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John K

They were very good to work with. I told them what time I would be there and they had the car running for me. Very happy with this dealership.


Great Experience

I’ve literally waited for food longer! The most important reason I’ve decided to buy from him is his no-pressure personality. If you’ve ever purchased a car you’ll know what I’m talking about. I didn't feel rushed he gave me the keys and let me take it for a spin alone (I’ve never experienced that before). I definitely feel that Mr. Dunne is trustworthy he spent the time to listen to me And understand what I needed in a vehicle. The Final price was exactly as negotiated (no last-minute surprises) that’s why I’m sitting in his lot writing this review. You should make this your first stop in your car hunt


Don't buy a Car from this man!!

Ed Dunne is a well polished shyster. But he hides this perfectly during the sales process. (Or he wouldn't get many sales, of course) We purchased a 2005 Honda Pilot that after the first 2-3 weeks started sounding like metal on metal when we braked. The brakes were bad all the way around! All 4 brakes! The mechanic said when he inspected it that they were metal on metal when we purchased it. So he sold us a car with unsafe, terrible brakes. Metal on metal, no pad left on any of the brakes. Cost of 4 new rotors and a brake job: 800.00$ Ed Dunne, when confronted about this, claimed the brakes were "just fine" and called me and my fiancee liars. Ed Dunne sells unsafe cars to unsuspecting, trusting people. Please think about the type of person who would sell anyone a car with 4 bad brakes... Only the worst type of person would sell a car with 4 bad brakes to anyone. He couldn't care less if they get in an accident and become crippled or die. If he did, he wouldn't be selling a car with bad brakes. But he made an extra 800 bucks! See how well that works for Ed Dunne? The man, seriously, has no conscience. Long story short: If your even thinking about doing business with this man, Ed Dunne, simply hit the gas and keep on driving till you find another dealership. He lies, cheats people and sells people unsafe vehicles, all to make MORE profit! He is the worst kind of salesman and the type of man who gives car sales people the bad reputation they often don't deserve. And he gets extremely rude when you call him on the carpet for the shoddy vehicles he peddles to unsuspecting people. He called me an as8hole and told me he wouldn't ever sell to me again. He told me to get the fu*k off his lot. Couldn't believe it! Thank God is all I have to say! Ed Dunne also has a referral program where he gives 100 bucks to anyone who refers a friend, etc, to purchase a car. The person who referred us never even got her 100 bucks. We asked him if she got her money, and he lied to us and told us she did. We called her and asked her and she never got a dime of that referral money. So Ed Dunne is simply a liar. She also told us she purchased 3 cars there and after all the problems she had with the last vehicle, and not getting her referral money, said she wasn't ever going back to that man for anything. much less another car. He does not treat customers well at all. Total contempt would be the best way to describe how he views customers. So between me, her and my fiancee, there is 3 people who won't ever get cheated by Ed Dunne ever again! Ed Dunne is a bad person, with poor character and no morals. That is the only type of person that can sell a car with no brakes to unsuspecting shoppers. Good people couldn't do that because they have a conscience. I myself, couldn't do it. It wasn't a mistake on his part. He knew they were bad. But he made the decision to sell it in its unsafe condition and roll the dice with our lives. It's just how he does business. He is a bad person with no morals. Put his dealership in your rear view mirror now and drive to the next dealership. He will screw you too if you give him the opportunity. Don't! And lastly, Ed Dunne sold us a car with outstanding recalls on all of the airbags without informing us. I guess this is ok, if you want airbags that shoot shrapnel into your face in an accident. Not sure about you, but that's my least favorite thing to happen when the airbags go off. We took it to Macgrath Honda in Crystal Lake and had it fixed for free. Total time: 77 minutes. And that's 77 minutes of free work that Ed Dunne, if he was a good person with good morals, would surely have gotten done prior to selling the vehicle. Especially since it was free. But he couldn't care less whether his cars are road safe or not. All that matters to Ed Dunne is making a few extra hundred bucks on each sale. Safety be damned!


Not Very Communicative

Requested information on a vehicle twice, still have not recieved a call or even acknowledgement email from them. Maybe I'll bump their rating if I hear from them.

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