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‏ ‏I couldn't be happier with the car I p!

‏I couldn't be happier with the car I purchased! The staff were friendly, honest, professional and delivered on every word and promise. I highly recommend using Toro Auto for your next vehicle purchase.


Don't Buy

They put me in a car that was unsafe. Total disregard for a family thinking they had a vehicle at the least was safe and sound realizing the fact that it was used. Stay away they will do nothing good in the way of backing their cars up. Can't believe I got sucked in by unscrupulous people. It's criminal.


Happy with result

Had a great experience buying our daughters first vehicle. Honest and upfront about as is and warranty etc... After finding some issues deemed safety concerns, Yaz and Badar went above and beyond to make sure we were happy and repaired the issues at no cost even though it was bought as is. We were very appreciative of their handling and repairs to make us feel safe with the vehichle as well as comfortable with the purchase. thanks again guys!


Buyer Beware

I was recently looking at a 2007 Ford Sport Trac and went there to test drive it. The list price was 9,999.00. While not expecting a car in perfect condition, I also was not expecting to purchase a car that had a rear end making a lot of noise, and risk having to drop another 3-4000 to replace the differential. Therefore while I liked the truck, I offered them to take cash at an amount less than the listed amount because of the risk involved. I was told their prices are FIRM regardless of the condition. Therefore, I told the gentleman that I would take my business elsewhere because I was not taking that risk. I had my brother who has been a mechanic for 35 years with me for the test drive, and he noticed the grating sound in the rear end. In today's market it is ridiculous that such greedy car dealers expect to sell time bombs to the public without lowering their price so that the customer can plan to spend more cash in repairs up front, rather than buy the vehicle and then see a huge bill for repairs due to the unscrupulous business practices of the Dealership. I will report this to the Consumer Protection Department and DMV as I am an Attorney who has dealt with such nonsense in the past. For anyone who gets burned on a purchase from this dealeship, I suggest you file suit based upon the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act (CUTPA) if you suffer damages as you are entitled to double and treble damages when you prove your case. Or simply avoid this dealer altogether.


Great people

The guys are Toro are great I have just bought my 6th car from them They are the ONLY ones I go to for vehicles Any negative reviews are xxxxxxxx in my opinion


Would recommend

Would recommend toro auto to buy a good quality used car. They had everything from the financing to the registration & plates taken care of which made ot easy.


Beware - Do Not Buy From

BEWARE. 2 days after buying the truck it needed repair. They fixed but caused other damage while doing it and did not fix I had to. Go somewhere else. Claims they safety checked the truck but didn’t have key for locking lug nuts. Had to order it.



I wish negative stars was possible. Yaz and his minions are thieves. Car miserably failed inspection. Wouldn’t fix it. Held car hostage. We had to get the Attorney General and lawyers involved. Come to find out. They have more lawsuits against them than you can count. Absolute thieves.



I am a MA resident; I went to this dealership to look at a truck. The price was nearly $18,000.00, and for this price I was a bit disappointed by the condition of the truck (tires nearly bald). I expected more for such a high price. Vehicles seem to be sold as is? Crazy price to pay if it needs new tires from the start!! What else would it need?



I filled out an application for financing and got the run around for 2 days says I will call you first thing in the morning no call no nothing and if you text you don’t get any answer I have never been to many car dealerships in the past where you get your answer in an hour if your approved or at least a call back to let you know what’s going on not this place awful customer service…