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Great Advice

Wonderful car buying experience, I would highly recommend visiting if you are in market for used cars. These guys were the best. Great condition vehicle. Great price !


Right Place

Just recently got into an accident, Gigi was so wonderful to work with. He found me the exact car I was looking for, stress free. Very happy highly recommend to anyone!


Awful customer service

The clues were there from the day I bought the car. The body of the car had dents and blemishes that were obscured by the ad, and they didn't say anything about it when I told them I was driving from Indiana to buy the car. The car was not cleaned inside, and they said they had let a friend drive it to Murfreesboro and said he drove it over 120mph. Fine, whatever, I drove to Tennessee to get the car, and I needed it to drive to Arizona so I didn't bother fighting with them over this small stuff. However, I get to Arizona and two weeks later they still haven't mailed the title. I call them and we finally get the title in the mail, and it is scheduled to arrive 2 days before my temporary 30 day dealer plate expires. That day comes, and the title gets returned because they never included my apartment number on the address. After telling Sean at Music City Rides the problem, he complains about the situation (that he caused) and then says he doesn't want to overnight the title because it would cost him $70, and apparently doesn't care that my car's plate is expiring. I end up having to go to the MVD and get a temporary registration while I get the title sorted out. I finally do get the title, and take it back to the MVD to register it. They ask for the bill of sale, which I provide. Now the name of the dealership on the bill of sale doesn't match the Title. It turns out it is two different names for the same company, but the Arizona MVD doesn't care. I have to get a "One and the Same" form filled out and notarized by the dealership saying they are the same. I contact Sean again, he basically tells me (Edit: he told me I shouldn't have shown them the bill of sale, and then nothing for two days. Then he said nothing again when I contacted him again two days later. He responded within minutes of posting this review, however and had always responded within hours previously). He has since sent an updated bill of sale which I guess I'll have to go spend another two hours at the MVD just to find out if they will accept it or not. This is certainly not what the MVD asked me to provide, and not what I asked him to provide me.


Easy purchased. Good people to deal with.

Excellent service. Can't say much they made it easy for me.


They are the best that I ever see.

I bought my last car from these guys. They were great. They solved every problem that I faced my car.


a breath of fresh air

I would recommend these guys, due to efficiency and going above and beyond on customer service. 2 years ago I was very skeptical and discouraged on getting the proper help as well being over sold and given lack of until I came in contact with GiGi, I was still unsure at first that he could help, but by the middle of the test drive I was very certain that my prayers had been answered. I ended up buying an Acura T L with very low mileage and just gorgeous. If I had any issues which I can't say I did. Shawn or GiGi was on ittough. They treated me as I was their family member which made things easier for me, so I bought another car BMW 5 28 i, the love of my life right now, so my loyalty lies with them now and my trust level has risen from 0 to 100%

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