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Welcome to Onion Creek Volkswagen your Central and South Texas Volkswagen dealer serving Austin to San Marcos. At Onion Creek Volkswagen we strive to offer our customers the most modern convenient and satisfying service. Our clients have high expectations for their vehicles and equally high expectations about the dealership professionals who serve them.

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(119 reviews)

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Devastating experience.

Devastating experience. Negligent staff. Liars. We've just got a Volkswagen Tiguan SE without a feature we were told it has. And this is 3 years contract that we wish we would never sign. Our sales manager was Diego. When we met him, we told him that the "Blindspot" feature was a must-have for us. He showed us Tiguan and assured us that this car had all we needed. We weren't allowed to make a test drive on the streets because we had just moved to the USA and didn't have our us licenses, so we just had a ride in a parking lot. Diego said that we wouldn't see "blindspots", because there were no cars around us and it would work if we had driven on the streets. We liked the car and decided to get it. As it appeared, the car didn't have that feature that we wanted so much. It was the only feature that we'd mention that was critical. We tried negotiating with Volkswagen, but they've become helpless as soon as we signed the contract. You know, when you get something like a car at the official dealer you don't expect people to be unprofessional and not reliable. It's not like you get a rotten potato at the bottom of the box. But that's exactly what happened to us. AVOID THIS DEALERSHIP, if you still want to have business with them be really careful and read every paper you are signing to not to be tricked as we had.


I dropped my car off at Onion Creek VW for basic service

I dropped my car off at Onion Creek VW for basic service work. They proceeded to reck the vehicle, refuse to pay for repair work, and refuse to provide their insurance information. When I pushed back on them, they retaliated by increasing the amounts they claimed I owed for the original service work by hundreds of dollars and siphoning the gas out of my gas tank. All said, I received a bill for twice what agreed to pay for basic service work, and a car with thousands of dollars of new damage and an empty gas tank. There are very few places to service VWs in Austin, so if you buy one you will likely be forced to use their service department. I would highly recommend going elsewhere or buying a different type of vehicle entirely if you live in Austin.


Absolutely Do Not Buy a Car from this Dealership

I brought my car in to Onion Creek VW for basic service and they wrecked the vehicle causing thousands of dollars of damage. They refused to provide me with their insurance information or to pay for the damages. I had to file a police report and contact the Better Business Bureau to report them. Do not buy a car from them. There are not many options for servicing VWs in Austin, so they think they can treat customers like garbage and get away with it. Absolutely do not do business with them under any circumstances.


If I was able to give this dealership no stars I

If I was able to give this dealership no stars I absolutely would! This was my son's first car purchasing experience. He worked with Jacob who we found out was let go shortly after our experience. He sold my son a car that was not ok'd by the manager to be sold. It had more than $11k worth of work most being safety issues that made it unsafe to drive. This included broken/bent control arms, brakes and rotors that were metal to metal, power steering rack that was leaking, and the pump and hoses were damaged as well. Wheel hubs that were not installed correctly and I could go on and on with the repair report that we received. I ended up finally speaking with the used sales manager Edward. They ended up "swapping" the car. This also ended up being a nightmare!! We ended up having to settle with a car that had front end damage and high miles. I was promised it would be a simple process but they ended up running our credit again as if we were purchasing another car. Then I went in to sign the new paperwork and I notified them before heading in I had a short time available and they assured me that I would be a quick process. Not sure what their definition of quick is but I ended up being stuck there for over 3hrs!! During this time they promised to fix a part on the car and that they would fill up his gas tank, My son had to leave his car there thankfully he got a loaner but had to go back the next day to pick his car up so the repairs could be made. When he arrived he was told that they couldn't repair the piece that was promised and told him that it needed to be replaced but they would not do it because they couldn't spend more on that car. They also only gave $15 for gas after promising to fill it up. I will NEVER go there again!!!


I’ve been blown off by the dealership twice by this

I’ve been blown off by the dealership twice by this dealership. I found the exact car I was looking for online and clicked to reserve like it said to do. This prompted me to enter my info after which it said I would be contacted shortly. Already knowing I wanted to purchase the vehicle, I decided to just call instead. I spoke to Demetrius and inquired about the car I saw online. I asked him about putting down a deposit to reserve it and he said “We don’t really do that. It’s first come first serve.” Out of all the dealers I’ve spoken to, this was the first time hearing this. So then I asked for him to provide the price breakdown of the vehicle and I would take care of the finance portion. I gave him my information and never heard back from him. So I call back the next day and he tells me “You kinda got pushed to the back because my manager didn’t know when you would be in town.” So I explained to him my situation for the second time that I would be in town next month and would like to purchase the vehicle before I got there. Additionally, I was told that this vehicle was “in transit” and would not be on their lot for another 2 weeks. So it would actually workout perfectly. So he finally sends me the price breakdown. I review it and ask him about the more than $1200 worth of dealer markups, on a vehicle that they don’t even have, and I’m ghosted again. Not sure if this is typical business practice but definitely not a good look for a potential customer.


My sales person was Demetrius Andrus.

My sales person was Demetrius Andrus. He did an amazing job at answering all of my questions and finding the perfect vehicle for me and my family!!! Would recommend


As somebody who owns a business and runs their business...

As somebody who owns a business and runs their business based off of customer feedback, I will be the first to say that every experience I’ve had at this dealership has been extremely dissatisfying. I’ve tried to contact the general manager a few times to address my latest issue and cannot receive a call back or get in touch with them. I recently spent nearly $300 on a new key fob. When I went to pick it up, the guy just handed it to me as if the process was done and I left. When I got home I realized that it had to be programmed, so when I called the dealership back they told me it would take a few hours. Why on earth would somebody just hand me my own key fob a custom to my car that would not even work without programming it? I just spent two hours there when I ordered it for my car to be serviced, which was significantly less than the five hours I spent the time before, but you would hope that at that point somebody would mention the programming at least during the ordering or pick up process, or the hours wasted at the dealership when they underestimated how long an oil change would take.


I would stay as far away (read California) from this...

I would stay as far away (read California) from this place as possible. They took a willing and able buyer and blew us off after I complained about a $1300 dealer add on not mentioned in the price of the car. From Sales, to Finance to CJ Barnett, this place wreaks of dishonesty. Just try to argue about bogus charges, they simply will pull the rug out from under you and undo the deal. The BBB complaints pretty much tells the story.


This isn’t the first issue I had with them but it...

This isn’t the first issue I had with them but it definitely solidifies the fact that I will never go to this facility again for any future services. I went in for an oil change on my VW and I specifically told them not to run my car through the car wash because the front plate bracket cannot go through car washes. Well, onion creek VW employees just xxxx what a customer says and they wash it anyway. Well, that messed up my license plate, the bracket AND the reverse threading in my bumper. Now I have no way to fix it and my car isn’t legal since my license plate bracket won’t go in there anymore, thanks to their incompetence. A vehicle I was wanting to keep for years and years has lost basic functionality of remaining legal due to negligence. Someone at corporate VW needs to shut this place down. Anyone considering going to onion creek should just drive to literally ANY other dealer.


I received outstanding customer service from salesman...

I received outstanding customer service from salesman Reggie Collins . Collins was very knowledgeable on the mechanical and technology areas of my 2021 Atlas Grand Sport . He made sure I fully understood every detail of my vehicle prior to driving off . I plan on referring friends and Co workers to Mr collins .

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