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This seller has been on since May 2014.
From the moment you step on our lot until the time you drive away in your next car your buying experience with Miller Motors is our number one priority. We encourage you to use the expertise and resources of our sales staff; they are here to help you find the right car at the right price. Call us today at 785-584-5850 to schedule your test drive!

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(18 reviews)

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Junkets galore

Dirty xxxx hole of a dealership, the owner an xxx hole, most of the cars have dead batteries and xxxxed up tires.. I cant prove it but I think when they buy used they confiscate good parts off the car to put on more expensive ones and then they put old broken parts on the cheap junkets ready for the junkyard.. they also have no problem selling cars with blown head gaskets for more than 2500 dollars... I know because I sold them a car with that problem told them about the problem and then they turned around and sold it for that....... I feel so bad for the person they screw over with that car.. it also have a slipping transmission that was also getting ready to go out



I’ve been looking at their inventory and it looks good but after reading poor review after poor review, I don’t even think a trip to Rossville is worth it. It’s been over 24 hours on a regular business day and I still haven’t been contacted after multiple calls and texts. Multiple reviews of people driving hours only to be lied to, find out the car was sold, or in severe worse condition than listed. I will not be going here and I suggest the owners do something before they lose their business.


Miller motors hahaha.. more like blown motors

They're vehicles are nothing but radiator caps attached to pieces of xxxx.. they disable check engine lights and put barely in gas in the vehicles so you can't test drive them very far and learn about all of their wonderful problems.. they usually drain the oil or there is an oil leak so you don't see anything on the ground, then after you buy it they fill it with oil so you can drive away thinking you're getting a car that runs fine only to find the oil has been leaking and the motor throws a xxxxing rod... xxxx you real good is what these mutha xxxxers will do


Junkyard do not buy from these crooks

I purchased a car that had a break in the brake fluid hose and had no brake pads at all from these guys, I wasn't aware of the fact that it had this til I called them out on how it wasn't braking right, well they said they could pour brake fluid in it.. which they did and of course it had a leak in it.. well and you can say I'm an idiot for buying the xxxx thing.. but I have bought vehicles from other used dealerships and usually they inspect these kinds of thing before selling it, so either they're unproficianoal about how they do business or they pretended they were unaware of the problem and perfectly willing to sell me a death trap.. now I did have them take a look underneath it and they found the break in the hose and in addition I pointed out the fact that it had missing break pads.. now to be fair they did replace all of that mostly I think because I called them out on it and it would have been really f***ed up of them to send someone on their way in a death trap.. they told me it would take 20 minutes to get the parts and less than an hour to do the job I was there from 4pm to 10pm waiting and the owner xxxxed around and had little kids working on the car I had purchased... highly unprofessional.. I also noticed a leak from the motor but by the time all was said and done I had already signed all the paper work and I just wanted to get the xxxx out of Rossville.. later come to find out the car had a dead battery which died one week later.. that oil leak is also an antifreeze leak which says to me it's most likely a blown head gasket or cracked motor, the tires are worn out, the the rods need replaced and the wheels need realign... they didn't mention a xxxxing thing to me.. the cars motor looked clean and no service engine lights were on.. the car drove fine it just didn't break worth a xxxx which I thought they would resolve which they did.. but I have a bad feeling it was only because I called them out on it.. I honestly think they either don't inspect xxxx or they have no problem selling dangerous junker vehicles for rip off prices.. don't buy from them.. unprofessional hill billy business


Doooon't do it!!!!

This guy Russ... Definitely not a guy you want to leave a loved house pet with overnight. Sent the car I purchased there 3 times to receive band-aides, bubble gum and boogers for repairs... still hadn't fixed anything and his threats... whoooza! Guy handled the situation like it was the only car he had sold in years. And this warranty he keeps talking about.... this is really one worth less than the paper its printed on. Just save yourself some time and find another dealer or continue to read these horrid reviews.


Satisified Buyer!!!!

We Bought a 2002 Buick Le Sabre from Miller Motors in September of 2017. It's been a Nice Vehicle for the Purchase Price. Miller Motors is and Honest and Reliable Dealer. They will do what the Customer Requests to make the Purchase Great. Also, Russ stands behind what He Sells. If an Issue should arise after the Purchase, He will try and make it Right. We Recommend Miller Motors . I would certainly Buy another Buick from this Dealership. Thank You.


great and honest place

bought a truck and car here. Great services, good prices.. Fast and friendly service. The paperwork went quickly and easliy and I am very satisfied.


Great place

Russ and his family run this local business. They are consistently pleasant and honest. They even gave me a ride home and picked me up again. Very fair to deal with


Thank you

They were very nice and willing to work with me on this! Thank you very much! We will be back to do business again when the time Comes!


Filthy cars and bad service

All the vehicles are filthy inside and out. Had been looking at a particular car for sometime, when a man came out. My husband said would like to see it and drive it when detailed. Also asked if tires would be replaced. He said if needed. My husband pointed out they were almost bald. Made him mad. Told him to go and went back inside. Won't be back or recommend!

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