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This seller has been on Cars.com since July 2013.
Faine's Auto Sales is not your typical automotive dealership. From the moment you step onto our lot you will notice that we have paid great attention to detail in creating an atmosphere that is welcoming and accommodating. We are dedicated to enhancing every aspect of the customer experience from your initial visit to long after you have purchased the car of your dreams.

We have carefully acquired one of the finest selections of pre-owned luxury vehicles in the area. Each auto is carefully inspected and serviced by ASE Mechanics to ensure that it meets our highest standards.

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(16 reviews)

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Terrible place!

10,000 Over book value on every junk auction truck on the lot. Not one low mileage truck on the lot either. Then they say they discounted 2,000 from retail like they aren’t 10k over retail already. Place is a joke. We need a good truck dealer in the area again.these truck have nothing but problems.


The Stereotypical used car salesman

Where is the falling star review? This dealership is the titanic! It sinks peoples dreams, their bank accounts, etc! Everything they sell is complete junk! They are all lemons! You can't even make lemonade from their crap! Who ever writes a positive review for this place, must either be paid by them to write it or they work for them! No one in their right mind could find a positive thing to say about the crap they sell! They don't check anything, they don't stand behind anything, period! A Yugo would be more dependable than any of his crap on the lot! I advise anyone who is looking at buying from this place take note. Better lawyer up! That is no joke!


Horrible and distrusting

Horrible dealership. Had the check engine light come on within 150 miles of purchase (DEF temp sensor) Within 700 miles we needed over $11,000 in repairs to even use the truck (blown head gasket). Took 63 days to get a title costing us more money in late registration fines. The salesman Jarrod Fairchild just gave us the run around while his boss just hid in his office and would never speak to us about problems we had since day one. They agreed to take the truck back at one time, held it at their store for 3 weeks and never paid us forcing us to go back and get the truck. Has been a nightmare process.



There is a reason they don’t sell to local customers...cause the locals know these guys are scammers and con artist. Every stereo type of a crooked car salesman applies here and that still doesn’t cover these guys . I would RUN...... Horrible...just horrible...!


Worst experience ever

I got a truck from Ron wasn’t able to see it in person before I paid for it but Ron had 100 pics of the truck and video calls. Once I got the truck it couldn’t have been farther than a nice truck and it’s hard to find truck like this one anymore. Headlights don’t work scratches down to metal paint so thin you can see the primer. I knew about 2 dents and 1 scratch found about 10 more dents. Interior panels broken or not even installed correct. The hood will not go all the way up due to a shock being bent and the hood will not stay up at all. Only had about 30 mins to look at it and that’s what I’ve found so far. Called Ron to say this isn’t the truck he described to me and his response was I told you about what I saw I didn’t lie to you, you own it now I’m not giving you any money back or taking the truck back. I can’t make it a new truck you too picky it’s a nice for a 13 year truck. I’d never give this guy a dollar. He couldn’t care less that he sold me a pile that’ll take a lot of work to even get it to pass nc inspection much less the truck I was told I was getting. Buyers beware don’t buy anything from here they will take advantage of you every chance they can.


Worst Experience in My Life

Faine's has rightfully been the worst dealership I have had the displeasure of doing business with. Back in June 2020 I found a truck in which fit the criteria I was looking for. Scheduled a test drive and purchased the vehicle the same day. Not only did they find the worst possible finance company, but the dealership included their "GOLD STANDARD" warranty in the financing quote without telling me until they've ran my credit. Fast forward ten days after purchasing my truck I decided that my payments were outrageous so I called to cancel the said "GOLD STANDARD" warranty. I was advised by the warranty company that I, as a customer, cannot cancel my policy and would have to have the dealership do so. Fine, whatever. So I call Jared, the salesman I worked with on purchasing the truck. Conversation was somewhat on the line of: "Oh yeah, no problem. We can get it cancelled but the guy who does that isn't in at the moment. I'll have him cancel it as soon as he comes back." Sound easy enough, right? Wrong. I texted and called Jared from June 29th to mid August and eventually stopped getting replies. I made DOZENS of calls to the warranty company as well. On August 14th I called the dealership asking to know what the xxxx is going on and finally was able to speak with the elusive handler of the warranty cancelations! As expected, I was kind of pissed off at this point and requested my warranty be canceled as requested almost two months prior. He advised me that we have never spoken and that this is the very first he has heard of this. Obviously Jared hadn't passed on this information. While assuring me he was going to cancel the policy and send me the paperwork so I could forward it IMMEDIATELY to the warranty company, I had to call the 17th to have him send it to me again because no email was ever received. After two months of trying to get this canceled, I was finally able to process the cancelation. Oh you thought I was done? Nah. So I call the warranty company and they state that refunds are currently behind and are taking 30-60 BUSINESS DAYS to process. BUSINESS DAYS. Real "GOLD STANDARD" service, huh? But that's just a side note, here's to my last complaint: once this check was finally mailed on OCTOBER 1ST 2020, I called Faine's to check if they had received it. Called on the 12th of October and they said they didn't know if they had received it. Called on the 15th, they told me it was laying on someone's desk and they would mail it out that week. Cool. Call my lienholder the week after to see if they'd received the check. Nada. Call Faine's on the 31st of October and guess what? My check was laying on someone's desk, right where it had been for two weeks. This company is negligent and devoid of basic customer service skills. I've considered an attorney multiple times in the process of dealing with this company.


Complete Trash Dealership and Owner.

Horrible customer service. 1 star rating is way too much for this place. Wont be long before they are closing their doors. They will be doing everyone a favor!!!!


Another screwed buyer

Purchased F250- Salesmen Ron sounded sincere. All BS. I was hoping for some integrity from the dealer. Truck broke down first drive after about 5 miles, $300 tow bill and $5,000 later in repairs just to get it up and running right. Aside from faded paint which i was aware of, major rust situation in sun roof and inside doors Ron left out of the conversation. That cost is still to be determined. Never would i recommend this dealer. Buyer beware. Hope other buyers read this before looking for vehicle.


Screwed Buyer

I drove 500 miles one way from Michigan with a bank check in hand. I had received many pictures and verbal assurances that the truck was in excellent condition. The truck has been a FIRE !!!! The trim was melted , the paint got so hot you put a permanent scratch in it with your fingernail. Do NOT trust these people at Faines !!!! Take into consideration all of the negative reviews, only customers who have screwed by this sleazy dealer write the truth, any one of the salesman or their friends can write anything good about these liars !!! BEWARE



They finance man and owner (Rich and Rico) are liars and thieves. Authorized repairs and wouldn't pay for them. I'm stuck holding the bag. Bad business. Keep shopping and find a company with integrity.

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