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Excellent Service, Jeep girl thanks to Bob Huff!

I would give 10 stars if I could. I just recently bought a Jeep wrangler from this dealership. The service we received was top notch! Starting with constant messages from Ivor, to letting me know he would be out the day I was coming so the sales manager Eddie would help us...and help us he did! We had a minor problem when we got the vehicle home and was shocked when Bob Huff Service Manager J.D said they would cover the cost because they made a mistake. I would highly recommend this dealership and will be sure to refer my family and friends!! Drove 2 hours to buy this vehicle and would driver even farther to get the service they provided.



Had a bad exhaust leack,needed it fixed fast and Bob huffs came through again



*Started having issues with my throttle and my idling on a 2011 Buick Regal. After spending around 500 initially to get it fixed the issues persisted. So, I call the dealership and asked specifically if the cam shaft position sensor was covered under the warranty. They said yes, bring it down and if the diagnostics says it is this sensor we I'll not charge you and replace the part. *After I left the car I received a call stating that "it is the camshaft position sensor," "but it is NOT covered!!" Parts a labor plus the diagnostic test and I owe 325! *So, ok, fine pay the 325 it's fixed and so be it. Nope! Receive a call saying they need to change my oil problem IS NOT fixed, still idles rough, could be non- GM oil filter. tac on 40$ more! Ok, fine, oil change, cool may need it. Ends there. NO IT DOESNT calls me back, tells me that the problem IS NOT fixed and will cost an additional 457$ * My wife and mother go to pick my vehicle[im at work] and upon trying to add more and more issues they actually try to sell my wife a car as she picks up the car that WAS NOT fixed at all for the initial issues that was diagnosed by their test, was changed by their mechanics and remains faulty to this day. *Worst experience I have had and will not take my car back for services at all. If you do expect the typical mechanic CON game and watch your P's and Q's P.S. There are numerous reviews Below stating same issues and lack of service quality. Kris C Jesse Garnett Mace Pavelek Legan Ashlin 17July2018 Update to response: In response to Bob Huff PR comment in regards to the below Clay Surratt post. It is of no coincidence that the mentioned 2,400 discount was added in conjunction to the “AS IS” sell of the vehicle. The word usage of “rejected” should subsequently be changed to “incentivized” manipulation in purchasing a DEFECTIVE vehicle. Why else would there be such a significant discount? And why else would someone except no warranty? More significantly, the fact that this was a topic of discussion during a sale by the dealer is suspicious in-and-of itself. Keep in mind the dealers ENTIRE tactic of selling this vehicle to my wife -in my absence-was because I was frustrated with the hundreds of dollars put into a vehicle they did not fix that she was there to pick-up. This can only be referred to as PREYING on people in a bad situation. Stating to my wife and mother that we should look into another car because the one they DID NOT fix was “unreliable.” By their suggestion! I am also curious why, as you state in your response you would expect to “see” the vehicle again in 11 months since the purchase if you were to assume the vehicle was in good working condition. AGAIN, BOB HUFF SOLD this vehicle INCENTIVIZING the buyer to purchase it under NO WARRANTY with the offer of doing so with a 2,400$ discount rate. We are not an uneducated family and this is nonsense. Other than the obvious PR BACKSTEPPING What we have is a FAMILY of 3 boys ages 7,9 and 11, a former US Army Veteran who works at the local hospital, a wife and mother who works with children and the local school, UNSAFELY driving around in a vehicle that CUTS OFF while moving, who’s heater box is heating and melting wires potentially catching on fire, faulty oxygen sensors, incorrect gear ration, FAILING transmission and so on. This is not a singular aging car issue, it’s such a multitude of problems that it HAS to be presumed that we have been deceived . It’s disheartening and if you read the reviews below this IS NOT the FIRST instance. We have reached out to BOB HUFF numerous times for some sort of help in resolving these issues or trading the car for one of equal value maintaining the same payments and financing value for their business. Your dealership has stopped just short of LAUGHING at our family while offering NO assistance at all. WILL NOT and would not recommend this dealer to anyone. It is unfortunate that a business only cares for profit and not about the live



Ryan Hampton helped me today. He was very professional, kind and helpful. I did buy a vehicle and Ryan was the best salesman I could have chosen. Thank you Ryan. You will always be my salesman.



Ryan Hampton is an awesome salesman. He treats me with the utmost care and gives me the best deal possible. He is so kind. I will always ask for him when I visit Ford in Wytheville. Thanks for everything Ryan. You are my choice.


Purchased 2 vehicles

Daniel Stoots sold me and my husband a Treverse and a chevy truck on the same day.Daniel is a good man he doesn't pressure you into buying a vehicle. He is the only salesman I will purchase a vehicle from!! If you are looking for a vehicle go by Bob Huff and talk to Dan the Chevy man!


Top notch service! Friendly staff.

Service department was very diligent in diagnosing my car. They kept me informed throughout the entire process. As soon as they realized my repairs were going to take more than a days time they had a rental vehicle ready for me in 20 minutes. Highly recommend Bob Huff Automotive to anyone in need of sale or service


Great Salesteam

I want on the lot and told Eddie and Aaron what I wanted. I test drove a 2011 Chevy Cruze. I fell in love with it immediately. Aaron worked diligently to put me in that car. I am very pleased with my car and my overall experience with "Bob Huff". I would recommend them to anyone.


Great place to do business!

Best car buying experience ever. Quick efficient, and they went way beyond by arranging to get me, my old car and my new car home 100+ miles away the same day. Be sure to ask for Eric.


bob huff dealership,service dept

anytime that I bring my vehicle to bob huff for repairs or maintenance it is always done correctly and efficiently. the service staff are friendly very knowledgeable.

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