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(1,214 reviews)

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I tried going through the BBB, but the manager has...

I tried going through the BBB, but the manager has decided to outright lie some more and now after a week hasn't responded. I won't get into too much detail because I don't think it's a fault of Tasca name, but I am more than sure I was a victim of some malicious mind game that is going on with the staff. So this is as brief as I can get it- hoping it can be resolved before taking it to the federal consumer protection bureau and if I have to, I will go to civil courts. I have reviewed everything, I've had a professional legal representative look things over, and for sure, there is fraud, there is a lemon law broke, and intentionally withheld a postal credit union's money for no obvious reason other than to play games and feel powerful over someone without control. If I really want to stretch it, it's technically stealing from federal employees, a felony no matter what state you live in. I'm not asking for anything unreasonable or unfair. But I need closure, and I need justice. And these people representing the Tasca name need to understand consequences are real for their actions. So just the facts: Saturday March 6th I purchased a vehicle from tasca buick, after days on the phone with the sales rep, and a horrible experience w the financial manager, I stuck it out because the price was great, low mileage, and a very confident return policy. However, march 8th, Monday, I informed my bank and Tasca I was returning the car for multiple reasons. Biggest issue and red flag: failed emissions inspection. No wonder they wouldn't allow me to register it myself... I should've never let them convince me they would register it, at the price of over $600, I've read the fee lists for both RI and NH, never would have cost that much, not even close, I told them it was a major inconvenience for me to wait on registering, but they refused to budge. I needed that in order to get an inspection sticker. The one on the car had expired in Oct-2019, shown on the Carfax. Another weird, unexplainable mark on the Carfax is a entire color change. Gray to brown, and then my paperwork receipt states it's black... Odd. They refused to accept that I wanted to return it, via texts, to the point I didn't know if they were going to cause real problems. The return policy clearing states 7 days money back guarantee. There no terms and conditions, no asterisk, no mileage limit or anything. I had thoroughly looked into this before I even began the buying process. Moving on, I brought the car back march 10th, they took well over 4 hours if not longer to inspect the car. Take my paperwork, Bassett and I signed a few things, and then he refused to give me a check back. Mind you, these guys cashed the check in the morning after I told them my intentions of returning it, just needed to get a ride from RI back to NH. But well within the 7 days return policy. I spoke w my bank, he promised to send a check via USPS as an overnight. 3 weeks later, after countless lies, refusing to be professional and just send the money back, 3 whole weeks went by! Until finally my bank decided it was time to involve legal dept and take this to court, only after learning that. Did they send a check. The date sent is stamped on every envelope... So I asked to be removed from mailing and texts etc. They couldn't even do that. Months later I received a text, for a Lucille about an oil change on a Ford explorer... There's just no way a customer gave them the wrong digits and they just so happens to be an unhappy customer. Still, i unsubscribe from texts, email Mikayla again to remove me from contacts (a law is actually in place concerning this too), but a few weeks later I get an email to vote Tasca #1... Now I can't just let it go. The people representing the Tasca name at Buick GMC building are terrible and rotten men who are bullies, and think they can do whatever they want because they didn't get their way. Holding that money hostage for that long held up my life. I couldn't get another loan until it was returned, therefore couldnt get to work. I had just been in a car crash in January and broke 10 vertbraes c7 down to the middle. Fractured ribs. Finally get the okay to get behind the wheel and they sell me a lemon with an expired inspection sticker, then play games with my banks money... Something needs to be done. I've added up the wages I've lost during those weeks, the gas I spent going down and back twice and then my rides time and gas to drop off and pick me up. $3000 is a low ball figure, and may seem like petty change to some, but it's a life changing amount for me. I wouldnt even bother with this if I wasn't sure I have everything to back me up, I've tried to figure out why Bassette acted the way he did, but he's just an angry and vindictive small man with a big ego. His response to my BBB complaint accuses me of lying, threatens to sue me for defamation... Claims I dropped off the car after hours... Quite childish. It's his signature on the return slip. I was seen by multiple people there as I waited in the lobby for hours. I just want to have closure and feel like my time and patience was not in vain. The kind hearts in this cruel world don't deserve to let the jerks take everything and walk away. I will not rest until an agreement can be made that I feel is just.


If you are looking to buy a car I would remend going to...

If you are looking to buy a car I would remend going to see David. He is the best. Very easy to work with. Everyone was very friendly. Plus they give you top $$$ for your trade in.


On 6/22/21,I was fortunate enough to get Joe Piraino as...

On 6/22/21,I was fortunate enough to get Joe Piraino as my salesman. Upon meeting Joe he was properly, neatly dressed and very clean down to his shoes. He showed me the used cars on the lot that would fit my budget. So I picked a 2016 Buick Verano. I can't tell you enough good about this man. As we sat down at his desk, we spoke eye to eye about that car. Joe was very knowledgeable, well rounded, patient and helpful. He explained things well, so that I understood exactly what he was saying. Never once was he pushy I was able to read the papers before signing them. This was a great experience for me. Joe is a very polite gentleman. Therefore he is for sure a KEEPER! P.S. He made a sale that day. I bought that Buick Verano. Pauline Marcotte


This experience was amazing, Dale was kind, warm,...

This experience was amazing, Dale was kind, warm, welcoming and very courteous and professional. I never felt pressure, and the information was straight forward with nothing hidden. Signing the paperwork with Kenny was a painless process, Kenny also is another very professional employee at Tasca.. He was prepared with all the paperwork, it was clear he is very proficient at his job. I would definitely buy another car from Tasca again and I would specifically seek out Dale to buy from. Thank you for your excellent customer service!


Efficient, straight forward Dealership. Awesome customer...

Efficient, straight forward Dealership. Awesome customer service! Great experience purchasing my GMC Terrain online. Shout out to Dale, Ken and Jason for a seamless deal. Highly recommended.


Dale at Tasca Woonsocket is a professional sales...

Dale at Tasca Woonsocket is a professional sales person. Honest and fair I would recommend him without reservations He made the car buying experience smooth


Tommy Viola and the Tasca team are the best in the state....

Tommy Viola and the Tasca team are the best in the state. From the initial visit to the final paperwork, the team made everything go smooth and easy. We look forward to working with them in the future.


Paul Kierrnan takes the time and care that make the...

Paul Kierrnan takes the time and care that make the purchase experience a pleasure. When I need to lease a vehicle I trust Paul to guide my decision.


Dale and Tasca were great! They gave me a great deal on...

Dale and Tasca were great! They gave me a great deal on the car purchased and a good deal on my trade. I contacted them online for the car I wanted and they had it ready for me when I arrived at the dealership. The process was quick and easy


All Good at Tasca

I did not have my regular service manger but still received outstanding service. I would continue to recommend to all my friends. Keep up the great service Tasca of Woonsocket R.I.

Dealer response

Stephen, we appreciate your amazing review and are glad to hear that you enjoyed the service you received from us. We will certainly share your feedback with our entire team, and encourage you to contact us or stop by for a visit again if you need any further assistance. Sincerely, The Tasca Buick GMC Team