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(61 reviews)

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Bad experience

Bought an Evo 9 (my first Evo, Previous owner of 3 Subarus, 2 of which were STIs) from this dealership in March, a month after returning home from my Tour in Iraq. It was pretty much a deployment late Christmas gift to myself in a sense, after 6 months of being overseas. Had nothing but problems since the day I had it delivered here to the Fort Campbell, KY/Clarksville, TN area (101st). One of the dealers took me on a test drive. The car had some blow by and was hesitant to do a pull past 6500rpms because he recommended the car gets a retune. Fair enough. I rented a vehicle and drove back home 7hours. Upon delivery the car had a rough idle and check engine light came on. Problems only got worse from there. Bad O2 sensors, leaking oil cooler, stall while driving, faulty actuator daughter pin, blow by got worse, burns through oil, speedometer hasn't ever worked and radio recently went out along with some other minor issues. Well of course I couldn't get a retune until I had the car running right. After spending hundreds to figure out what the issue was, it was finally determined all along I had a Bad turbo. In about 5-6 months of ownership I have not had the luxury of enjoying what I paid for. I've spent more money than the amount of mileage I've driven the car (800+ miles) by far. If you're liking for a project this is a good place to start, but if you're looking for a daily or something reliable don't waste your time. I first contacted them when the problems started and the only code the vehicle threw was a secondary O2 code, after a lengthy back and forth debate, they sent me one but that didn't fix the issue. I didn't bother them again this whole time because I rather not debate about what I saw was happening in front of me. I recently contacted them again to let them know what the issue was along and guess who's stuck with a $1200 bill before taxes? This guy. They claim that their vehicles are thoroughly inspected before sale, either that's not an accurate statement or they need to fire their technicians. Deep down I want to believe they're good people due to our initial encounter because there's a reason I trusted them, but I'll never do business here again. I'm now considering selling the vehicle due to the fact I'm being medically retired from the army and I'm tired of dumping money into a car I barely drive. Worst car buying experience and most problematic vehicle I've ever owned (13). If any of what I stated is inaccurate, I'd like for the dealership to acknowledge so corrections may be made to this review. Hoah!


Huge selection and honest service.

Bought a 2005 Evo 8 from Xtreme a few days ago. Took a train to Chicago and drove it back 500 miles to NY without a single issue. Aj & Ray were upfront with me about everything and kept in contact to make sure I made it back home. If i lived closer I'd prob just go there an hang out wit them, cool guys and they have about 20 evos on their lot. A++ sellers.


Sight unseen

Purchased my 06 Evo solely based on photos, a video walk around and a description of the car?s condition by the staff. Everything was spot on and an amazing experience. Wouldn?t hesitate to send a friend here to do the same.


hassle free

Couldn?t be happier with my new Evo MR. Ray and AJ made my car buying experience hassle and stress free. Thanks again for the excellent customer service boys. Definitely recommend this dealership.


Great cars and great service

I bought a car from this place living in Hickory, North Carolina which is over 11 hours away. I was so scared because my son was in love with a Mitsubishi they had but I knew we were not going to be able to travel there. We ended up going through with the purchase and did everything over the phone. My son is so happy with his car. They really went above and beyond in every way.



Beware of what you get from here. They keep the "nice" cars inside and keep the garbage cars outside. Do your due diligence if you are desperate enough to buy a car from these guys.

Dealer response

Thank you for the fake, yet very confusing review "Bill". We as any other dealership can only keep an X amount of vehicles in our in-door showroom. Writing a dealership a review solely based on the amount of vehicles that are kept inside vs. outside does not make any sense. It is very odd you would say "Beware of what you get from here", if you did not purchase a vehicle nor are not descriptive as to which vehicle you were even looking at. All of our vehicles are represented accurately and in the best possible condition for our clients. To give our future clients some further insight. We have not had any client by the name of Bill, ever. Unfortunately, in the Chicagoland area it is very easy for most individuals to open what they consider a "dealership". To further their own reputation, as children they write hateful reviews on other dealership websites. We have thousands of satisfied clients and we will continue to do so as we encourage you to give us an opportunity yourself prior to giving in to these children's negative thoughts.


Excellent Experience

Excellent experience on all of my visits. Everyone was very knowledgeable from day 1 and acknowledged me immediately each time. All of my questions were answered without making me feel dumb like other dealerships I went to. I am very happy with how I was treated and how the car has treated me so far.


great car, great service, satisfied

great car, great staff, easy to deal with! very happy with my car


So worth it!

After getting burned on my last car purchase from a larger dealership who had no clue what a modified car was.. I went with Xtreme Motorwerks. Being 8 hours away I didn't know much about them but as soon as they called me on my online inquiry, 5 mins in and I had already learned more about their Evos than any other dealership I called. The Evo I was originally interested in was in the process of being sold so I was offered 7 different Evos that weren't on the website yet. Truth be told, my buddies and I drove 7.5 hours from Nebraska and bought 2 Evo 9s to drive back home. Can't say that for many other dealerships. Nebraska doesn't have anything close to the quality or performance as Xtreme Motorwerks.


Mitsubishi Evolution 9 MR

Where to Start...If your looking for a short review; Ray, AJ, & Alex were the best team anyone can ask for to help you get all pictures, answers and information you need. Very Transparent about everything, walked through the process with me step by step. Couldn't have made things go easier. Extremely happy with my car! MY STORY: I live in TX, and if you have ever looked for an EVO with low miles and finding it Stock then you know its frustrating. I am very particular about my cars, so when their inventory came across my computer I had the intention of flying up there prior to making a deal. (at the end of it though, it wasn't necessary) The first call with Ray was extremely helpful from day one. One of the first things anyone ask for is a picture of an under carriage to check out the rust. He had it to me that day I asked. Along with the car fax, and TONS! of other questions answered. He has been patient and understanding with me step by step. Which made me that much more confident in flying over there. They picked me up from the airport , and really treated me as I was one of there own in the shop. They never talked down to me, and were actually very curious on what would be the next step if this vehicle was the one. Each of the guys have their own JDM, and I think that is what made the experience that much more fun! Its not their job, but their passion! Each one had there own personal input on what can be done, what shouldn't be done, but it was all respectively. So when it came down to business they make it a point for you to realize they are not only here to help you with the car, but to become a part of the next step when you drive off in your new car! Because of this, they are able to keep in contact with some of the previous car owners trade-in's and in turn able to provide the new buyer with answers to specific questions they might not have the answers to. They also helped me find shipment back to TX, which wasn't bad at all. It was a better alternative than putting miles on it, and doing wear and tear. They DO NOT "turn and burn" vehicles, but really take their time and wont let anyone drive off until it meets the high standards they have set for themselves. There was zero pressure through out the entire process and after everything was done, they drove me back to the airport and my car arrived shortly after that in my city. I will be purchasing my next car from them, and if you don't see something online, they have the knowledge on how to find it.

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