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(29 reviews)

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THE ABSOLUTE WORST PLACE TO GET A CAR... they bagged all my belongings in my car and threw them in the trunk for no reason



Do not buy a car from 6kay and under you pay way to much and the come and tow your car with out any notice when you call them they hang up and you have to keep calling I was 33 days late on my payment and I'm paying way too much for a Honda pilot I've already put so much money into this car or i would let it go back the head light when out with in a month of buying it had to get a oil change in the same month of purchasing my vehicle I wish I would have did research before I became a customer they are very unprofessional they we're cussing when I went to pick up my vehicle they don't work with you at all please so not give them your money I wish I had someone to tell me that RUN


Terrible service

ABSOLUTELY THE WORST PLACE TO BUY A CAR! Mechanics don’t at all know what they are doing. They tell you they will get back to you about things regarding your car and you won’t hear back until months later


Best Used Car Dealer!

Staff was super friendly and honest. Helped me out in a tight situation and I can't thank them enough! I would 10/10 recommend these guys for all your car buying needs!


Wonderful service

I love 6 k and under they have been great any problems they made sure it was fixed I recommend 6k to any one thanks


DO not deal with these crooks!!!!!!

I have NO idea how these people have anything over 1 star reviews.. actually yes I do, the owners make you a GREAT deal and when they walk you out they hover you until you log in and leave them 5 stars lol Unless you want a lemon, and want to deal with complete money hungry xxxxxxxx I would absolutely avoid this place at all cost! Yes they will make you a deal, they’ll accept anything down and work with you on monthly payments. Want to know why??? Because they KNOW they will get this vehicle back within a few months and make double off of it. My fiancé got his truck from them and a month or two later got me a murano for Christmas. Shortly after this his entire computer system went out leaving him stranded on the side of the road, he didn’t want to wait weeks or months for their crooked shop to fix it so he spent almost $3000 to get it fixed himself. Shortly after this, we SWITCHED insurance companies and I sent them an email with the info for the new company. “Apparently” they didn’t get the email and TOWED his vehicle while we were asleep because they “thought” we didn’t have insurance. We drove to Lexington as soon as they opened with MORE proof of insurance, and got into a huge argument with the people working there and they refused to release the vehicle until we paid a $250 tow fee. One of the owners- Moe called me a b*xxx and threw a cup of coffee on my car ( which I still have video of but never posted because they talked me in to deleting my bad reviews and not showing the video). A few months later my fiancé’s truck had a million and one issues, and the owner didn’t follow thru with his word of removing money off of the back end for the $3000 he had to spend on it himself, so we let them repo the vehicle. Fast forward a few months, I had been late on a car payment so I called their office and had them put my card on file and run it automatically. First month was fine, they ran it on time, no issues.. 2nd month they show up at my job to repo my vehicle! Because the owner FORGOT to have them run my payment! What type of crap is this?! Why didn’t it happen automatically???? So I had to call and pay the payment PLUS A TOW FEE AND THEY NEVER EVEN TOWED MY VEHICLE. Okay, so the very next night I get woken up at 1am from ANOTHER COMPANY TRYING TO TOW MY VEHICLE! I went out there and showed them on my phone where it was paid, told them what happened and they were absolutely furious that Mike, the owner, never called off the other 3 tow companies they had out after my vehicle, and the tow truck driver said this happens very often all due to lack of communication from the owner, he apologized and left. Fast forward another few months.. my transmission started going out on my murano.. By the time I spent $3000 on a transmission it was completely not worth me keeping the vehicle with as many miles were on it and as much money as I owed.. so I called and told them just to come repo it... I asked the lady was my card on file and she said no. I had her triple check, so they wouldn’t run a payment when I told them to come get the vehicle, she promised me there was no card number on file. 3 weeks later they hadn’t come to get my vehicle yet even after me calling them 3 times and cancelling insurance, and guess what! They ran a payment!!! When I called back up there, again, they swore they had no card number on file. I spoke with the owner and he said within a few days of them getting the vehicle they would refund the payment they took without my permission. It’s now been MONTHS and nothing, every time we called we would get hung up on, or transferred and voicemails were never ever returned. Now we get a letter saying we owe for the full amount of whatever is left after they sell the vehicle. PLEASE do not give them your business, I’ve never in my entire life met “business” people that act like this! While shopping for my new car, every single car lot in Richmond and Lexington said I made a horrible decision by getting a v


Dont waste your time getting a car from them

Dont waste your time going to them all there cars a garbage they never have the parts thats the car needs and they always lieing.. They get mad when you wont your car fixed but they always wont money money money



These people are amazing to work with. They take very good care of you and they are very negotiable with everybody. Gus is the most honest person I have ever worked with. He always tells the truth and doesn't cheat anyone. I bought my whole family cars from him. It's a great pleasure to do business with these people. I highly recommend this place for everyone!! Thank you 6k!!


Buy car

Good customer service and they are willing to work with you on your payments and credit score. They give you comfort in buying a car


6k and under

They are very helpful people when needing a vehicle..i recommend to anyone needing a vehicle. 6kand under probably best in town give a call asap

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