedback. Please contact our Service Director, Richard Browne We take all forms of payment so I'm not quite sure where this could have been presented differently. Richard Browne can help you if you need additional assistance.


Great service. Questionable customer service

I've been taking my car here for service for a long time; quality repairs at reasonable rates. The staff have always been friendly and helpful. The shuttle service is awesome. Recently they started sending out surveys and I received a call from a service advisor, because I didn't give them the absolute highest marks. He interrogated me and brow beat me over the phone for lack of perfect scores. I was taken aback. Unfortunately, I've seen food servers ask for the best scores too. Don't ask earn. I recently had an encounter with Walmart and at the end of the chat session the customer representative simply said something to the effect of please take the time to fill out a survey. Rate us objectively and let us know how we did. Five stars to them! I'm on the fence about returning to Ourisman Honda for service.

Dealer response

Thank you very much for the great feedback and sharing this with others. It's refreshing when a happy customer takes the time to recognize the efforts of the team. Happy Holidays.


Gmc acadia

Wonderful staff, they make the buying process very smooth and easy. Customer service is excellent. Sales guy Paul is great, shows he really cares and goes the extra mile. Jared accounts person is also great. Highly recommend all

Dealer response

Thank you very much. That is always a wonderful thing to hear. Michelle Barnes General Manager


great service, sweetheart in finance, got my CRVR

Ask for Brandon, works hard, and does everything to make a deal! If you're gonna finance, do it through Victoria, she is knowledgeable and can make you smile!

Dealer response

Thank you so much for your purchase we certainly appreciate your business and the positive review. Michelle Barnes General Manager

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