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(36 reviews)

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disappointed with the service at this dealership. Justin...

disappointed with the service at this dealership. Justin was passive aggressive in his remarks as we discussed wanting to do business but wondering if he could make any other accommodations on the price as the vehicle was not only older but would need work done in it down the line due to the wear. I’ve worked with a handful of other dealerships with much better customer service skills and was appalled of his cocky attitude when it became apparent we weren’t completely sold and ready to sign off. Justin, if you are reading this.. please be mindful of your tone.. you “keeping it real” type personality may have gotten you far in other areas but in this case drove us away.. and made me want to write a review to boot. Best of luck on the new $70,000 vehicle you bragged about as well as the slew of other vehicles.. had you have lost the attitude you would have closed the deal, alas your ego seemed to have got the best of you. You could have waved the $400 “document prep fee” and closed the deal..kinda glad things didn’t pan out.


These guys had a couple of trucks I was interested in....

These guys had a couple of trucks I was interested in. They were all well represented in the ad on Facebook. I went with a Ram and couldn't be happier with my decision!


Highly Recommended!!

Jay and his team were amazing to deal with! They have a great inventory of nice quality cars for decent prices. Customer service was excellent! Will definitely consider shopping for a used car here again in the future!


Jay and his team were amazing to work with! Customer...

Jay and his team were amazing to work with! Customer service was excellent! They have many great cars for a decent price available and are not pushy like other dealers we had dealt with before. Highly recommend this dealership and will definitely consider going back again for another car in the future! Happy customer with an awesome Ford 150 :)


Fast Easy and Local

A great independent used car lot, checked out some nice trucks with low miles - best of all no pushy sales people telling me what I should be looking for.


Peter and Jay were great to work with. No pressure or...

Peter and Jay were great to work with. No pressure or games. They were very up front and honest. LOVE THE TRUCK - Would Recommend Thanks


I guess you can't trust a salesman...

We found a truck at this dealership we wanted. It came used from Canada and had to be inspected and worked on after clearing customs before it could be sold, so we couldn't move forward with the purchase until then. My husband sat down and crunched the numbers with both the owner and their loan guy. Owner Jay said they'd get it ready for us and hold it. Like I said my husband went in that day with the intent to buy it. We were on vacation during the week it was being inspected and worked on. My husband was in text contact with the owner multiple times throughout the week and he even texted us last night telling us it was ready and waiting for us today! We left our family and vacation early to come down to Saco and get the truck this morning (had we known it would be ready earlier my husband would have driven down mid vacation to get it). Again, my husband was told it was ready and waiting for us JUST LAST NIGHT! We get to the dealership and let the salesman know who we were and that we were here for the truck. He told us, "Too bad, those guys just bought it." We told him we were under the impression the truck was being held for us as Jay and my husband had discussed. His reply; "I don't know what to tell ya BUD". Let's pause here talk about, A) How unprofessional this response is, B) How unhelpful it is and C) how RUDE this response is. I asked this man (I regret not learning his name) to find out what was going on and what happened and he skirtingly said he would. His response you ask? It was to come back out of the business with the tool used to remove sales stickers and remove the sticker from the truck we were there to buy right in front of us. The end. Nothing more. Not another word. He never offered us any actual help, or ya know, a SORRY. Next time try "hey sorry that truck sold but we have another truck over here" ...Or any kind of customer service at all really! Or try keeping your word. Not that that matters anymore, I guess. He didn't care about us. He sold his truck, they made their money and he made his commission. They're happy, we're screwed. I honestly can't accurately express how rude this salesman was. My husband had had a great experience with the owner up until then. We left the dealership and called the owner because, as I already stated and can't stress enough, my husband and he had what I would call a oral contract that had been confirmed via text throughout the week the truck was being inspected and worked on, and they had JUST texted with each other not 12 hours earlier to let us know it was ready and waiting for us today!! During this call the owner Jay said, let me call the dealership and figure out what happened and I'll get back to you. Do you think we've heard back? NOPE! Now, I know perfectly well that we didn't put money down to hold the truck but we would have. When my husband first went to buy it (over a week ago) and it wasn't available he asked Jay, "what do I need to do to have you hold this truck for me until it's ready?" And his response was, "You just did it". They shook hands and he walked out the door. To me that's an oral contract and like I said, one that was confirmed throughout the week. Nevertheless, the rude sales person and Automile Motors just through that agreement out the window when someone else walked through the door. Too bad too because we love bringing our money to small businesses and had this gone well we would have looked there first for our next vehicle. I guess we should have read the reviews first. I hope this helps someone not get their hopes up and to get better business elsewhere! Honestly, I'm glad they aren't getting our business today or any other day!


Great place to buy a vehicle

Great experience!! Easy honest and great pricing. I would highly recommend this dealer and I will be back when my wife needs a new vehicle.


Helped Find the car i Wanted

Jay was super helpful trying to find the exact car i wanted and went above and beyond. I would go back there in a heartbeat!


Great buying experience!!

Would recommend these guys to anyone looking for a used vehicle! We were there to inquire about a vehicle we stopped to look at the night before while they were closed and within a few hours we had bought it and were on the road. I would much rather give our money to a small dealership that is not going to try to sell you something you cannot afford & add all kinds of extra costs.

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