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Even though we have changed our name Bel Air Hyundai is still your local dealership that serves the needs of all our Maryland Hyundai customers. Whether you are looking for a new Hyundai in Maryland come see Bel Air Hyundai. Located on the corner of Bel Air Road and Harford Road your greater Baltimore Hyundai dealer is easy to find from anywhere in Maryland. We are just minutes northeast of Baltimore on Highway 1. Please view our hours and directions page if you need specific driving directions to our Bel Air Hyundai dealership.

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(727 reviews)

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Nothing but problems and I was given a run around with my

Nothing but problems and I was given a run around with my 2022 Hyundai Tucson that originally had a recall that I know was not fixed . Even gave Jones Service Dept all the proof of the problem my car was having from other Hyundai customers with a fix and the contact number to call from another Hyundai dealer who fixed the problem and the manager Jay never bothered . He just kept telling me he knows the problem with my car but he has no resolution. Taking my business to another Hyundai dealer to get it fixed thankfully they got me an appt away after I told them what I have been going through to get my cars shaking steering wheel fixed at highway speeds . I mean at least call the customer back I had to go in person just to speak to management because they DO NOT RETURN CALLS !

Dealer response

We are extremely disappointed to hear about your experience with us. We strive for communicative, friendly, and helpful service from all of our staff members and we are sorry we did not meet your expectations. We thoroughly apologize for any inconvenience we have caused and are disappointed we lost your business with us. We would like to look further into your experience. Please email us at and our Customer Relations Manager has been made aware of your review and will be looking for your correspondence.


I Came in for a FREE oil change service that comes with

I Came in for a FREE oil change service that comes with the Jones for a Lifetime offer when you purchase a car from the dealership however, I leave with a $300 Invoice due to the sales advisor offering a service but leaving out the price. Why Offer something that is $300 if I came for a free service? Also, why wouldn't you disclose the price before performing the service. Both the sales advisor (Mitch) and the manager we're very arrogant and had nasty attitudes. You would think that someone in a managerial position would make the situation better or see both sides of the story but, in this case, it was a completely different outcome, Jay, the manager I spoke to who reacted very negatively, he aggressively gave me keys and said, "Just Do NOT come back here again". Customer Service is very poor.

Dealer response

We take your feedback very seriously and are disappointed to hear you did not have a good experience with us during your last visit. We strive for great service in all of our departments and we are sorry we did not meet your expectations. We would love to speak with you regarding your visit. At your nearest convenience, please email us at We have alerted our Customer Relations Manager and they will be in touch. Thank you for choosing Jones.


Not Helpful

Jerry is the best 17 year sales experience 17 year of be shady and lying. I asked if the vehicle come with floor mat, he said no. Rather than saying let me see what I can do. And I asked the owner manual he said everything is all online now. As I was leaving the dealership Jerry asked what if I can get you the floor mat, will that seal the deal. 0.o xxx. So I agree, I handle over a express draft paper, Jerry look at it for 3 second and said we don’t accept this.0.o Rather than walking over and ask the finance officer. However, to whom is reading this if you are buying a car there GO SEE CHRIST HERNANDEZ he is more helpful and friendly.

Dealer response

Hi, we are disappointed to hear you did not have a good experience with us. We strive for our entire staff to provide friendly, communicative, and thorough service and we are sorry we did not meet your expectations. We would like to hear more about your visit. At your convenience, please email us at and a member of our Customer Relations team will be in touch.


Michael S.

Michael S. exceeding our expectations. Everything went real smooth. Mike got us a good deal on a trade in plus a great price on a new car. Rick

Dealer response

Thank you so much for your wonderful review! We are glad we could exceed your expectations and make your experience a smooth one! Thank you for choosing Jones!


The car my daughter bought is very nice and a fair price.

The car my daughter bought is very nice and a fair price. Salesman called me immediately once I sent an inquiry to them about it.

Dealer response

Hi, thank you so much for your review! We are glad we could provide a good experience for you and your daughter! Thank you for choosing Jones!


I just had my car fix at Jones and the best service ever.

I just had my car fix at Jones and the best service ever. My car was fixed in 1 day. I could not believe it. I had the best customer service ever!!! Thank you so much Brian and Ryan. I rate you as the best dealership in Harford County!!!! I am also grateful for all your help!!


