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Lia Nissan of Saratoga offers a large selection of New and Used inventory with full value reports and in market data. BEST PRICE GUARANTEE(New car purchases only. Find a lower price on the same vehicle with the same benefits and options and we'll meet or beat any advertised price from our competitors. Limited to dealerships within a 50 mile radius of purchase location.).Plus receive up to an additional $500 on your trade! COMPLIMENTARY SHUTTLE SERVICE. Plus receive up to an additional $500 on your trade! We look forward to helping you with your automotive needs.
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(389 reviews)

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The service department is so bad.

The service department is so bad. They made an appointment for us over a week ago, they never even looked at the vehicle for another week, lied and said they did, the vehicle is still there, they cleared the code and NEVER fixed the truck. No communication from them, we had to call them repeatedly. They told us lie after lie. Their diesel techs did nothing to the truck besides clear the code. We told them what code came up and they disregarded what we said and told us that there is nothing wrong with the truck. A truck does not get TOWED to a shop when there is nothing wrong with it. No turbos and the truck would not go over 30 MPH. Upstate New York does not have one Nissan dealership that provides good and honest service for their vehicles. Walter did nothing to help and he is the service manager. Lia Nissan of Saratoga's service department is horrible. Thanks to them, we are getting rid of the truck and will NEVER purchase another Nissan. We still have 3 years left to a warranty that is useless because they are not able to fix anything properly. The first Nissan dealership we took it to for service never changed out the filters, charged us a lot of money and the truck went into limp mode a week later. I don’t understand why people can’t do the job they are getting paid to do. It’s sad. They didn’t want to fix the truck because it was warranty work and the techs were afraid of losing time on warranty work. So sad and so pissed. The truck broke down again 6 days later. Truck went back into limo mode again. Believable. Calling Nissan Direct for assistance and got a good attorney. What good is the warranty on the truck if they can't fix it.


This is the 9th car we’ve purchased there & our

This is the 9th car we’ve purchased there & our experience has always been exceptional! All their sales staff are amazing! This time, we dealt with Steve Laffer & he was great! He was attentive & very knowledgeable & listened to what we had to say! We picked up our new car yesterday & we are ecstatic over our new car as we always have been in the past!

Consumer response

Lia Nissan of Saratoga is the BEST dealership in Saratoga County! It’s the ONLY dealership we would ever patronize!!! Kudos to their wonderful & knowledgable sales staff!!!


$500 for poor work and further damaged the car

My girlfriend's latch on her hatchback had a problem and needed to be replaced. Brought it to them, and they charged her $500 just to replace the latch to the back door. She thought that was the end of it even though it was expensive, but that was just the beginning of the problems with this inept and unethical dealer. A little more than a year after that, the latch was again not working. Not only this, but very soon after she brought the vehicle to this dealership to fix, the car started having electrical problems associated with 1 side of the car and the latch they supposedly "fixed" with a "new part". Few months after that, about 3 months after their year "warranty ran out, the latch stopped working and the electrical system attached to it got even worse (spreading to problems with other of the car's doors as well). Took it back and explained, they said another almost $400 (' a special favor to us') for "labor" to fix it. By that time I said no, since it was obvious to me this was a shoddy unethical place. Car has gotten worse and worse, mostly connected to the electrical problems with that latch and the other car doors (on the same electrical controls). Instead of properly charging us and doing a proper repair job, they overcharged us and created a bigger problem than we originally had right before we brought the car to them. Paid $500 to have them further damage the car!!! Don't go to these thieves!


Dealerships are normally an absolute nightmare to deal

Dealerships are normally an absolute nightmare to deal with. The Nissan Dealerships close to my home in Long Island are all crooks. I found this dealership in while on vacation in Saratoga Springs and figured I would try to my luck. I was extremely lucky to have found Tim Simoni at Lia Nissan. The process was smoother than I ever thought possible. Tim made my nightmare situation disappear! I want to thank him and Chris Bucher for the excellent service and handling of my situation. I won’t hesitate to come Back here for all future car needs, and highly suggest you do the same. If you’re nervous about the car dealership - find Tim and you won’t be sorry. Lia’s dealership is doing it right!


Just purchased my 2nd car from Steve Laffer who worked

Just purchased my 2nd car from Steve Laffer who worked with me on getting a great deal. I find purchasing a new vehicle nerve racking but Steve makes it as calm a situation as possible & makes it more fun, than you would think. I feel Lia Nissan of Saratoga is a great dealership & has a winning team. Definitely worth checking them out if you are considering purchasing a car, ask for Steve Laffer. Love my car!


I would actually go back to this dealer, especially,

I would actually go back to this dealer, especially, Steve. He was tremendous and Hason.


Shopping for service BUYER BEWARE!!

After 8500 miles my transmission had to be totally replaced. Now with 9500 miles on it the transmission so far is working. I since have taken my truck in for an oil, filter, and tire rotation. My service advisor according to my invoice was John Gardy. John proceeded to ask me if I like potholes, and said it was pothole season. He then showed me a computer screen that showed my frontend alignment was so bad it had RED X on certain parts of the alignment. John said RED X's mean the alignment was very bad and needed a $149.95 alignment to save my tires. This sounded very suspicious to me because the truck drove just fine no pulling no shaking. John explained to me that the garage had a super special Laser when the vehicle is pulled into the garage it looks at the vehicle and calculates the alignment of the car/truck. I agreed to the alignment and the 149.95 dollar charge. After the service I asked about the alignment, I was told by a very pleasant employee that they would have to talk to the service manager W. Cook. The employee then let me now that the alignment was not needed, my advisor was new and even if the alignment was needed should have been free due to the fact that the truck was under 12,000 miles. Talking with the employee, and W. Cook the super alignment laser was not calibrated and was wrong. My issue with this is how about the people that were before me that had to pay for an alignment that was not needed due to the fact that the Laser was not correct. If I did not question the alignment I would have had to pay 149.95 + tax for an alignment I did not need. All these question where asked and discussed with W. Cook with little satisfaction. THEN CAME THE REAL TOPPER. I looked at my invoice later and saw that the bogus alignment paperwork was missing. I called up Lia of Saratoga to ask about it. The employee sent me it to me on line. For some reason the invoice now read that I had said the truck pulled at highway speeds. This was never the case. I have the original invoice and there is no mention of me saying the truck pulled at highway speeds. SOME ONE IS TRYING TO COVER THIER TRACKS. BUYER BEWARE!!!


We recently purchased a Rogue.

We recently purchased a Rogue. Our salesperson was Marcus Vedder. Marcus was a true professional from our first meeting until we drove off the lot. He was very knowledgeable about the car we purchased. He worked with us to make the whole experience easy and smooth. He took time to go over the Rogue from the exterior thru the interior details. We highly recommend Marcus. The other people we met at the dealership were all friendly, helpful and professional.


Very friendly, helpful, worked with Sean.

Very friendly, helpful, worked with Sean. Great guy. Great experience. Not pushy, willing to work with you. made everything easy.


Excellent Service department

Service team excellent!! Chelsea has excellent customer service and very professional. Very consistent and each time I bring my vehicle in for service I’ll always leave happy. I will purchase my next vehicle there specifically because of the service team in the service department . Steve who I purchased my vehicle from is great . Overall excellent experience. Thank you, Heidi

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