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At Grava Chrysler-Jeep & Dodge in Medford we are a family-owned and operated Five Star Dealership and we know today's vehicles! Better yet we know satisfying customers with competitive pricing combined with a "state of the art" 19-bay "quick appointment" Service Department and Collision Center brings satisfied customers back again and again. Stop in today and allow us to demonstrate our commitment to excellence. Your perfect car truck SUV or minivan is just around the corner. Just north of Boston in historic Medford Square We look forward to satisfying all your needs and to make purchasing a vehicle a pleasurable experience.
No One Sells For Less !

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(42 reviews)

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Zero repairs completed after 14 days.

I had a generally pleasant experience ordering a 2020 Wrangler Rubicon from Grava last October, but the service experience has been lacking - 3.5 hours for an oil/filter change and tire rotation earlier this year, and now… I made an appointment online on/around June 22, to drop off my nine-month-old 2020 Wrangler on the morning of June 24 at Grava in Medford, MA, (where I purchased the Jeep) to fix three issues: 1. a trim panel above the sunvisors that popped off 2. a creak/squeak where the roof and windshield meet on the passenger side, that occurs over bumps 3. a metallic slapping sound on the roof around the C pillar on the driver's side, when the OneTouch roof is partially open and driving 55-70 mph During 14 days my vehicle was at the Grava Service Department, I did not receive a single phone call with an update, I was never given details of how what repairs were being made, and after 14 days not a single thing I asked for was actually repaired. The service receipt mentions “CS that rear inside panel is loose,” and fixing that. I never spoke about a rear inside panel, but it seems that some rear inside panel was fixed instead of the panel above the sunvisors. The service receipt also states “sunroof squeeks” [sic], and that the entire roof was taken apart and reinstalled; “squeak [sic] is now gone.” However, now the squeak near where the roof and windshield meet on the passenger side is even worse than before. The service receipt also states that the metallic noise I heard at 55mph was due to an exhaust rattle against the rear bumper. I am fairly confident that I know “roof” from “underside of vehicle,” and that I know how distant the C pillar is from the rear bumper. However, assuming that I actually do have little cognizance of locations of the vehicle, why wouldn’t a service advisor call me during any of the 14 days Grava had my vehicle to say, “we actually didn’t find X, but we did find Y, and here’s what we can do about it…”? During the 14 days, I had to explain at least 6 times what the problem was. After the repairs were "completed," they left my vehicle unlocked outside with the key on the center console, not hidden anywhere.

Dealer response

Bill, thank you for letting us know about your recent visit to GRAVA Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram SRT. We appreciate you bringing this experience to our attention. If you are willing, please contact us at (781) 391-8950 so we can work towards a resolution. We look forward to hearing from you. Take care.


Worst Service Experience, Do not go here

Grava wins the prestigious “Worst dealer Experience Ever” award by a landslide! If only I knew before having my car towed here the time, money, and effort I could have saved. DO NOT GO HERE for service! TLDR: I was charged (pretty much scammed) a $525 diagnostic fee after they denied my warranty claim, a claim which was covered by my warranty at the next dealer I towed my car to. I severely question the commonsense, abilities, and ethics of the service department. I had my car towed here after my car was disabled because they are in walking distance of my apartment. I told them it was a mechanical failure and I thought it was the transfer case or something in that area. The car would not shift into park and therefore would not be able to start or roll on its own; the neutral override switch, which they BROKE, must be pulled in order for the car to roll freely in the shop. The official diagnosis was the driveshaft snapped and took out the wiring harness for my transmission; easy to spot when you put the car on a lift first. Instead they decide to tackle the no start issue first and try and diagnose the car with an electrical issue and waste time troubleshooting the RF hub. They took the rear interior apart to do so and didn’t even have it back together when I picked the car up; Additionally, I had things in the trunk that didn’t make it back into the car and I had to go back on two separate occasions to get my stuff back. The car is stuck IN GEAR, HECKIN DUH it won’t start. Figure that issue out first, why would you waste time with the hub and then charge me your time for poor prioritization? They tell me Thursday afternoon they are in contact with the warranty department with the issue being the RF Hub. Elapsed time, 4 days. They call me Friday and tell me it was actually the driveshaft and that warranty rejected the claim. I asked them why and the tech said I was doing burnouts…in a V6 AWD car that weighs over 4000 lbs. How in the Francis I am doing AWD burnouts is beyond me. Elapsed time, .5 days from contacting warranty to getting a rejection. After they rejected the claim they charged me 3.5 hrs of “Diagnostic time” @$150/hr. To release the car after BSing me I paid the $525 and immediately had the car towed (again) from their property directly to Quirk. When I brought my car to Quirk, they did their due diligence and went through a little over a week long process to see if warranty would cover my car. Their process after starting the claim required an inspector from FCA to go to their facility and look at the car, take photos, and write up a report. It took 3 days to dispatch an inspector and he arrived and did his job on a Wednesday. He gave his findings to FCA and by Friday the warranty claim was approved. The PROPER way took a week, not a Friday morning. Essentially, I paid Grava $525 to accomplish nothing but waste my money, delay repairs by over a week, and cause every inconvenience you can think of that comes with not having a car to commute to work with. They also have paper records so good luck getting service notes or any info from FCA's database if you call their customer support. Thank you Quirk, It’s amazing what can be accomplished when someone does their job right! I would recommend NO ONE EVER service their car at Grava of Medford!