I have been looking for an affordable, good 2014-2016

I have been looking for an affordable, good 2014-2016 used V6 or V8 Ford Mustang convertible. They are very hard to find I drove three hours from Maryland to get to the Jeff D'Ambrosio car dealership at 1225 E. Lancaster Avenue in Downington, PA and I really liked the car, We negotiated a reasonable price for the trade and I drove home in the Mustang having purchased it. I went to the Maryland DMV late the next afternoon to start the process of registering the car and by the time I left at 4.45 pm there were only two other people there. When I left and got to the car in the parking lot I found that the dealers temporary (metal) plate had been stolen from the back of the car. I reported it to the local police who said "Yes, this happens quite a lot. Once a thief has your plate he can put it on any number of stolen cars as he drives around." So I had the car and no plate. I called the dealership and they were able to overnight the plate to me by Fedex so I was able to start driving it the next day. Great job Jon and Stephen.

Dealer response

Thank you so much for your feedback! We appreciate your kind words! Enjoy your mustang.


My 18 Kona broke down in the middle of I-95 on Memorial

My 18 Kona broke down in the middle of I-95 on Memorial Day. I got it towed to the dealership because I have pretty good experience working with other Hyundai dealerships and my car was still under warranty. When I got there, the sales people helped me out, which was nice. Jessica, one of the service advisors, called me the next day (Tuesday, 5/31) to let me know about the estimates for the repair; all 4 injectors went bad and had to do de-carbon cleaning, over $1,800. I initially said yes to this and she said she has to order the parts and the car will be repaired by Friday. I spoke with a friend who is an advisor at a dealership and he said something isn’t right as replacing all 4 injectors plus de-carbon cleaning shouldn't be over $1,800. He suggested that I get the breakdown of the bill. I called them back the next day (Wednesday, 6/1) and asked to speak with Jessica to get the breakdown of the bill. The gentleman I spoke with said Jessica is off that day and he doesn’t have access to that (red flag). He added the only person who has access to breakdown of the bill is Jessica. He informed me that he will be speaking with a manager and have the manager contact me. I called them back at around 10am because I hadn’t received a call from the manager. The lady that I spoke with (Carol) said that the repair is actually around $900 (red flag) and Jessica was giving me a huge discount. I asked her in regards to why it cost over $1,800 and she said I am going to have to speak with the manager for that and forwarded me to the manager. He didn’t answer and I left a message requesting a call. At around 2-3pm, I still haven’t received a call so I contacted the dealership again, and I was able to speak with the manager. I asked for the breakdown of the bill, which he said he doesn’t have access to, only the advisor who wrote up the repair order has access to this (red flag). I told him that I don’t feel comfortable going ahead with the services until I get the breakdown of the bill, which he said would be fine. 2 days go by, I contacted the dealership again (Friday, 6/3) and spoke with Jessica. Jessica said my car was in the bay getting ready to be repaired. I told her that I spoke with her manager on Tuesday and communicated that I don’t feel comfortable with getting my repair done until I get the breakdown of the bill. She said she will have to call me back as the repair bill was with the mechanic that was working on my car, and said she will have to call me back. What type of a dealership, let alone a mechanic shop, doesn't have access to the breakdown of the bill when they answer their phones? She called me back about 2 hours later for breakdown of the bill: $540 for the injectors, 6.5 hours of labor at $140 an hour, $225 for de-carb cleaning, $135 for diag fee, and other fees which totaled up to $1,820.55. I told her I contacted 5 different independent mechanics around the dealership and the Hyundai dealership where I take my car to and asked them to quote the exact same repair. They all said the chances of all 4 injectors going bad on a car less than 100k miles is very slim. Additionally, they all said it takes 3 hours max to get the job done, and the total would be between $800 to $1,000. I asked Jessica about the labor time, and she said 6.5 hours is the hours that Hyundai recommends to charge the customers. I contacted my Hyundai dealership and asked if this was true, which they said no to (red flag). I contacted the Hyundai corporate to clarify this, to which they will be opening up a case for me. At this point, Jones Hyundai was lying and was trying to take advantage of me because I am from out of town. I contacted Jessica to tell her that I don’t want the repair to be done as they aren’t being transparent and would like to take my car somewhere else. Jessica said in order to do that, I had to pay $700 as the parts they ordered were non-refundable. I contacted them later that day to tell them that I am not paying for the parts as I don’t think the issues were the injectors. I also told Jessica that if I find out the issues weren’t related to the injectors themselves and I had to pay for the injectors, then I am going to have to take them to the court. I went to get my car the next day (Saturday, 6/4), and Jessica told me that she spoke with the parts manager and he waived the parts. I paid the diagnosis fee of $164.79 and got my car back. I brought my car down to the dealership I take my car to, and I just picked up my car today (Thursday, 6/9). Here is what they found: the 1 and 3 cylinders misfire due to not secure coil packs, inspected the injectors, no issues with the injectors, smelled gasoline coming from the intake gasket, cleaned the gasket, and reinstalled. They also test drove my vehicle twice to ensure there were no more gasoline smell coming through. This was a $390.96 repair. They also noted that even if I went ahead and replaced the injectors, the initial cause of the problem wouldn’t have gone away and I would have broken down on the way back to Virginia. So I have some questions for Jones Hyundai Service-If my dealership could smell the gasoline from the gasket, there is no way that you all didn’t smell this. I don’t believe you did proper diagnosing to figure out what was wrong with my car. I think you just saw and heard from me and concluded that I need all 4 injectors without even removing my plastic engine cover. I would like a genuine explanation from your general manager for this. Not only was this price gouging, but also this is directly related to the safety of the driver. I don’t want to hear from Jessica, or the service manager, I want to hear from the general manager of the dealership for an explanation.

