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Welcome to DARCARS Toyota of Silver Spring. We have been serving and growing with the community since 1986 becoming one of the highest volume Toyota stores in the nation. While selling a high volume is something that has helped us build a great selection of New & Used Toyotas to choose from, servicing our customers is our top priority. We look forward to serving you.
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(135 reviews)

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Great Service by Lorrine Coleman.

This is my first time to have my Toyota Highlander service at Dancars and I had a great experience with Lorrine. She's very attentive, professional and explains really well about the service. The waiting area is nice and clean and the WiFi is pretty fast which helps a lot if you are using your laptop and do some work. Thanks for the great service especially to Lorrine.

Dealer response

Thank you for your wonderful review, Felix. We're thrilled to hear that Lorrine provided you with attentiveness and profressionalism. We appreciate you sharing with us. We hope to see you again soon.


fraudulent signature on contract document

I never signed for any services shown on the attached documents. The signature is not even mine. There is a fraudulent signature on document. That is not my signature. This needs to be investigated. It is cheating!!!!


Refuse to assist me in refinance

Poor customer service. Constantly hangs up on me when ask to refinance. Doesn't give me a reason not to refinance, just hangs up to avoid me.

Dealer response

It is concerning to learn of your rating for us. We would appreciate the chance to look into any concerns; If you're open to discussing this further, you may reach us at customerrelations@darcars.com or 800-327-2277.


Wonderful dealership experience

While we did not purchase our vehicle from here, our dealership experience was fantastic. The salesman reviewed each vehicle of interest in thorough detail and answered all and any questions which we had.

Dealer response

Thank you for taking your time to review us.


Terrible Service

On the 2019 Toyota Camry XSE, there is a recall for the fuel Pump, I made an appointment for 9/26/2020. I was later notified that the appointment would have to be rescheduled, because the part was not in. I received a call from DARCARS that the part was in, and my appointment was for 10/03/2020. I arrived had my car checked in then met with a service representative. Went to the wait area. At least an hour I was informed that the part was not in and would have to reschedule. I asked the representative for further information all I was told is that I would have to reschedule. I asked to speak to a manager. After 10 more minutes, I spoke with the parts manager. All I was told is that he understood my frustration. At the very least I could have been given an estimate (from the parts manager) as to when the part would arrive; but no. I was told we would call you. LOUSY Service


Horrendous Service

Horrendous service department- I WON"T RECOMMEND their service department. Fake advertisement- No express maintenance service, it took them 4 hours to perform an oil change (the Lube center will perform the same service in less than 30 mins). Very unprofessional and incompetent

Dealer response

Our team takes customer satisfaction seriously and it's disappointing to read about your experience. Would you be willing to give us a call? We would like to learn about what transpired and we won't be able to get in touch without your full name. Thank you, DARCARS Customer Relations customerrelations@darcars.com or 1-800-327-2277


Bad experience, still waiting for my registration

I purchased a vehicle from this dealership on December 19, 2019 and my experience has been horrible. The exception is our sales person Marlon. Experience with personnell detailed below. Marlon (sales person) : Good overall salesman, responsive and has done all he could to sell me the 2019 Highlander. SE I have no issues/complaints only positive experience with him. Daniel (Finance Guy): I didn't even use him to finance and instead found my own through my credit union. Daniel failed to submit the paperwork to Tower Federal Credit Union for Tower to pay Dar Cars for the 2019 Highlander. Almost lost the sale had we not submitted the missing paperwork for him. Also when we sent required documents for the registration transfer, he dropped the ball there too. Daniel said he never got them. (Avoid him if possible) Tags and Title Department: Taking so long the original registration has been suspended and still waiting. Hopefully I don't get pulled over since my registration that was supposed to get transferred has been suspended. Shaking my head is all I can do at this point. Marlon (sales guy): Got us in touch with Lee Ray (some manager) who was made aware of the situation and was supposed to call my wife back yesterday 02-10-2020 and didn't. Yes, it's going on 2 months now and the registration still isn't tansferred. I call Dar Cars and talk to Lee Ray and he told me he was working the issue to call him back in 15 minutes. Called him back as requested and apparently he was interviewing someone. Hopefully someone to help you guys keep track of closing a deal. It is 02-11-2020 and the issue remains and hasn't been resolved. If I get pulled over, I am pointing authorities right to DarCars for not getting this done in an acceptable amount of time. Mr. Rodriguez

Dealer response

Dear Juan, First of all, we appreciate your feedback. I'm very sorry that your your experience at was not a pleasant one. We strive to deliver the best service possible to every one of our customers and when we fall short of that goal we try to do everything we can to resolve the issue. We understand that we picked up the lien from you last night and gave you your new transfer registration. Accounting is working on your tags. If there is anything you need in the meantime, please don't hesitate in calling us at 800-327-2277 or email us at customerrelations@darcars.com. Thank you, DARCARS Customer Relations