Dealer response

Jason, we're disappointed to hear of the negative experience you had at our location. Your feedback helps us improve and we would like to learn more about how we can make this better. If you are willing to give us another chance, please contact Nick Grava at 781-218-1324 or so we can try and turn your experience around. Thank you, GRAVA Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram SRT



Just in case you do not read this review to the end - there are other dealerships in Lynnfield, Braintree and Boston. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! The first issue was that they took my car in for a week, and it was returned to me with the same problem. I then took it back and they kept the car for over a month. Yes, why does it take so long to resolve a problem??? I had a newborn child at the time and this was such an inconvenience. Before I left Grava they said that they would hire a car for the inconvenience. They contacted Enterprise and arranged the car hire. I was told by Grava that the cost would be covered so I was of course shocked when Enterprise sent me a bill for $800 plus and Grava simply refused to pay it. Stating that they would only cover 10 days. They did not state this at the time when they arranged the car for me and they made no efforts to resolve the problem. I was dealing with someone called Joe at the time, who simply just ignored my calls until I had to actually visit their offices and they still refused to pay. I have spoken to numerous people in the company and no one is willing to cover the cost. As a female it is always hard to find a car dealership or mechanic that you can trust. I have never received such poor service. I am still paying of the $800 but they simply do not care. Take my advice and go to somewhere who will value your time, money and business. THIS COMPANY IS UNRELIABLE AND DISHONEST.

Dealer response

Hello Naomi, we regret to hear that you had this experience with us. Falling short of meeting your expectations is not to the standards we strive to achieve, and we humbly ask for the opportunity to make this right. If you are willing, please contact us and we will do our best to resolve this situation. We hope to hear from you soon. Nick Grava 781-218-1324


Worst Service

Had many issues with my town and country and every time I brought it in it was one thing after another with them and cost me a fortune and when under warranty they would say with in factory specifications but I would be back in the next month for same thing and it was the same over and over till warranty ran out then it was well it is going to cost you $$$ to fix it and never really fixed the issues. I will be buying a Chevy next week.

Dealer response

Hello Joe, thank you for reaching out. We take your feedback seriously, so we would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you regarding this matter. Please contact us so we can address your concerns. We hope to hear from you soon. Nick Grava 781-218-1324


Awful Experience

They overpriced us for a 2018 vehicle and refused to admit that the price was the same as a 2019. They were disrespectful in just about every way possible and even made a joke about my nationality. It was just about as bad as an experience as possible and when they realized we weren't going to buy the car they continued to become more unpleasant. I found much better service and prices at other Jeep dealerships.


Fantastic Team!

While living in Boston, I visited Grava Chrysler and the entire team was extremely helpful when it came to making sure my vehicle was serviced properly. I called to book an appointment and their service team worked efficiently to find a time that worked best for me since I was a student with a busy class schedule. Upon arriving, I received a friendly greeting and was offered coffee while I waited for my vehicle to be serviced. Everything went smoothly! I had a great experience and would certainly come back to Grava!


Great Sales experience

I have been buying cars from Grava for over 20 years. Frank runs a great department and always gives me the best deal possible. Shop around and you will see that they give you no hassles and a great price. My new jeep compass is awesome and Mike L. met all my needs, especially financially.


Frank Sorrento the BEST.

Top notch experience buying/leasing Jeep from Frank Sorrento @ Grava. I've been buying from Frank for the last dozen years and its always easy and efficient experience start to finish. Its also backed up with Joe D in the Service Dept and James Murdock in the Body Shop Dept. Dependable support makes purchase decision easy.


Best Family Dealership, Period.

Bought my Chrysler 300S a year ago and could not be happier with any part of my experience. I went in for an oil change and service this week and was reminded of the outstanding support from Service and Parts Dept! My unscheduled Saturday drop reminded me why I am long-term customer based on the assistance of the Grava brothers. Whenever I mention the Grava name all I heard is how they roll out the red carpet for anyone who walks in their door. I can't wait until my lease is up so I can trade in for a Grava Jeep! Keep up the great work for each and every customer!!!


Love my new Jeep

Just picked up new Jeep Cherokee at Grava, the sales team was awesome. This was my 4th Jeep from Grava, thanks for all you help.

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