Dealer response

Thank you for providing this feedback. We are extremely disappointed to hear that this occurred at our dealership. This is not the customer service that we strive to demonstrate and we are concerned to hear about the things that occurred during your visit. This information will be given to the Service Manager as well as the Customer Service Manager. Please stand by for a call.

Consumer response

Would you mind letting me know around when you will be calling so that I can arrange with my work? Thanks


Customer service was horrible Nick the salesman

I bought a Jeep on Saturday May 28 at 18:00 hours. When it came to the last step the MVA paper work the inspection said 79872 and the actual reading is 78872 a thousand mile differance. I am not mad because someone made a mistake I'm furious about the salesman Nick. He never texted me on Monday to say that nobody was working and when I sent him a text he said it was not their fault. I'm sorry but I was under the impression that Jones was a team that was all about getting you in a car and making your experience at Jones a easy and professional. Nick needs to grow up and accept the fall for the team as his face is the one the customers talk to. He is a car salesman that only cares about himself and after the paper work was done and he had his sale HE COULD HAVE CARED LESS ABOUT ME. I'm just furious about the way Nick handled the Jones mistake and I will never be back or reccomend anyone!!

Dealer response

Hi Rick! We are extremely disappointed to hear that this was your experience with us. We strive to create a better environment than the one you described. We would like to see what we could do about your experience with us. If you would, please email your information to and our Customer Relations Manager will be in touch. Thank you for your feedback.


I am writing to inform someone who may care about my

I am writing to inform someone who may care about my experience today trying to get my oil changed. I scheduled my appointment two weeks ago. It took that long just to get the appointment for the next “free lifetime oil change”. I had no problem waiting two weeks for my appointment. So today my appointment was scheduled for 2:00p.m., and the advisor I was given as a contact was Mitch, to whom I never did see or talk to when I came in for appointment. I arrived 10 minutes early and it took about 7 minutes until someone asked me if I was being helped while I was standing there outside my car in your Service Department drop off bay. So she took my information and took me over to a woman to whom I did not get her name. They were informed earlier and at that present time that I would be waiting for my car while the oil change service was performed. They told me to have a seat in the waiting area and they will come get me when the car was complete and ready. I walked through the waiting area and visited the car lot at the Nissan and Toyota end of lot. When I came back I walked into the service area where I originally parked inside to drop off my car. It had not moved in that 20 to 25 minutes. I walked into the waiting area and took a seat and waited until 3:00. I walked back into the service drop off area to see if car was ready, thinking maybe they could not find me to let me know it was finished. I found the car parked outside. I questioned the same advisor that originally took my keys and she told me they did not get to it yet that they were short handed. I asked for my keys and left without getting my oil changed. By the way, I was also going to ask about the cost of the fuel sending unit being diagnosed and repaired or replaced. I am glad I did not ask for that. I am just curious why would someone schedule a customer that is going to wait for an oil change when you could not possibly get it done in the normal 20 to 30 minute time frame, or at least get to it within an hour? I have the feeling that since it was a free oil change maybe you are trying to have people not want to bring their Jones purchased vehicles in for that service.

Dealer response

Hi Tom. We are concerned and disappointed to hear about your experience with us. We would like to look into this situation further for you, if you would please email us at someone from our customer relations team will reach out!

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