Overwhelmingly Bad Customer Service

I will not recommend this dealership to my network of professional and personal associates. In fact, I will do my part to dissuade them from buying from Darcars. The one-star review is the least I'm allowed to give. Otherwise, I would give them NOTHING but negative comments. I bought a Land Rover from this dealership on December 8, 2019. Within the first 10 days of purchase, I noticed an issue with the truck, so I set up a service appointment. When I called the service department to confirm my appointment, the woman who answered the phone told me that their service techs can’t do anything with a Range Rover. So, I asked, “What do you suggest I do?” She responded, “Take it to Range Rover!” So, I stated, “What you’re telling me is that your 30-day, 1,000 mile “guarantee” does not apply to this truck? She then tells me to go ahead and bring it in. Since I live an hour away from the dealership, and by that time had no confidence that the service techs would actually fix the issue, I opted not to waste my time and risk frustration and further damage. If you're looking for a "certified used vehicle", bypass DARCARS Toyota Silver Spring. On to my lastest issue…when I purchased this truck, the dealership put a temporary tag on it with an expiration date of 2/6/2020. On 12/22/19, I sent Shane (my sales rep) an email asking if my plate were there yet. He responded, “Happy Holidays, not quite yet. When they are ready someone will reach out to you. They usually take up to 4 -5 weeks.” On 1/27/20 I sent a follow-up email, “I have not heard from the dealership yet and my temporary tag is soon to expire. What happens if the plates are not received in time?” Shane responded, “I will look into it now for you. If they are not here in time, I will have them overnight you another set of temporay tags.” On 2/6/20 I sent another email, “Were a set of plates overnighted to me? My temporary tag expires today. Please advise.” Shane responds, “I just got in contact with my tag and title department to have them either send the hard plates or another extension, so you don't have to make your way out here.” When I arrived home from work yesterday, no plates. So, I called Shane. Shane tells me my plates are there, so I can come pick them up. I remind him that my temporary tag is now expired. He puts me on hold. Another guy picks up the phone who has a more matter of fact tone to his communication. He tells me that my plates are there, but their accounting office is flooded, so they can’t mail them out. He asks me where I’m located. Because I’m an hour away, he says “No, I don’t have anyone who can bring you your plates. You’ll have to come pick them up!” I state that I don’t have a vehicle to drive there, because my plates are expired. He reminded me that their accounting office is flooded, and no one can get back there to mail out my plates.” So, there you have it…sub-quality, piss-poor customer service all the way around. I am now in possession of a truck that not only needs service but that is not drivable, because this dealership can’t get my plates to me. I bought my previous vehicle from Carmax, and I guess Carmax spoiled me…they took care of everything! My expectations, based upon that experience, were much higher than Darcars can (or is willing to) achieve. I won’t recommend this dealership, but will take every opportunity to discourage potential buyers from making the mistake that I, and apparently numerous others, have made with choosing this dealership.


Need to Improve waiting areas

I have been coming to this location because service is amazing! I always buy my cars at this Dealer. Mr. John De Souza and his team are amazing! However there is a feedback I would like to point out. Your facilities are always clean and welcoming (bathrooms are spotless) but your waiting area is terrible! The furniture is in terrible condition! Dirty, spots all over, I really think this is sanitary health hazard! Not a criticism but a constructive observation. Thanks

Dealer response

Good morning, Thank you for your constructive feedback. We really appreciate it and will take it back to our team. We appreciate you taking your time to let us know how you observe our waiting area. Thank you for your business and we look forward to seeing you next time. DARCARS Customer Relations


Recommended Repairs Not Found By Other Dealership

Darcars Toyota Silver Spring - is truly my least favorite Toyota dealership to goto for service of my 04 Highlander in the DMV. I purchased my vehicle new from this place. This is probably my 1st time servicing it here. They sent me this teaser mailer for a $19.99 oil change. This is a trick and I fell for it. I usually goto Laurel, Bowie, and even Waldorf as far as it is before dealing with the agony of going to this miserably slow and incompetent dealership. It was this way in 2003 when I bought the car and it still is. I see why they have to send teaser mailers which say $19.99 for an oil change but it’s false. I make an appointment. They tell me it’s still a 2 hour wait. Really? For an oil change. This is ridiculous. The final price jumps from $19.99 to final cost $35. I won’t be coming back. I rather pay $10 more for competent and efficient service. I would not recommend this dealership. Update: 10/29/2019 I forgot to mention above. The 2 hour wait included an overall inspection of my vehicle. The final cost for everything was over $3K. Since there list was so alarming I decided to take my car to the Toyota dealership in Laurel. Payed $61 to have the same inspection. Some of the things they found were valid. However, I'm still puzzled how Laurel Toyota could not find any issues with the Lower Ball joints, front sway bar, tie rods, and alignment which Darcars Toyota Silver Spring say's I needed replacing and it would cost over $1K. Any responses to how this happened? Again I reiterate Darcars Toyota Silver Spring - is truly my least favorite Toyota dealership to goto for service.

Dealer response

We are disheartened to learn that you feel any distrust with our team, and we would like to follow up with you. Please reach out to us directly when you have a moment. We can be reached at customerrelations@darcars.com or 800-327-2277 if you would like additional assistance. Thank you, DARCARS Customer Relations

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