Patriot Subaru of North Attleboro

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(83 reviews)

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Second wonderful buying experience at Patriot

Emily Day was wonderful-when Balise backed out of a deal with us (they are the dealer closest to our house), we literally called Patriot from the Balise parking lot and they said they would honor the deal we had made with Balise. We had a wonderful buying experience with Balise 6 years before but were feeling lazy about driving to NA. Never again!! Emily went above and beyond her promise and the buying experience could not have been easier.



Henrique Quedevez is great. He answered to all my questions and concerns prior to the purchase. I don't felt a stress when making an offer at this dealership.


Two Teachers

Everyone at Patriot Subaru is very friendly and helpful, especially Corinne Fox. She knows the inventory and helped us make our choice . . .very professional ! Corinne made a job we dread a true pleasure . . .quick, organized and very tech savvy. She was a pleasure to work with. Our total experience at Patriot Subaru was very positive.


First Subaru Outback

Steve was very pleasant to work with. He answered my questions and concerns. The process was very smooth and quick. I got my 2019 Outback on the same day! Thank You!



This is our second visit to Patriot Subaru, this time to lease our second vehicle. Our Sales representative, Patrick was phenomenal and most helpful. Other than it taking a little too long to finalize everything, overall, it was a pleasant experience.


Subaru outback

Wonderful place to buy a car! It was a pleasure speaking with all people there. I strongly recommend you this place to buy a new or used car!


2019 Subaru Forester

My salesman was Jason Mitchell. He was very personable, thorough, and very easy to talk with! He answered all our questions and never pressured us.



Great customer service. Friendly and nice. Help me with want I could afford and car that avaible to me. Thanks you. Great place to buy a car.


The worst customer experience of my life!

Summary: definitely the worst customer experience of my life. Sexist innuendo (can a girl really buy a car?), broken appointments with no apologies or explanations, and a horrendous paperwork snafu with the title. The Story: I purchased a 2015 Forester from Patriot Subaru of North Attleboro in March, paid cash in full for the sale. Patriot agreed to title the vehicle for me in my home state, since I’m a student and temporary resident (for a fee, of course), so I could keep my plates. Buying the car wasn’t a great experience - my salesperson had me drive out to the dealership to buy the car when there was no one there to handle the paperwork and over the buying process made some comments insinuating that I (as a woman? as a young woman?) couldn't drive stick, and couldn't sign for this vehicle by myself; then the financial manager was a half hour late to a scheduled appointment the next day, with an excuse but no apology. Rude, but I was willing to overlook this so I could get the vehicle I wanted. I’ll acknowledge that it was a relatively complicated case, involving an out-of-state registration, but it took a month for the temporary registration to come in, during which time I heard nothing from the dealership - no updates, ever. And when I called and emailed, it was difficult to get anyone on the phone. I took possession of the vehicle in April, with the assurance that I’d get a title in the mail. Three months went by with no sign of the title. In August, I called the DMV and was told that they never received the paperwork or payment. I followed up with calls and emails to Patriot but it took multiple contacts for me to get through to the right person. After a few weak assurances from the title clerk at Patriot that they were dealing with it and talking with the 3rd party agent who handles out-of-state registrations, and after I spent hours on the phone with the folks at the DMV (who were quite nice, it turns out), I stopped hearing from the title clerk at Patriot - she never picked up my calls, and didn’t return emails. When a simple “we’re working on it, this is what we’re doing, we haven’t forgotten you” would have done the trick for me as a customer, I got nothing. I called the dealership several times to speak with sales managers, who could give me no information and seemed confused about the details of the issue. Finally, after a manager emailed me and told me, falsely, that it was taking so long because the car I bought was titled in Michigan (it was a Rhode Island title), I emailed the whole managerial staff and the owner, detailing my title issue and my communications with them in the 6 weeks since I had discovered there was a problem, and letting them know I would be submitting a complaint to Consumer Protections in the Mass. Attorney General’s Office if I didn’t hear from them. Needless to say, I did not hear from them. My last communication with them was that email. However, this last email must have gotten someone at Patriot moving on my case, or at least tired of dealing with me directly, because I got a call from their 3rd party agent, who was attentive, responsive to my calls, and called me with updates. Finally, in the first week of October, the 3rd party took care of the problem. I would NEVER recommend Patriot Subaru of NA to anyone hoping to buy a Subaru in the RI/Southeastern Mass area. Their sexism, rude and dismissive behavior, and lack of follow-through on the title issue were unacceptable. Subarus are great cars. Skip Patriot and look for another dealer.


Great Experience

Jason was great to work with through the whole process. He had my car ready with all the additional options in less than a day.