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(14 reviews)

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Dishonest Dealer

I purchased a 2007 Prius for my grandson after Bedi of Delta Motors mentioned repeatedly that the Prius had an anti-theft shield installed. About two months later, the catalytic converter was stolen. The insurance adjuster and the mechanic who did the repair both stated there was no evidence of a shield installation. When I called Bedi for documentation proving there was a shield, he could not produce anything. This liar defrauded me and because of this deception, my grandson had to pay a $500 deductible to get the car repaired. I never would have bought the Prius without an anti-theft shield and the dealer knew this. SHAME ON HIM.


Best Used Truck/Car Dealer!!

I bought a 2008 Dodge Ram 2500 from Delta and Taylor was very helpful in every way. He put new tires on the vehicle just so he would insure me that it would pass inspection and it did. I have now had this truck for 3 years and it's better than my 2019 Ram. If you are looking to buy a truck for a good price, I recommend Delta Motors over anything else. Great vehicles, Great people, and Great deals!


Very Pleased

Very happy with my purchase! I bought a jeep and Chris was very helpful. He answered all my questions and went above and beyond for my satisfaction. 10/10 would recommend this dealership!!!!!!!!



They are selling junk cars with issues. Be prepared to get screwed if you buy from them. Taylor Young so called manager will feed you a line of BS. He is a liar and a sneak. There service department I wouldn’t let them work on my wheel barrow. Do your home work and STAY AWAY from this crooked dealership.



Sold and have been selling trucks with problems. From heads and head gaskets in the diesels to wheel bearings and selling trucks without catalytic converters. Then there are the title issues, heard some have been waiting over a year to receive a title. The state is looking into them to revoke there dealers license



I had a horrible experience with this dealership I bought a truck there a few weeks ago I haven’t even put 500 miles on it and it is in the garage i asked the salesman several times if there were any known issues with the truck and again and again he told me that it is a very reliable truck. When I called him he asked me when I could bring it in once I told him he said he would call right back and never did now he won’t answer my calls


done with delta

we bought three trucks off delta they always treated us right I send three other people down and they all bought trucks off delta then I bought my last one 2006 dodge 3500 needed seatbelt clip on driver side heater knob was missing then first time using truck to pull a 7000 lb load transmission slipped they said bring truck in we'll fix everything so we took truck down they had it over a week they patched up transmission never fixed any of other issue we had but they did get truck inspected without seat belt now moth later and transmission is slipping again they said we'll make it right they said let e call Steve I'll call right back never call back I call Rob he said I'll check in on it never call back so if you buy a car or truck off delta good luck because as much as I hate to say it I will never go back and I'm telling everyone that I send down before not to go back they lie cannot stand to do business with Liars


Proceed With Caution !!

My advice to anyone looking at a vehicle at Delta Motors in Bloomsburg is proceed with caution. They are obviously dont care about the safety of their potential clients. For starters they had the truck that i wanted and at a fair price. The issues begin with the test drive! As i approached a traffic light and applied the brakes firmly the rear tires skidded to a stop! The front brakes were just not working and the ABS and the CEL came on. The fact that the dealer allowed a customer to take a vehicle out on a test drive without previously driving it and inspecting it is disturbing! And the second issue was trying to get the vehicle inspected after the windshield had been replaced, the horn and the parking brake were not working. Informed dealer of this issue and they did offer to buy the parts for the parking brake but i have not heard or seen those parts. And the third i decided to check the air filter and found a huge rats nest (literally). Which i then contacted the dealer about that and they simply replied “im surprised that we missed that”


Bought three vehicles from Delta motors.

Over the past 17 years I've purchased three used vehicles from Delta motors. Everyone was fantastic and the vehicles are reliable & under book. I also use them for normal maintenance as well as larger repairs such as the air conditioning compressor and most recently a new radiator. Ironically they didn't sell me those vehicles however, were the best repair rates.


Great overall buying experience.

Purchased a new to me truck at Delta. Sales people were more than helpful. Responded to an email question after 7 p.m. when I first found the truck on their site. I live 65 miles away but my son attends Bloomsburg University. They had no problem allowing him to test drive the truck and give me a report before driving up there myself. Sales process was very smooth and zero pressure. I was purchasing the truck through my business and my bank had a bit of a mix up and it ended up taking 3 weeks to get the check cut. They were very understanding and held the truck with only $500 down. I agreed to pay sticker price on the contingent of a few small items being rectified including PA state inspection. I knew the tires most likely wouldn't pass. When I picked up the truck all items were taken care of but only the front tires were replaced with two used tires. Both rear tires were on the wear indicators and should not have passed. But they did install a new muffler and tale pipe. Knowing that Delta has an outside shop do their repairs, I won't put that completely on them. The other item which is minor but got under my skin a little was when we settled up, the original invoice had a mathematical error and they actually made me pay out the $22 dollar difference. Seeing that I paid straight up asking price I think they could have eaten that money since it was their mistake. But in the end with two new rear tires, I am very happy with the truck.

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