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Not rated Dealerships need five reviews in the past 24 months before we can display a rating.
(27 reviews)

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Easy, pleasant & smooth...

Wow, buying a car without seeing it in person is stressful. Color, finish, sound... these things don't transfer well as electrons... But Adam Heller appreciates this and understands the many needs and concerns of his unique buyers. You will discover that its as important to Adam that you are happy as it is to you. I bought a car from Emotive Direct and can report that the experience was easy, pleasant and smooth in every respect. Perhaps the greatest endorsement is that I would not hesitate to work with Adam and Emotive Direct again.


Best experience!

Adam Heller is a kind, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and patient individual to work with. He goes above and beyond to provide his customers with the best experience possible. Adam pays attention to almost every detail and takes extra care of his cars and customers, because it's just the type of person he is. It's wonderful to work with someone who is so honest and passionate about his work. I cannot recommend Adam enough.


An experience I thought no longer existed!

I have personally bought 17 cars in my lifetime and helped friends and family buy another 40 at least. I have never had such a smooth transaction as I did with Adam at Emotive Direct. He was responsive, easy to deal with, upfront [honest], and very helpful as we got things aligned for the transaction. He made buying one of my dream cars (2003 NSX) an enjoyable experience and not one requiring training from a master class in hostage negotiations from the FBI. He's a true car lover and that shows in the cars he procures for sale, and how he treats his clients. If you like a car in his collection call him, and if you dont see a car you want, still call him, he may be just the guy to find what you are looking for in cherry condition.


EmotiveDirect is an outstanding dealership!

Adam Heller provides a very unique and satisfying experience - I'll never go to a dealership again! Adam brings extensive knowledge of the industry along with a fantastic support network for finding the right car or buyer along with transport, care and maintenance, etc. EmotiveDirect is the place to go if you are looking to purchase or sell a vehicle.


Proud new owner of 2013 Porsche 911

Adam Heller was an absolute honest and outstanding Dealer and new friend to do business with. I would buy a car from him again with no worries. The whole process was easy with Adam's help and guidance. What a pleasurable experience----Thanks Adam



Adam takes the time to find you the right car. He asks a lot of questions to find out your needs and then he makes suggestions.


My best experience buying a vehicle yet!

If you are interested in buying a new vehicle, but hesitant in investing the time to find the right vehicle for the right price, then reach out to Adam for help. It doesn’t matter where you are at in the country, he can make this process of buying the right vehicle for you much easier. I’m confident you will come away with a similar experience as us. We were introduced to Adam and his business from a friend that we trust. Having just purchased a new vehicle from another large dealership last year, we were hesitant at first because the other dealership’s approach felt like they were creating a false sense of urgency to buy now. Also, the other dealership didn’t know their product. Adam’s approach was completely different! Adam knows these cars inside and out. He lives and breathes vehicles, even races them as a hobby. What I was most impressed by is that he listened to us, considering all of our needs before making a recommendation on a vehicle. We have a unique situation with a daughter in a wheelchair and took this consideration when researching a solution. Also, when going through the decision making process, we didn’t feel pushed. In fact, we felt the opposite, he listened to us and provided excellent recommendations. He gave us the space we needed to finalize our decision. He even told us to “slow down when making this big decision”. I never heard a salesmen tell me that before. He cared about us making a good decision. Once we made a decision on buying a vehicle, I had concerns going into the price negotiation part of the process. This uneasy feeling was quickly diffused as the price he quoted us was already lowered to help facilitate our family’s budget. Also, he quoted the bottom-line, out-the-door cost vs using the old salesman tactic of quoting the before taxes price. At that point, we knew exactly what it would cost us. I was also impressed with the amount of work that Adam committed to the vehicle before selling it to us. It received a complete detail and he fixed a few eye sores that helped make our decision to buy the vehicle that much easier. Adam was excellent at communication throughout the experience. Updating us on new wheels, etc. I received another text from Adam today, following up on our experience with the vehicle over the last few weeks. Most salesmen would be done with the relationship once the transaction cleared. He has earned a relationship of trust that I will look to for all my purchasing.


Emotive Direct is the best!

This was the best car buying experience I have ever had. Adam truly knows more about cars (especially Porsche) than anyone we have ever worked with. He had great prices and was very honest about everything and best of all no pressure sales. We will definitely continue to work with Adam in the future!


Highly Recommend!!

Highly recommend Adam if you're looking for that particular car. I found him through searching for a specific car model/color/options. He had the perfect car and fairly priced. This was an out of state purchase so it required a little logistics to get it shipped to me. Adam was great with communication throughout the whole process and worked diligently to get everything done in a short time. I couldn't be happier with the condition of the car when it arrived and the amazing customer service Adam provided. He's not your typical car salesman. He is personable and very knowledgeable about the vehicles he has. When I'm ready for my next purchase I will definitely reach out to Adam before looking elsewhere.


Satisfied Customer

Adam was very truthful and made my purchase a piece of cake. This is the first time I have bought a vehicle without putting my hands on it. Adam arranged transportation and was very helpful throughout the process. When it was delivered, I was relieved, the car was just as I had hoped. Adam is a true Car Guy