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Love my new car

Yaz always answered his phone and got things done quickly so I could get my new car on the road. I wasn’t pressured at all. I had a friend who knows his stuff look over the car for any issues. While I was there, we saw some minor dings and quirks to the car, it is a 2012 and it’s to be expected with used cars, but the price was pretty good and lower than most places. It was a pretty easy process. Yaz doesn’t BS or try to sell you. Very laid back. It was good experience, especially in this high demand car market.



Bad customer service.... I was able to only look no test drive without proof of $ on hand....Who does this? Im not driving around with thousands of dollars in my pocket. I bought somewhere else. I'd avoid this dealership.



Few months ago, I found two Ford Transit Connect I was interested online at Toro. I called and spoke to Yaz and we made arrangements to go look at both it. When I arrived, he had both out front to look at. I decided on one of them and test drove it. I liked it after the test drive and I did the application online which he sent to me through text, I liked how everything was done digital and easy going. The whole staff were very professional and I would definitely go back again knowing that they sell these commercial vehicles which I use for my business.



READ!!!!! Do not buy a car from these people after buying a car from here 3 days after getting it home the check engine light came on they told me that there Mechanics charge a 130 an hourly would not help me. It has been in the shop more than I have driven it after spending more than $3000 on parts and labor I finally have a running vehicle. If you feel like you are getting a deal you are Not you will end up paying more on the things that go wrong with the cars they sell BUYERS BEWARE



Everyone I spoke with was very nice. These guys were super professional. Car was a really good value and had the OTD price ready with a carfax history report ready for me when I arrived. I would recommend this place.



Went there to buy a truck and was handed keys started truck had a ticking/knocking sound went in to talk to the owner he said they all do that asked how much to fix we’re busy but we offer warranty plans the gentleman who gave me keys was too busy on phone I own of the trucks I was looking at with more miles than the one I was looking at and it dosent (TICK) or Knock when I turn it on


Avoid !!

Never call back, if you have issues with vehicle even a day later, very difficult to work with. Bought out of state, promised to have it registered, gave me temporary registration, week before it expired reminded them kept saying for a week, that they would send one and temp license plate print out in email. Never did, refuse to pick up or return calls couple days now, temp Plates and reg expired



Excellent Service and a seamless process. The entire team at Toro Auto was competent and talented!! They were very accommodating to my busy schedule.Happy to do business with them again.


Place Should Not Be Allowed To Be In Business!

Do not go to this place! Went back twice because truck wasn't starting. First, they said it was battery and relay and they replaced it. Drove ok for a few days. Had to be out of town for work for several weeks and issue returned. They said it was fine, "must be because it sat for a while." Went to my mechanic and he said the starter needed to be replaced. The xxxx bags at Toro said they would look at it and "give me a really good discount on any repairs." I went back and forth with them and they wouldn't even meet me half way. Fast forward and I'm out $500 for a new starter installed by a competent mechanic. Now I'm dealing with a leaky radiator. Karma will get these idiots. Total lying scammers. All they want is your money. DO NOT GO HERE! THEY SUCK! Absolutely miserable experience at the Toro dump.


Deceptive and shady

I have read all of the negative reviews and thank you, l won't be going there. Vehicle descriptions are a joke they have multiple lines for the same items, like windows, seats, steering wheel, door locks and the list goes on. They just reword it.