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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(123 reviews)

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Shysters - buyers be warned

Prestige Autos is a misleading and deceptive dealership. The vehicle I tried to purchase had more problems than what they initially disclosed. The sales staff are flimflammers - specifically, Curtis and the GM David. When I became frustrated with the transaction and their poor service they simply ghosted me; they ceased returning my calls, texts, and emails. Later, without notice or prompting they just refunded my deposit and refused to do business with me. A day later the vehicle was reposted on the internet for a much higher price than what I had been quoted. You should know this tidbit as well - the the vehicle price that is posted on the internet is not accurate. Prestige tacks-on $2k onto the quoted price for an unwanted window tinting warranty. Basically, its a mark-up on the quoted price to get people to bite on their advertisements. You cannot opt out of the warranty and it can only be redeemed at their office location. This business epitomizes every slimeball connotation associated with self-indulgent car salesmen.


Could have been a disaster...

I went in to check out an advertised car, and while doing my walkaround, looking for major dents, scratches or signs of prior accidents, I happened to pop the hood. I'm not a mechanic, but I know the basics of engine bay components. It looked like something was missing behind the radiator and I saw something that didn't look like it belonged there, down between the engine and the fan. I pulled out half of the broken hose assembly ( the piece that was missing) and a section of 3" hose that should have been secured by the plastic housing I found. The hose had been jammed between the fan and the engine and during driving, the fan had been eating away at the hose, which now was worn through with a big hole in it. Someone had used electrical tape at some point to secure the hose into the housing, which of course was a temporary fix only and the tape had come loose over time. This just seemed like an engine fire waiting to happen. The salesman had no idea what to do and said he would tell his manager. I turned around and walked away. I know this is a used car dealer, and they market 5-10 year old vehicles at decent prices. However, this makes me wonder what they look at in their inspections and what other corners are being cut.


Worst customer service

My experience at this dealership was one of the worse I could have had. They were extremely unprofessional. I was mocked and taken advantage of because of my appearance. They sold me a faulty vehicle and would not take responsibility for it. I went through a great deal of stress to resolve this terrible experience. In the end, the owner did not even handle this situation with maturity. They are a fraud of a business and I don’t want anyone else to waste their money and go through the stress I endured.



DONT BUY A CAR HERE!!!! I got a BMW from here and the first day I drove it home it was leaking.. took it back to get fixed, they charged me and didn't fix the problem.. been back 3 more times and still not fixed.. when I call to ask why it isn't fixed they just tell me I can bring it in for another diagnosis and quote.. they're just taking money after money and not coming through on their word



THIS PLACE IS A SCAM, I bought a car here with a warranty, i brought it to the dealer to get repairs. The car sat their 2 WEEKS. Before they said the warranty wouldn't cover the repairs even going farther to say they had a investigator to see the car. I called the warranty company and they said the dealer NEVER made the claim. They tried to EXTORT MONEY out of me. There MANAGER MATT was no help at all, could care less that I spent 2 weeks spending money on Uber's and getting rides to get to work. Just for them to WAIST my time, LIE to my face, and try to pull a fast one on me. Do not do business with these people YOU WILL REGRET IT. any chance they'll get to rip you off they will. DO AT YOUR OWN PERIL Btw. Ask for the owner see what they say, hes a ghost. You never meet him


Easy car buying process!

Curtis was great, he made everything super easy and quick. I will be using them in the future when I need a car for my son. Thank you Curtis, Matt and Prestige Auto.



David is the guy to deal with. His a man of his words, a gentleman and provide excellent service. Highly recommend Prestige Motors of Corona.


Great experience

I saw the listing for the car I was looking to buy for my daughter as a first car. Curtis was very helpful in taking care of us while waiting for the car to be washed and tires replaced. Very easy process in purchasing the car. I would recommend anyone looking for a car to give them a call.


Great prices, service and perks!

Prestige Auto provided me with a great auto buying experience! Galo is great a salesman who provided me with a service and perks that no other dealer did. Definitely great prices and welcoming. Ended up sealing the deal here with my new car! Only complain would be that wish I wasn't rushed so much! Will definitely recommend my friends and family to give Prestige Auto a try.


Awesome location

It was a great car buying experience. Waited 2 weeks before writing this review to ensure review accuracy I'm glad to say I'd highly recommend this location for any car purchase. they have awesome prices and will accommodate to you're financial needs. Not pushy at all and great peraonality!

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