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This seller has been on Cars.com since August 2013.
C.F.Schwartz Toyota in Dover DE is proud to be an automotive leader in our area. Since opening our doors C.F.Schwartz Toyota has kept a firm commitment to our customers.
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(47 reviews)

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Terrible service

Terrible service broke my valve stem. Then wanted to charge over 200 bucks to fix. 60 dollar part 20 minute fix. Basically lost a customer over a 100 bucks, ridiculous purchased 2 vehicles from there will never be back.


Their Service Depart is worse I have ever seen

I took my car in for what I thought was my final tire rotation/oil change etc. I was told I didn't qualify for the free oil change. No mention of tire rotation. They called my husband and rudely told him I didn't qualify for oil change and had to pay for tire rotation. I called and spoke with Linda Schwartz who was extremely rude and said she was standing there when I brought the car in. Both Linda and her service people are rude, do NOT communicate well and have no customer service skills whatsoever. I will never return, as a matter of fact I will drive to Jones Junction if I ever need service or repair again. Jones is the BEST in every way.


Stress free car shipping

I have dealt with many, many dealers over the years and my recent experience as a new customer at Schwartz was top notch. The team was professional, courteous and worked with me to put me in my new vehicle at the price I needed, hassle free. I would highly recommend Schwartz of Dover to anyone looking for a vehicle. Its worth stopping in.


Service departmrnt manager

Customer service desk personnel are friendly and very helpful. The problem I have is with the manager of the service department. I brought my car in for brakes, drivers side fog light and passenger marker light out. Picked up my car drove to DMV then back home. when I let the window down as I was pulling up to the mail box I heard a scrapping sound, when I pulled into the driveway I heard a snap. I got out the car and saw the driver side front wheel well liner was on the ground. I called Toyota and they said bring the car back up there. They took the car in and put it on the lift. They pulled the car out and said they where finished. I told the manager that the panel is torn and air can get underneath the panel and he said it wasn't their fault. I said someone had to drop the panel to replace the for light bulb. He said the guy reached through another panel under the oil pan to get to the fog light instead of dropping the panel. I told him it's impossible, I measured from that panel to the fog light is about 35 inches and you can't reach through the panel. I don't know of a person with an arm that long. He also said the panel was not secured and hanging down and didn't have the proper screws. I asked him if the panel was lose and hanging why would the mechanic have to reach through another panel when that panel is directly below the fog light. Lexus of Wilmington had replaced those panels a couple of years ago and the correct hardware was used. The screws they put in doesn't match any of the screws on my car in the other wheel wells. They are clips not screws in those locations. I paid 1600 dollars to get my car out of shop and the manager instead of providing quality customer service blamed me for the panel coming down. The panel is a $30 panel at best and you won't even acknowledge that you made a mistake and we will fix it instead placed the blame on the customer. I have been a manger most of my life and there is no way that I would select that guy as a manager, from the start he pointed the finger at me like I had done something. he didn't even try to listen to me. He also said there were no screws in the panel so I asked him why won't he replace them if he saw they were missing and then he said there were screws in the panel and they must have fell out on my way home! Terrible!! Loss my business!


Blindsided by Service Department

I try not to leave negative reviews but feel like in this case it can’t be avoided. It is more of notice or warning to customers that haven’t dealt with the service department yet, be advised of their practices so as not to be blindside as I was. I have a Toyota vehicle that is under warranty, so I thought I could just make an appointment and take the vehicle in to be looked at and make sure there wasn’t a problem. I figured it would be covered by the warranty. Not so, if you take a vehicle in to be checked out by their service department and they determine that it’s not an issue or they couldn’t replicate it you will, repeat will be charged a diagnostic charge plus a fee that they call “supplies/environmental charges” (nice way for the dealer to make money). When I made the appointment to bring the vehicle in I was not verbally advised of their standard practice. When I went to pick up the vehicle I was then advised of this by them pointing to a sign they had posted on the counter saying that was their practice. Needless to say it really upset me and I expressed my disappointment. Basically they didn’t care and became very un-customer friendly and said that that’s the way it is. I ask them would it not be better if they verbally advised the customer to avoid situations of the customer being blindsided and upset, they agreed but doubt they will implement it. Just think of it, it not only works for the dealer but also Toyota; if you know you will be charged every time you take a warrantied vehicle in, you probably won’t mess with them. Good reason to buy another manufacture, not Toyota.


Toyota Rav4

Mark Smith was great to work with. He was very helpful, but not pushy. They didn’t have the color that I wanted, but he searched until he found one in another state!!!! Mark even called the next day to see if I was still happy with my purchase.�� I have been to other dealers where the managers had attitudes of superiority towards people whom they may have perceived to be inferior, but at C.F. Schwartz they were professional, yet unpretentious. They treated everyone, whom I saw walk through their doors, with courtesy and respect. I highly recommend this dealorship.



My husband called inquiring about a ‘02 Toyota Landcruiser that is on this lot. We are currently out of town on a mini vacation. We are about 30 minutes from the dealership so we just wanted to ask a few questions about the vehicle before driving down there. We have our three young children with us and again we just simply wanted to some questions answered. The sales department refused to speak with my husband saying that we need to come in. Completely unacceptable. If you can’t take a minute to answer a couple of questions then your loss. We will not waste our time with anyone who can’t take a minute to speak with us.


Best Car Buying Experience Ever!

My salesman, Tom Russo was most patient in helping me find the right car for me. My trade-in transaction was smooth and painless and I couldn?t be happier with my new Camry. The general manager Steve went out of his way to make sure everything went well. I?m so pleased I purchased my car from such nice people!


Decent service but prices are outrageously high

Decent quality of service and reasonable wait time, but prices are outrageously high compared to my previous Toyota dealer in Ohio. Prices for regular service are 2-3x higher than what I used to pay. Not recommended.


Painless Process

I was in the market for a new car. USAA recommended CF Schwartz so that's where I went. Tom Russo was extremely knowledgeable about the vehicles I looked at. I ended up buying the 2017 4Runner. The process was painless and he explained everything. I highly recommend buying a vehicle from CF Schwartz!!!

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