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Here at Kerry, we serve as your local Cincinnati, OH and Hamilton Buick and GMC auto dealership. We have a wide selection of new vehicles, as well as GM-certified and pre-owned vehicles. Our used vehicles undergo a number of stringent tests before they are displayed on our lot. So you can be sure you are getting a quality vehicle. If you are looking for a trusted dealer near Tri-County, drop by our Cincinnati, OH GMC and Buick dealership. We, at our showroom, treat you like an individual and not a number. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(24 reviews)

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Transmission nightmare, poor customer service

We purchased a 2023 GMC Sierra Denali recently and have been experiencing a shudder and shaking when driving since day one. We took it to the dealer to have it checked out. The service manager acknowledged the shudder and told us that it was in an acceptable range and that GMC has bad transmissions. When talking with the sales staff and sales manager, they also indicated that many people have had the same complaints. The sales manager took my information and told me he would check into things and get back to me. That was almost a month ago and still no call. I have since talked to my sales person and she also told me that she would get back to me. That has been several weeks now. I didn’t expect when paying $75,000 for a new truck that we would feel like we are driving down a cobblestone road. Very disappointed. No calls, no response. Do NOT buy a GMC and do NOT buy from Kerry.


Will not be back

Twice I had my GMC Terrain in for service and had the tires rotated. Both times ended up with a low tire but it was not the one showing up on the computer. The second time they said they found a screw in the tire and charged me to fix it. I understand they have to charge to fix things but I had to take my time at least an hour each time plus my drive time because they don’t have someone that knows to calibrate the tires when you rotate them. What else don’t they know to do when they work on your car. There are plenty other service centers around. I didn’t buy there I have no idea why I went there.


No Holds Policy

We found a car from them online, and wanted to pay cash. They overnighted us the wire transfer paperwork and asked for flight confirmation details in order to hold the car. They then sold the car to someone else. We have two non-refundable, one-way plane tickets and no way to get home. They are now telling us they actually have a no holds policy.


Straight lemon

I bought a truck cash straight out the door. Was told all I needed was a brake line. Week later will not drive forward. Wow


Worst place to get a car

I went in to get a used car. Got there early and looked at an equinox. She said it was fine I was there early but she wanted to have the car started for me and warm. Sounds nice but when I started the car It started really funny. The lady told me it was ok it was just cold outside. Drove it and it still didn't feel right. Looked at a Nissan and loved it. They told me I could have 1500 down, came back next day they said they need double. Said I couldn't get the car I wanted but tried to sell me a newer and more expensive car instead, a ford. I test drove it and it shifted a little hard but otherwise drove good. Said the finance company wouldn't let me get the cheaper car but would do the loan for the more expensive car. Then when I told them I felt like I was getting taken advantage of, they sent somebody to talk to me and tell me they could run my credit again and get me the loan for the car I wanted in the first place. It was a waste of time and a horrible experience. I went to a car dealership down the street and got a brand new car. And the dealer told me they were definitely trying to get over on me. Don't go here. They will take advantage of you if you're looking for a good deal on a used car and sell you junk. Then tell you they only cover transmission. If you go, take the mechanic or test drive it to the mechanic. Scandalous is the perfect word to describe this place.


Stay away, unethical to say the least

Worked a deal online and via phone on a Monday. Told the dealership we would be o site on Tuesday at a set time. Was there on time and had to wait an hour for them to ‘finish’ the paperwork. Why would it take an hour when everything was agreed to? Finally went to sign the paperwork and found four mistakes, one that would have cost us 10 dollars a month! During the discussion we told the dealership to pull our credit ONE time, our credit was right at 800 so no issues... nope they pulled it FIVE times! I expect more from a dealership, reminds me of a unethical used car lot.


Pontiac Montana AC / PCM Service Cost too much!

I contacted Kerry because I needed to have a PCM programmed/installed in a Pontiac Montana due to incorrect system voltage reads that were causing the AC compressor to not stay engaged. Note: PCM programming is typically a dealership only proprietary item the most non dealer shops cannot do. The vehicle had been previously diagnosed at another shop. I explained this b4 bringing it to Kerry. I asked about how much it would cost to have the service install and program the PCM. I was told the cost for this would be around $250. When I explained the issue found at the other shop it was suggested I should let them run diagnostics b4 the PCM was installed. I accepted that request because I was told it would only be around an additional $124. After one day, I was told the vehicle had no freon in it even though it was temporarily working (AC compressor was engaging) on the drive to the shop. This was the intermittent nature of the AC problem. Kerry said the hi and lo side schrader ports needed replaced. Both ports had been inspected and one replaced at the first shop I had been to. While I struggled to believe both ports needed replaced, i also know Kerry may refuse to service further if I dont allow this service. When I inquired how much my bill was at, I was told it was well over $800 with the add of the port replacement and that the majority was labor for diagnosis... which was being discounted. It was also confirmed that the original shop's diagnosis was correct and the PCM would be needed. This is what I requested and was the true main issue. I supplied the OEM PCM that I had previously ordered, they installed it along with the 2 Schrader valves. Then recharged the AC system. Final cost after labor (which I was told was significantly discounted) was $818. More than triple the original expressed cost to replace and program the PCM alone. The AC is now working correctly in this van. I understand the shop's desire to confirm the original diagnosis, hence my willingness to allow the additional $124 explained on the phone. However I was not informed prior to the significant increase in time/labor charges. My opinion is that the schrader valve replacement, AC service and installing/programming the PCM could have been completed for the $250 plus $124 originally stated. I am not doubting that they did spend significantly more time than they expected, but I think the additional cost in time spent should have been on them, not me since it turned out most of the problem was informed to them ahead of bringing it in for service. Bottom line. Be sure you have a firm estimate PRIOR to having this shop fix a problem. . In hind sight, I wish I had been firm and just asked that the PCM be installed and programmed. It would have saved me $550.


Felt like I was being scammed

Our “salesperson” was very nice and knowledgeable. However, we were passed off to who I believe was the sales manager “David”. He could only tell me the amount of the payment for financing. He “didn’t know” what the total amount was that’s as being financed. Goes back in the office comes back out basically tries to trash me over my credit score, had a sheet that he needed me to sign and pointed to my credit score on the sheet. I track my FICO and it has been well over that for quite some time. Regardless I’m not buying an automobile from anyone that can’t provide all the details of the purchase upfront, especially something as simple as the price.



At first I was thrown and exorbitant amount from the sales personnel. I said no way. Then back he goes and comes back with more than I was willing to pay. I told him you think I'm an old lady and gullible. That's exactly what I thought then and still do. Next he came back with an amount I thought was feasible. But honestly, i love the car I walked out with but wish I had kept the one I traded in. Lastly, after my review to Buick, i get 5 phone calls in 3 minutes asking what they can do to make my experience positive. How about this treat men and women equal. When someone walks in with a great credit rating, make them a great deal. The guys were nice, but don't under estimate a women's intuition. We can read between the lines.


No pressure sale

No pressure sale just a good experience . I didn?t have to set around all day waiting to get the paperwork done

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