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This seller has been on since August 2004.
At Saccucci's of Schaumburg, you'll find the finest pre-driven vehicles. We specialize in one to four year old vehicles. Our reputation is built on long term relationships which we maintain with our delighted customers who come back for the QUALITY, SERVICE, and PRICE.

We hand pick the best cars, trucks, minivans, and SUV's. All of our vehicles undergo a comprehensive certification process and are fully serviced before they are "Saccucci Certified".
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(8 reviews)

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Take a look around you. This is truly an amazing place. A car dealer and service center that really cares about its customers. The thousands of pictures that line these walls is a testament to how well customers here are treated. The vast majority of all these people are repeat buyers. They continue to come back because they realize that they are getting a high quality vehicle at a very fair price with excellent service that?s provided for the life of the car. My family has been doing business with Saccucci?s of Schaumburg for 17 years. During that time we have purchased a total of 8 cars and had all of our service work done here. We trust them explicitly. It is like having a member of your family in the car business. We can?t count the number of times over the years that Bill has help us out during an unforeseen incident. Bill and his stall take great care to make sure that you are treated properly and with great respect. They really care about their customers. It always amazes us how much joy Bill gets when you come to pick up your new car. He is just so enthused to take your picture and share in the excitement of you getting your new car. We most highly recommend Saccussi?s of Schaumburg for all your automotive needs. They are definitely are not your average car dealer. With thanks and admiration, CraigB


An EXCELLENT used car buying experience!

I had a most wonderful used car buying experience with Mr. Bill Saccucci of Saccucci's of Schaumburg! I had not been in the market for a car in 12 years and was quite apprehensive of car sales people having an opinion that car dealerships simply are not looking out for the buyer's best interest, however Bill Saccucci quickly changed that opinion of mine. Saccucci's of Schaumburg is a very small family owned used car dealership that the owners Bill & Phyllis Saccucci obviously take great pride it. This pride shows in how they conduct business. When I think of Saccucci's I think of great service, friendliness, trustworthiness and excellent experience with the product they sell - vehicles. I could not be happier with my car buying experience. I got an excellent vehicle at a fair price that I am extremely happy with. I will be referring this dealership to my friends and family in the market for a vehicle as well as to return myself for our next vehicle purchase. Well done Saccucci's!


Go to Saccucci's first!

This was the first time I purchased a used car from a dealer. I saw it on and called to see if it was available. Bill (William Saccucci - the owner) spoke with me himself and said he had it in stock. He sounded decent and dependable (said "this is a family business"), unlike the many dealers I had called before (some of whom were downright insulting). I got there as fast as I could. I was surprised by the appearance of the place when I got there. It looked like an office / plant more than a dealership. Luckily the signage made it clear I was at the right place. It looked neat on the inside.The walls were covered with generations of happy customers. In business since the 1980s, Bill has sold cars to people who have returned to buy again, and sent their kids and grand kids to him. I was still on guard, because this all seemed too good to be true. In an industry filled with shady practices and people, it was hard to believe such a dealer existed. Then Bill came out to greet me and show me the car himself. Every word that came out of his mouth, convinced me more and more than this was not a sham. Indeed, it is not. I cannot overstate Bill's wisdom on buying and selling used cars. He told me his goal is to save his customer the difference between the cost of a new car vs. a used car (the reason most people buy used). However, he said he must do this with integrity or not at all. That's the crucial difference: you save money without being screwed. He's been doing this for 30 years, but he is has been doing it very intelligently for 30 years. He knows how to get a truly good deal, which he then passes on to you. This is why his customers are so loyal. I am glad I bought my car from him and will definitely return again and again. P.S. He can find a car that you want, if he doesn't have it in stock.


Car Purchase

Saw a vehicle at that I was interested in Prior to going to see the car I read about this dealership online and was impressed with the customer reviews. Went out and met Bill Saccucci. After seeing the car and talking to him I knew I made the right choice in terms of quality and customer service. The car was exactly what was shown in the pictures, the owner was not pushy. All the records of the vehicle were available for viewing. I purchased the car I was interested in for my family. I walked away from this deal very satisfied with the overall experience.


Great truck purchase

I just bought a 2010 F150 XLT 4wd from Succucci's. The price was $3000 below KBB. Guess it was my lucky find as this truck has only 25,000 miles on it. Very good experience with Succucci's, although at first i was hesitant to go visit as it is not a place you would view as a car dealer. Great price on the truck and the owner Bill Succucci who is also the only salesman was outstanding. You tell Bill what you are looking for and he will find it. Chuck H


Great service, great value

I needed a good deal of work done on my car. The car was back to me in less than 48 hours and is running beautifully. I can legitimately feel a difference in the way it drives.


Honest, Fair, and True

Saccucci?s of Schaumburg is without question the best place to buy and service a late model pre-owned vehicle. My wife and I have purchased 4 vehicles from them. The owner, Bill Saccucci, hand picks all of the vehicles they sell. After he purchases a vehicle it goes through extensive diagnostics so that he can and will make the vehicle meet a customer?s complete satisfaction. He will then recommend that you purchase a warranty he offers at the time of sale that will cover bumper-to-bumper 100,000 miles. His service is second to none. They really will do a multi-point inspection unlike dealerships that only address exactly what the car was brought in for. If the technician finds anything wrong he alerts the service manager. These potential problems are never hidden from the customer. They are researched and checked to see if it is covered under warranty or recall and reported to the customer. They really live up to their motto: ?Honest, Fair, and True. P.S. Do yourself a favor, before you buy, see Bill Saccucci at Saccucci?s of Schaumburg.


Honesty, Integrity and Customized Service.!!!

I purchased my vehicle two years ago and have received nothing short of a quality car with great service. The kids and I can wait in the 'living room', use clean washrooms, have a coffee and put in a video etc. Bill goes out of his way to speak to each one that enters the building with a cheerful hello! Waiting is worth it when I am confident that everyone on the team is honest and treats their clients in an honoring way! Way to show our family how to build a business! Thank you!

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