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(8 reviews)

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BEWARE - Carmax doesn't disclose RUST

Bought a 2014 Lexus 450h at market value. Took it for a post purchase inspection because carmax won't let you take it for a PRE- purchase inspection. Paid $200 to find out the vehicle had rust throughout. Carmax told me they view rust being a problem as a matter of opinion! If that is the case why don't they disclose it up front! Now I see the SAME vehicle has been transferred to their Daytona location and is listed for sale there. Still no mention of rust!!


air cond

i bought a car at capital boulevard car max about 2 years ago this is the second time the air conditioning has to be fixid. it was cool when I bought the car so I didn't try the air. of course the 1000.00 warrenty didn't cover it. your commercial about you wouldn't sell a car unless everything is perfect. not so. cant depend on CarMax anymore.


what a process

I'm compelled to share my good experience at this Carmax dealership. I ordered my car from their Fayetteville store with a free transfer. They kept me informed through text and email of the transfer status. I could have waited for a call but since I knew it arrived I called to schedule a test drive. I had applied online for financing and was approved with little detail but when I called to see if they would transfer to Fayetteville they asked similar questions and got the finalized approval. The salesman on the phone had an instant approval with 3 term options and the corresponding interest rate. He told me what the payment would be. In the end the payment was exactly as they quoted by phone. I expected to be in and out but spent 4 hours there. That probably wasn't normal though. The salesman Bob and I talked too much and he messed up our address in the computer. It happens. The other slowdown was the slight difference between the drivers license name and the credit app name. Oddly enough those small mistakes cost us an extra hour and a half. It happens. Meanwhile during the test drive I noticed a vibration on the highway over 60mph. They decided to have it looked at while we were there and rebalance the tires as well as resurfacing the front rotors. I was honestly surprised that they did the rotors. I didnt mention anything about them. I thought it was just the tires. In the end the vehicle took longer than the purchase process. It was quite an operation they had. They've really streamlined their processes. The financing, trade-in process, transfer process, detailing process, service process etc. Were really wild to see in action. The things I loved: The approval and disclosure process of financing. The transfer process. The minimization of paperwork. The teamwork process of communication. The dealership itself. The cars are all open to look in and sit in without a need for a salesman to get keys. No need for proof of income with fair to less than fair credit. Free coffee and bottled water. Fixing issues on the car while we complete the purchase and paperwork. The cons: small mistakes made very long wait. I'm quicker than them at moving the process forward. No negotiation price is a little high. Tips: as with everything in life do your due diligence. Inspect the car thoroughly. Utilize their carfax and recall information. Consider selling your car elsewhere for more money if you paid off your trade. Push along the process if you want it to go faster. Dont buy their gap insurance. Its overpriced and negates a good deal. Consider an outside warranty company for a better price. Realize a well placed call will hurry the process and verify what one person told you as being true. Place a hold on a vehicle you like for 7 days for free. Apply online to streamline the process.


Damaged Goods

I came close to a deal (including trade-in) that was probably fair but not great for a newer luxury car. Then I discovered serious and poorly repaired rear bumper damage on their vehicle, including a reflector held on with DUCT TAPE. I wonder how this passed their "rigorous" inspection process that was also the basis for giving me a low offer on my mechanically sound trade??? Carmax offered to fix the bumper, and they will have to before they sell it to anyone. I still had interest in their car, but they were completely inflexible on price for either the damaged car or trade, and refused to even consider discounting a warranty. Sadly, they stated the price was the price and eventually someone would buy it. I went further and pulled a Carfax report at my own expense, which also showed lingering mechanical issues not reported on their Auto-check. If you want a good deal or a reliable care, don't waste your time here.


Do Your Research First

Very nice Facility but please be careful if attempting to sell a vehicle. I had my vehicle assessed and was told of a slight delay in response with the transmission, to which I was told that performing the required transmission service should correct the issue. However the was willing to offer a laughable $8K for it. I did an online search and found the same vehicle, exact mileage and a few years older being sold at CARMAX for $17K, the salesman hadn?t nothing to say. What?s wrong with this picture? Advise, Know your value, understand your vehicle and always get a second opinion. The sad part, I've shopped CARMAX before but guess I've made my last purchase.!!!!



I was contact Mr Jake Henshaw in the Raleigh N.C. store who was very professional and provided me with the best car buying experience that I?ve ever had. After identifying what I was looking for in a car he was able to provide me with several option which helped with my selection. Mr Henshaw followed the Car Max procedure which covered a detailed outline that indeed provided a very smooth and thorough handling of all paperwork within a timely fashion. I rate Mr Henshaw 5+


Great Service!!!

I went to this location after totaling my brand new car and I was in need of a used car. I went in and enjoyed the process from start to finish. After meeting with a salesman for a little bit, I was able to walk around and check out the lot without someone hovering over my shoulder. Once I decided on my choice, all of the paperwork from start to finish was run right in front of me without any disappearing to a back room or talking to the manager. When I am in need of another used vehicle, this will definitely be my first stop!!



My car is truly only worth about between 6,000 and 8,000 dollars and after looking over the paper work from this place I did some math and I was beyond over charged for this car when it was purchased never going to this place for business again

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